Alter-The One

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Chapter 11

West’s POV:

I feel terrible. I just hurt Anne. I hurt her because I let her see the fear. I’m not afraid of her. I am afraid for her. She’s a kind hearted girl and that was really out of character. I knew something was up when I saw her through the window. Her eyes had started glowing and they turned a silverish white.

She started talking to me about things she couldn’t possibly know then lunged at me. I could see hate in her eyes. Those weren’t her eyes. I didn’t recognize those eyes. They were empty except for the anger and pain I saw in them.

I walk out of Derek’s house and jump startled to see Mike. Mike’s one of my comrades from training. I see sympathy in his eyes. “Hey West. I’m sorry. I didn’t know……… Anne was in the forest and I happened to see her. Well I had left to go get something to cheer her up. When I came back I heard her yelling at someone. I went to check it out….. She’s been taken by the Satan.”

Anger and regret pass through me. “This is my fault.”

Mike shakes his head. “You didn’t know. Have they told you the possibility of why she was acting the way she was?” I shake my head, “It was the kiss forced on her by the Devil angel. It had wiped her memories for a short period of time. It may be causing blackouts where she hurts anyone she loves that is angel. It’s just a theory but it’s something.”

I nod. “Yes I’ll need to make a plan. It’s going to be harder to get her out now that he knows to expect Derek to try to rescue her again.” I wave Mike inside and I get Jim and Derek so we can think up a plan.

Anne’s POV:

I wake up feeling arms wrapped around me. I sigh comfortably. “Morning.” My eyes shoot open and reality kicks in. I struggle and he tightens his grip. “Hey. Hey it’s ok. It’s just me.”

I continue to struggle. “No it’s not because it’s you.”

He sighs. “You need to accept that we are meant to be together.”

I growl. “I will never accept what is not supposed to happen. Your evil. I will never accept evil into my life. Ever.”

His grip tightens painfully and it becomes harder to breath. “Darling, you’re now mine which makes you just as evil as I am.”

“I….will….never….be….yours..” I say in between breaths.

I feel his lips on my neck and I stiffen. He smiles. “It’s cute that you think you have a choice.”

I growl. “I. Will. Never. Be. Yours.”

He chuckles and nibbles on my ear causing my to shiver. He kisses me down my neck. I struggle to get away from him. He starts sucking on my neck which set my cougar off. My cougar takes control and we shift. Before I have a chance to do anything my muscles lock up and I can’t move.

He sighs. “I guess we’ll do this the hard way.” He picks me up as my bones shift forcing me painfully back into my human form. He walks through a wall. A wall. Yeah creepy. Next thing I know i’m tossed into a chair. My hands and legs are being clamped by rope without him raising a finger. He shakes his head and sighs.

“I thought you could learn to love me for who I was trying to be. I now know that will never be so your going to learn to love the monster you think I am.” He pulls out a knife. It lands hard into me leg and I cry out in pain.

I struggle in the bindings. Another knife goes in my leg and tears form in my eyes. He laughs. “Now you’ve got the monster.” My vision becomes blurry. Another knife goes into my leg and a scream of pain escapes me. He walks up to me and rips them out. The pain is unimaginable.

My vision starts to blacken. I sense silver entering my blood I feel myself weaken as I lose a lot of blood. Everything goes black.

West’s POV:

Something’s not right. I can feel it. Anne’s in trouble. I need to hurry and help her. I need to save her.

I get up from the couch which caughts off any discussion that we were having. “What’s wrong?” Jim asks.

“Something wrong with Anne. I feel the bond weakening. We need to get to her now.” I say and start walking toward the door. I feel hands grab me and I look back to see Mike and Derek.

“We need a plan. We can’t just go without a plan. It will put us and her at even more risk.”

I rip myself from there grip. “She is at risk now. Our bond is weakening!” Mike grabs me and throws me on the couch.

“He will not kill her he can’t afford it. She is alter and he wants to get her on his side.” he says. I groan and sag my shoulders in defeat.

“Fine but we need to hurry. I don’t know how long I can take this. How long she can take it.”

They go back to discussing the plan while I sit in worry for my mate.

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