The Night Wolves : Ever Lasting Moon

By Patti Clare Doolittle All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


" Come on Slate, we need to make them wake-up, the sun can do it I just know it," Autumn said. "We are only two weeks old tho !!!" slate said worriedly.

Chapter 1 : Birth of Autumn

(This is autumn’s mom)Maple’s P.O.V :
It was a chilly September evening with the moon almost at its highest. It was large and blue, I was due to give birth to a litter of pups. I felt one kick and I yelped in pain. I heard rushed paws and sighed.

“Darling what’s wrong? what can I do? are they coming?” A rushed voice asked

“Dagger, too many questions at once. I’m fine but the kicks are getting stronger I believe they will be here soon. Go, attend the meeting, I will be here with our children when you come back” I said smiling at my wonderful mate. He simply nodded and padded away. The second he was gone the healer came pacing into the den.

“Hello Snow, ” I said faintly

" Maple,” she said dipping her head in greetings at that moment I could feel one of the pups trying to push their way out. My eyes widened and I looked at Snow.

“Th..there coming” I whimper snow told me to push and so I did. It took a few hours for all 9 pups to come out. But they did eventually. When I looked at Snow pleading for good results.
She looked back her head hung low “I’m sorry Maple but only one made it and she is the runt” she mumbled handing me, my small daughter.

“Thank you, Snow you may do what you want with the others this one and will be perfect ” I smiled as I looked at her small fragile body.

“I'm going to name you Autumn” I whisper pulling the small pup close. I watched as Snow padded away with the pups that didn’t make it. They were much larger then autumn, I sighed and turned back to my pup. She was already curled up next to me and sleeping. I smiled as I fell asleep curled around her tiny body.

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