Alter-The One

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“Ehue!” the words flow through my lips surprising me in the process. (oh no!) " you are destined for the sword and. You're the only one who can use it." Arny says placing the holster back to me. His gets closer and I back up hitting the headboard. He points to his wings. “What are these?’ “Wings?’ i answer confused. “What does that make me?” he asks softly. “I don’t know. A man with wings. Why are they black are you part raven?” I ask. His face drops. “Your not kidding. You can’t remember anything?” I shake my head. “Please don’t hurt me.” He sighs. “Well this was unexpected.” Another comes in his eyes glowing red. Next thing I know I’m in his arms and were going at a dizzying speed. He sets me down and I wobble trying to find my balance. He puts a hand on me to help but I flinch away and back up. “What are you?” I ask frightened.

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Chapter 1

My breath catches in my throat as I watch my soul mate.

He has no clue we’re mates. I’m afraid he will reject me once he finds out that I’m not a werewolf like him. I’m a were cougar.

I’m sort of rare because the number of werecougars have dropped dangerously. My father also told me that I am very powerful and most people fear me because of it.

Today there is a party for the new Alpha of the pack my mates in. For those who don’t know, the Alpha is the leader of a pack. They give commands and you become compelled to follow them if you are in a rank lower than them. The New alpha’s name is Timothy but from what I hear they call him Tim.

I decided to sneak a peek of my mate through the cracked gate of the pack house. I know it sounds creepy but it’s the only way I can see him. My mother barely lets me do anything so I do what I can.

I feel a hand touch my shoulder causing me to jump.“Sorry Anne but mom wants you home, now.” my big brother Jim apologizes.

I sigh looking one last time at my mate. I close my eyes turning away facing Jim then walk home with him.

“You know eventually the wolves are going to notice you stalking around. You need to stop hiding because your mate will eventually smell you and want you. I know you’re scared of being rejected but he won’t. Don’t let mom or anyone else tell you different. No one could say no to my gorgeous little sister. If I wasn’t your brother I would date you.” He says pulling me in for a hug.

“What if he does reject me because I’m not a werewolf? Or that I’m not pretty enough? Felines and canines have always had feuds against each other. I don’t want to feel the pain of rejection. I don’t think I would survive. I can’t.” I hug him tighter.

“Just think of me as your ancillary. Come to me with anything and I’ll help. You don’t even have to pay. It’ll be free.” He grins.

He winks causing a smile to spread across my face. He always knows how to cheer me up. God it’s so frustrating at times but I love him.

When we get home mom glares at me.

She hasn’t been the kindest to me since my dad passed away five years ago. We don’t know the cause of his death. It just happened suddenly. It wasn’t unexpected. People think it was suicide but I know deep in my gut that it wasn’t.

“Where have you been? I told you be home at three. It’s now four thirty. Were you watching that wolf boy again? How many times do I have to tell you if he finds out you’re his mate he’s going to reject you? No one wants a stalker. Well, no one would want you. Go make dinner before I ground you until you turn twenty.”

I sigh and walk into the kitchen. My brother walks in behind me giving me a sympathetic smile. “Let me help you make dinner.”I smile and nod. I grab some ingredients from the fridge and from the cabinet. Soon my smile fades and I stop what I’m doing. The smell of vampires hits my nose and I hear footsteps in the distance coming towards the kitchen door.

I know Jim can smell them to because he jumps in front of me protectively putting an arm to my chest.

Mom walks in once there is a knock on the door. Her face shows something I haven’t seen in years. Worry. I mean I even see her shaking a little.

She opens the door and two vampires wearing black step inside. Another vamp comes in after and looks around.

“You haven’t paid is like you said you would. I’ve waited a month. I’ve been very patient. Where is my money?” the vamp asks looking at my mom.

She fidgets with her hands. “I- I don’t have enough to pay you.”

The vamp glares. “Then someone will have to pay it……... As my slave.”

Fear grips me as the word slave leaves his lips. The vamp looks at me and a smile appears on his face. My heart drops as he points at me.

My brother growls as the two vampires dressed in black grab me, poised and ready to attack.

I look at my mother and see no emotion on her face. None. I don’t even see fear anymore.

I look at the vamp who pointed at me. “Please don’t I have a mate. I need to see my mate.” I beg desperate to get even a little time.

He sighs shaking his head. He looks at me but I can’t see his expression from behind his sunglasses.“Fine you can see your mate. I’ll give you two days than I’ll come back to get you. Unless of course your mother can pay the $2000 dollars she owes before then.”

He waves a hand and the two vampires let me go. The walk out the door and close it behind them. The Vamp opens the door. “Oh, I almost forgot. I have really good trackers so no matter where you try to hide I will find you. I always get what I want.” He closes the door and we listen to his footsteps as he gets farther away.

Jim turns angrily to our mom and opens his mouth. Before he can say anything I do.

“Thanks for the help!” I yell.

She glares at me. “Will not yell at me.”

“Oh but I will. What have I ever done to make you hate me so much? You could at least pretended to care when they tried to take me!” I practically scream.

She slaps me hard. My cheek stinging. I look at her glaring.“You are too much like your father. You will never speak to me like that ever. I am your mother and I deserve respect. I gave birth to you. I have raised you better than to disrespect me. Now got to your room.” She growls.

“I hate you.” I say my voice just above a whisper.

I run to my room slamming the door hard behind me. I grab my purse and my suitcase. My suitcase is already packed in case I needed to run away. I guessed this might happen. Or at least something similar. I open the window and look at the door. I close my eyes facing the ground.

I throw my suitcase out the window and hop out. I land with a thud and roll to stop the momentum. I get up and brush myself off.

I run toward my mates house. Tears running down my face but I wipe them away.

Jim was right. I need to stop being afraid of rejection.

Duh. That’s what I’ve been saying.

Shut up.

I run into someone and drop my stuff.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean ....” I stop seeing who it is.


My eyes widen and I take a step back.

His eyes move down my body then snap up to my lips.

“Mine.” He growls.

He grabs my waist and smashes his lips against mine. The most amazing feeling passes through me at our touch. I close my eyes enjoying his touch. It’s better than I could have ever imagined.

He pulls away leaving me breathless and dizzy.

He sees my suitcase and question fills his eyes.

“I’m running away from my mom. It’s not like she’ll care that I’m gone…….. I must tell you something. I’m afraid you’ll reject me when you find out.” I explain.

He growls grabbing my suitcase.

“You are living with me. I’ve been waiting for you since I first found out about mates. Nothing could ever have me rejecting you.” he says.

Sadness fills me as we make our way toward his house in silence.

“My name is Joshua.” he says once we are inside.

“Anne.” I say.

I walk toward the couch and sit down with a sigh.“I have to tell you that in two days if my mother does not pay the money she owes I will become a slave. I’m also not a werewolf. I’m a werecougar.” I say.

He growls at me and pulls me to him. “You are mine. You won’t a slave I won’t let that happen. No one will take you away from me. Not while I am still breathing and my heart is still beating.”

I look at him and give him a weak smile. “I’m afraid that’s not up to you.”

He opens his mouth and a knock on the door interrupts what he was about to say.

He gets up to check the door. The smell of a powerful werewolf hits my nose but since I am have more power I don’t have the urge to give in.

Josh opens the door and a smiling face looks at him.“Josh I’m glad you’re home we have lots to discuss.” The man says.

“Alpha.” Josh says nodding his head respectfully.

The man frown. “I told you were friends call me Tom. Being alpha doesn’t change our friendship.”

Tom walks in and sees me.“And who are you beautiful young lady?” He asks.

“Anne.” I say.

He holds out his hand.“Nice to meet you.” he says.

We shake hands and he turns back to Josh.“Finally found your mate huh?” he asks.

Josh nods. “She is, though we have a problem. If her mother doesn’t pay those vampires she will be a slave.”

He must’ve smelled the vamp on me. I wasn’t specific on the species.“That is between Anne’s mom and the vampires. Though I highly disapprove, there were laws created to keep peace that we have to follow. The only thing I suggest is spending what time you have before it ends.”

Anger flashes in Joshua’s eyes and the turn dark. A growl rumbles in his throat. I quickly get up and put a hand on his shoulder.

His eyes immediately soften back to their emerald-green. He relaxes at my touch and wraps his arms tightly around me. He places his chin on my head and sighs.

Tom smiles. “I’ll come back to talk to you later. I think you deserve some alone time. Everyone should be getting back from work soon.”

He walks out leaving me and Josh alone. Josh grabs my hand pulling toward his room. A new fire in his eyes. He closes the door and walks up to me.

Before I have a chance to react I’m slammed against the wall and his lips crush against mine. My mind stops working and my body takes control. His hands move from my waist and tugs on my shirt with urgency.

He pulls my shirt and pushes me on the bed.

Fear strikes me hard pulling my mind back in to control. I pull away.“I- I’m sorry. I c-can’t.” I stutter feeling ashamed of myself.I feel heat rise in my cheeks.

“It’s fine. I’m sorry I pushed you too fast. I won’t do anything you don’t want to do.” he says retrieving my shirt.

I shake my head and he lets it fall to the floor. I take of my pants and let them fall on the floor. My eyes grow heavy. Joshua notices.

He gets under the covers pulling me into his arms. I snuggle myself into the crook of my neck. I let out a satisfied sigh.

I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

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