The Soul Hunter

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Do you believe in ghost? What would you say if I told you that they were real, would you believe me I wounder? Now, what if I told you you should... Jetson Mahoney is one of a kind, and she completely hates it. From a very early age she was recruited into the CIA for the so called "Gifts" that she was born with. But if you ask her traveling around the world killing some of the most gruesome, terrifying, and if asked, the most disgusting apparitions, demons, and denominational creatures out there. But while the world always had some monster to deal with, lately the things possible to slip past the vail from the under world to this one was becoming worrisome. Now the activity have taken a turn that she thought impossible and the world has seem to have gone crazy. And while she fights the dreads of the afterlife... her boss has now decided to pair her with a new partner, knowing she hates dealing with rookies, especially when it looks like she's going to have to save the world.

Fantasy / Romance
Jennifer L Byars
Age Rating:


For as long as the world has been in existence there have been tales of the afterlife and questions of what lays beyond it. Many have looked for the answers when things out of the realm of reality makes its way into their lives but never could really find the answers they sought. But what they don’t understand is...they were never supposed to witness such things in the first place.

In the world in which you live there are such things as ghost, demons, and all sorts of things that go bump in the night, you just aren’t meant to know about them. There is a part of your mind that everyone is born with that keeps that world invisible to you. It’s a safety measure of sorts, one that’s supposed to keep you all blissfully unaware of what can spill out around you.

There is such a thing as evil, true evil, and it dwells in this world of yours, that is one truth you must never forget. It comes and pollutes the minds of the weak, the innocent, the lonely, and even the mad, to do its will. But honestly, anyone can be at risk if they’re not careful and dabble in things they shouldn’t.

With technology what it is now, and the more mankind is curious about this other realm, this has given evil the spark it needs to break through what we call, the veil.

The veil is the thin invisible line, or curtain, that keeps our world safe from the hereafter and the monsters that dwell there. But just like anything else, there have always been the few that have broken free and terrified the living, but they were few and far between. That is not the case nowadays... and that’s where people like me come in. You see, I can see the nightmares that you fear, and I know their names.

So why am I telling you this if it’s meant to be kept a secret? Well, because the war between heaven and hell just got a whole lot messier. With the knowledge that the everyday people now have about the afterlife, and this decision to explore a world that was meant to be left alone… this has set certain things in motion things that were meant to stay in the darkness have found its way to the light, and now are showing their presence on a massive scale.

The bleeding of the unnatural into our world has now become a hemorrhage that no little band-aid can stop. That’s why our agency was formed. We come and fight to keep your world safe from the outbreak of evil that finds its way through the cracks of the veil, and then put everything back where it belongs, so all of you can live your lives in peace.

So pray that you never see me in at your house, park, place of bussness, or just in your area, because if you do... then you'll know that the shit is about to hit the fan.

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