Wings of Legend

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Is a curse really real? Will it break creatures apart or bring them together? It seems impossible for anything to go right when you're a dragon. A young dragon hatches out in a dangerous world. To make things even worse, her loved ones disappear. Still young and on her own, she sets out on probably the most dangerous mission yet. A tale from her ancestors claim a white dragon such as her is cursed. With the curse constantly hanging over her head as a vile reminder, she must face the struggle of being feared and wanted dead by all.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1: Tale of the Moon

A long time ago on a night such as this, a young dragon was born. The mother dragon instantly woke as the sound of cracking aroused her. Turning to her right, she nudges the father dragon harshly to wake him. Then they both watch as lines run down the egg from top to bottom. A faint noise could be heard from inside along with tiny claws tapping against the shell. Finally, the baby emerges as the egg splits. The mother and father dragon watch in awe and wonder as this was their very first little one. The tiny hatchling glows even in the darkness, so the mother and father dragon look to the sky where the moon is nowhere to be seen and the skies are clear. They look at each other in shock and fear, for this was the darkest time to hatch. Long before the mother and father dragons even hatched out of their eggs, a tale of a curse was circling around.

This is why the mother and father dragon fear for their little one, for if the tale was true then their little one might be cursed. It was rare for a dragon to hatch out as white as the shell from which they hatched. Almost all babies were a light gray at best. The mother and father dragon’s lithe scales were a gray that blended almost perfectly into the night around them. Their eyes glowed with a fierce sunlit like yellow. Their little one on the other hand already looked like the moon herself as her tiny scales eerily glowed and her bright sunlit eyes looked into her mother and father dragon’s eyes. As the night continued on the two dragons decided to name their little girl, Pandora. They cuddled with Pandora that night and prayed it wasn’t true. They slept together with perfect harmony and all was at peace with the world. Pandora was the first to awaken as a bright disc of light shined high in the sky. Her mother was still curled up next to her while her father was gone. Clambering onto her mother, she does her best to wake her. The mother looks to where her daughter is on top of her and gently plucks her off and sets her down on the cave floor. “Where’s father?” Pandora asks. “He’s out hunting dear,” her mother explains.

Smelling the air, the father dragon finds the slightest hint of food. Under the shelter of trees, he watches as the small hoofed mammals graze on the grass ahead of him. Creeping stealthily forward, he springs into the air with his silent wings and grabs one with his back feet. He takes off in the sky as the other small mammals bleat and scatter in panic causing the pale skinned rikitor to run out of their shelters to see what’s going on. He soars in the sky and heads back to the cave. Suddenly, teeth and claws make contact with his side. He quickly flips to where the contact is lost and dives down into the trees. He slinks through the trees as fast as he can while being in pursuit. Then in a clearing he finds himself trapped. Five others surround him with their presence being known as threatening. He chooses a safer course and lets them take the prey he caught instead of him being harmed any further. They mindlessly tear it apart and pay no more attention to him as he slinks off and takes to the sky again.

He returns home with no food as the sun starts to set. “Stakes are high with so many others desperate for food,” he says to the mother. The mother looks to Pandora before looking back at him. “Still, we have a little one to worry about feeding now,” she says worriedly. They settle down for the night and decide to take turns trying to hunt. Pandora’s eyes flutter open as a noise coming from outside of the cave alerts her. She struggles out of her mother and father dragon’s grasp and heads toward the front of the cave. Her scales radiate as the moonlight washes over them. Whispers can be heard around her, but nobody can be seen. “They had a cursed dragon hatch!” “I wonder if they’ll kill it.” “It’s no use to our kind if it’s destined to have us all killed.” With the voices filling her head, she rushes back inside the cave to hide behind her mother and father. Stones clatter down the side of the mountain and one voice can be heard above the rest. “Well, they better get rid of their hatchling or else we’ll do it for them.” It echoes in her head as she curls up beside her mother with her eyes wide open. Is it true? Am I cursed? She thought with worry.

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