Seduced by the Creatures of the Abyss

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Have you ever wondered what happens to those who fall into a profound coma? Do their life's spirit leave their body? If so, where do they go? Fedora's life spirit is chained to the Abyss. In order to survive, she must get trained in SAOTA: Survival Academy of the Abyss. There, she meets element spirits and mythological creatures who also happen to be trapped in the Abyss. They join forces to battle eerie demons that come from Hena to feast. Legend says that if your stone energy(heart) is scratched by the demon, you are taken to Hena(Hell), and turned into a demon: never waking up from the coma or going to Hades (Heaven). If you die in the real world and are not scratched by a demon, you go to Hades. There, the souls are resting, waiting to be born again. There is only one choice left, if you find the keys of the abyss, then you can get out of the Abyss and; therefore, wake up from the coma. Then one question remains, what happens if you fall in love in the Abyss? Will you want to wake up? Text & Idea Copyright Text copyright ©L.H Champagne™ 2018 © 2018 by L.H Champagne Copyright Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Trip to the Unknown

I woke up from my slumber on May 28th, 2000 sweating, gasping for air. I did not remember the dream, but I did remember hearing a high-pitched eerie scream while I was stranded in a mysterious dark place.

“Thank god it was just a nightmare”- I reflected to myself as I suddenly sat up on the bed.

Immediately, I moved my legs to the left side, laying my feet down while struggling to find my flip flops with the tips of my toes. Once I found them, I aggressively scratched my messy oily hair and slogged out of my queen bed.

I stormed into my mint painted bathroom and opened the wall cabinet. I took my cheap dollar-tree toothbrush and placed it abruptly inside my mouth, tripping with my reflection on the mirror.

While brushing savagely my teeth, I indulged into the sight of what looked like the girl from the Ring meets Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. I was not surprised. I probably thought I was going to magically wake up one day and look like Margot Robbie.

I synchronously raised my left and right eyebrows while I clenched my lips in mild disapproval. Thereafter, I expelled the foaming saliva and washed my mouth clean.

I leaned my toothpaste tinted mirror while tilting my head up and checked my small turned up nose for new renters.

Once I was done inspecting, I left the bathroom and opened the wooden wardrobe located in the corner of my violet bedroom. I began getting rid of my pajamas and getting changed into my recently washed Summer Springs School of New York dull uniform when suddenly, the marvelous fragrance of a freshly baked chocolate tart hurried me downstairs.

“Good Morning family!” I screamed as my words were trying to be heard over my brother’s disturbing electric guitar noise coming from the living room.

I took advantage of the fact that everyone was distracted to do what I needed to do. My electric blue eyes delved for the location of my chocolate prey. There it was, lonely siting in the middle of the dining table.

Seconds later, I approached the table, ready to attack. My 3-year-old sister Emily was sitting across the table in her baby dining chair. She looked at me in a menacing way, she was ready too. Our eyes locked for a few seconds.

As I raised my right hand’s pointer finger, my little sister raised her left hand trying to grasp the tart in a failed attempt for precision. I briskly grabbed the tart’s plate with my left hand and quickly wrenched it towards me.

Seconds later, I introduced my pointer finger into the delicious squishy tart. As I was about to take hold of a miniature piece to later introduce it into my salivating mouth, my little sister started blubbering. At that point, I knew I had lost to that 3-year old witch.

This accident extremely irritated my mother. She glowered at me from the kitchen while yelling, “Fedora! What did you do to your sister? When are you going to grow up?! What example are you showing to your siblings?!”

“I am sorry, mother. “I expressed as she continued speaking about the incident at the same time I was chewing the mouthwatering tart. I could have probably defended myself, but I did not want to upset her even more.

My mother Sarah married her high school sweetheart-my father John- when she was 18 and he was 19. Now, she is a 33-year-old married woman who must take Roses to her motionless husband every Sunday morning.

Three years ago, my father had a horrendous car accident which induced him into a profound coma. The doctors have informed her that he will possibly never wake up, but she still hopes, one day, he will. She wants him to meet his 3-year old daughter Emily who was born after the accident.

My sorrowful mother, to pay for my father’s hospital bills, must work three different part time jobs. I have told her I wanted to help her by working night shifts at the grocery store, but she always refuses. She says our father would have wanted us to only focus on our education. I cannot argue against that; therefore, I already started applying to jobs without her consent.

“Joseph, can you stop playing the guitar?!” My mother shouted at my 7-year-old brother as she carried Emily in her thin arms who had just plastered her flowery dress with mashed potatoes.

My untamed brother responded in a slightly recalcitrant manner as he laid his guitar down in an extremely abrupt way, “My father always let me play. What if I do not do it?” My ineffable mother halted a few seconds in forbearance from saying anything and then retorted.

“I will crash your deformed head against the wall.”

Chicken nugget Joseph, as I usually call him, widened in pure terror as he shrinks back. Finally, he begins sprinting into his dorm, swiftly slamming the door as he sets foot in. In the mist of all the chaos, I hear a high keening spine-chilling breathy melodic whistle coming from the street. It was Jay’s mating call.

“I have to go mother. Jay is waiting for me on front door.” I stated as I drank the last sip of milk that remained in my favorite jet-black mug.

“Okay, sweetheart. Take care.” My mother expressed as she was feeding little Emily.

At the last moment, with my right hand, I took my half-zipped school bag as my books were about to fall into the empty space. Suddenly, my highly trained instincts grabbed them, pushing them back inside.

When I raised my eyesight, I stumbled with the half-awake wrinkled face of my 85-year-old grandmother,

“Grandma! You startled me!”

She whispered, “Sorry dear. There is a GORGEAOUS boy standing at...”

“I know Tata. I got to go. See you later!”

I expressed as I glanced backwards as my feet were taking hurried steps farther away from my grandmother and closer to the entrance door. I extended my thin left arm towards the iron crafted handle while my right hand was holding my school back, hanging on my right shoulder, constantly sliding off.

As soon as I opened de beautifully sculptured front door, the summerly warm bright sun hit my eyes. I raised my left hand to impede the sun from relentlessly clouding my eyesight. After seconds of struggling to distinguish an image, I fixated Jay’s dazzling tall and slim silhouette reclined to the iron bars on the fence gates.

As I was strolling towards him, I could perceive two iron bars from the fence were leaving a long, almost fading, thin rusty mark on his neatly white t-shirt. His broad muscular back was easily protruding its shape through the tight dull white t-shirt, not so dull anymore.

Nature was undoubtedly performing a majestic drawing on a beautiful male canvas. His head was tilted downwards. Meanwhile, his wavy shoulder-length golden hair was moving at the compass of the summer breeze while he was gently skipping the pages of an ancient Mythology book.

Suddenly, the winds roared. The corner of his icy blue left eye perceived my presence, slowly approaching. He briskly closed the book and turned around, displaying the most breath-taking smile.

The corner of his lips lifted upwards, showing a portion of his perfectly aligned teeth. His left icy blue eye and his right emerald green eye lit up in excitement, not showing the slightest wrinkle in their corners.

Jay: Hey Fedora. I thought you did not hear my whistle.

Fedora: Your mating call? - I enquired, as I seized my overly used red bicycle that was laying at a right corner in front of the garage’s entrance.

He looked away and giggled, “Stop! You embarrass me.”

Fedora: I did not know I had that power. - I said as I leaned my head forward to glance at the book he was reading.” What are you reading?”

Jay: Just a silly book about fairy tales and mythology. - He affirmed as he rapidly placed the book inside his bag pack. Afterwards, he pulled out his ocean blue bicycle which was resting on the concrete next to the rusty fence.

Fedora: Interesting. You know, yesterday, I had a weird nightmare. - I pronounced perturbed while my brows furrowed.

Jay: Do you mind telling me about it? He asked in hesitation.

Fedora: That is what worries me the most. I cannot remember. I only can recall being in a very mysterious dark place and hearing a disturbing creepy cry. It sounded like it was telling me something was about to happen. - I explained as I clutched the bike’s left grip with all the strength I had in my body. I was frightened. I glimpsed at Jay’s impassive demeanor.

Jay: Do not worry about it. It was probably something you watched on tv which stayed on your subconscious and later appeared on your dreams. Just let it be. - He uttered while placing his right hand on top of mine, almost purple from clutching the bike’s grip. His delicate and cozy touch incited my hand to let go of the grip, and my mouth to release a relieved sigh.

“Okay, see you at school Fedora...Oh I almost forgot... Catch me if you can, sloth!” His scream echoed as he sticks out his light pink tongue in a successful attempt to infuriate me, high-speeding to school.

Jay always liked to race on our way there. I accelerated pushing the bracket spindle with all my power. I needed to win at least once. He would ride on the street, and I would ride on the walkway. Then we would switch. This would happen every morning. When I was falling too behind, he would slow down so that I would catch up.

“What is wrong sloth? ...Ha-ha...If you catch me I will ask you to prom!” He jokingly expressed as he tilted his head to one side trying to spot me.

Once I reached him, I proudly said as I tilted my chin up. “I already got invited...sorry!”

He exclaimed in his husky unfabled voice, “What a shame...“as he speeded.

Jay was a tease, but I liked him. My legs were already fatigued, and my thigh muscle was burning from trying to pick up his pace. I was one breath away from fainting, when suddenly, we vision the cars and crowds of people forming at the bottom of the hill street, on the crosswalk.

We were one block away from the stopping lights, which forced Jay to slam on his brakes. I followed this action. We got down out bikes and began walking towards the stopping lights.

“It is so crowded today.” Jay stated.

“Yeah, it seems some deputy is giving a speech.” I loudly said in an attempt to hear myself over the noisy street.

Jay: “Hurry up. The lights changed to red.”

Fedora: “Okay...”

We hastened to cross the crosswalk and the countless population of people who were also crossing the avenue. As we were at the intersection, Jay drops his cellphone. I noticed this and turned around, hindering the pass of the pedestrians.

“Oh shoot, where did it go?” Jay mentioned as he was sticking out his blonde hair over the head of the pedestrians, searching for his lost phone.

The phone got pushed further away from Jay and closer to me by the feet of the individuals. In the mist of people slogging towards me and pushing my shoulders while impolitely expressing I was in the way.

I kneeled to recover the naughty phone that was conveniently located right next to my left foot, slightly touching my ebony shoes. I struggle to pick it up, and fight against the pain of people shoving me and stepping on my fingers as they pass by.

Finally, I stood up, holding the phone in my scratched hands and cheerfully shouted, “Jay I got it!” while waving my left hand holding the slippery phone.

Unexpectedly, a thunderous explosion at The History Museum of Art, caused chaos on the streets of New York.

Visitors of the Museum were rushing through the doors scream-crying. The cars were honking, aimlessly pitching and rolling on the streets. The pieces of roof from the buildings next to the Museum were falling on the highway, not choosing who or what to smash.

Cars uncontrollably going up on the streets crossing over anything that found on their way. In the mist of all the terror, there I was, dumbfounded, detailing the situation.

Once I came to my senses, desperately shrieked “Jay! Where are you?” but failed to receive an answer. Seconds later, I heard it again.

The sounds of the truck wheels against the concrete pavement, mixed with the high pitched eerie scream that woke me up this morning. I turned around in a 90-degree fashion.

I was back in the dark mysterious place.

Fedora: Where am I? Wait, I hear disembodied voices...

“Hurry up! She is losing a lot of blood.“- a distressed female voice stated.

Fedora: Whose voice is that? Why are they so far away? I cannot move or open my eyes.

“Call her family.” -a man with a husky voice said.

“Is she going to be okay?” - Jay yelled with a brittle voice.

Fedora: Wait, I can hear you Jay, don’t go! I cannot see anything. I am so terrified...

Desperation, fear and anguish were taking possession of my sweating body when suddenly, my skin was having the burning sensation of sun-kissed.

My eyes glued by the weeping tears, began opening little by little, as my upper eye-lash was struggling to sunder from the bottom one. I struggled to stand up. My body was exceedingly heavy. Unexpectedly, I leaned back in shock.

I was admiring the most breath-taking scenery that my humble eyes have ever seen. My feet were uncovered, touching a hot coarse-grained texture. When I looked down, I saw something extraordinary.

I was flying on top of a giant rock, freely taking me to the unknown. Where was I? Was I dead?

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