Alter-The One

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Chapter 16

We get to Derek’s house and I knock on the door. My father had let his wings absorb as well and he looks like he did when me and Jim were young.

The door opens to reveal Jim who smiles at me. His eyes move to our dad and his smile drops. He stares at him. I put my hand on his shoulder. “Jim. Dad is here he wants to see you.”

He shrugs my hand off. “Why?’ He asks looking at Dad. There are tears is in his eyes. ’Why did you do this to us? You realize what happened to mom while you were gone? What happened to Anne while you were gone?” He goes up to him.

I see Elizabeth and wave at her. She looks at me then looks away. I look back at Jim. “He had no choice. It was either that or he take me with him and leave you guys without any memory of us. He was needed and he had to go.”

Jim looks at me like i’m crazy. “Why would he need to take away my memory and hers? He could have just told us. Why are you ok with this? Him just showing back up after leaving? It hurt you the most.”

I sigh. “I have forgiven him because if he had chose to take me I wouldn’t be able to see my brother. The reason you wouldn’t be able to have memory of us is to keep you safe. If he had told you about this stuff you would be at risk. All dark creatures would be after you trying to get you. Don’t you remember what happened the second time I was taken? I was helping you with Demons.”

He glares then question fills his eyes. “How did you know I needed help? I mean as soon as they were surrounding me you were there and you had left with west to go up and train.”

“I had a vision about it. Sometimes it’s of the future or what is happening at that point in time.” I say shrugging.

He looks back at him. “Am I even your son?”

Dad shakes his head. “Your mother had you when I fell in love with her. She had just left the man who abused her. She was meant to be with me but her pack leader had forced her to be his.” He says.

Jim sighs. “I need a minute.” He walks past us and goes into the woods.

Derek comes to the door and greets us. He smiles at me. “Back to normal ehh?”

I shrug. “I guess.” I look back toward the woods. “I need to go check on Jim.”

I walk towards the woods heading in the direction he went. I recognize some of the scenery and pick up my pace. I break into a run and freeze when I take in the scene in front of me. My brother is being held with a sword to his throat.

Satan smiles. “Hello sweetheart. One more step and your brother will join me for eternity as my little pet.” I watch my brothers eyes flash with anger.

I quiver in anger. “Let him go. Whatever quarrel you have is with me not him.”

He laughs. “What happened to your glow. You are pathetic. Your heart is too soft.” He tightens his grip on the sword pulling it closer to my brothers throat his face dead serious. “Come.”

I start walking towards him. “No! Anne don’t!” My brother says. Satan ignores my brothers warning. I keep walking toward them.

I watch something pass over my brothers eyes. Next thing I know i’m on the ground. I struggle. “Let go of me!” I say the grip tightens on me.

“Anne you can’t let him have you. He’ll kill you.” I hear Mike say. I struggle more.

“He’ll kill my brother if i don’t do something. Let go of me!” anger comes off of me in waves.

He pins my arm to the ground forcing me to face him. Another pair of hands pin my legs. I recognize who it is right away. “West. What are you doing? Let me go!” I glare at Michael but he’s not looking at me.

I look into West’s eyes and see sympathy and regret. I look toward the direction Mike was looking and see my dad walking toward my brother and Satan. Fear and anger slice through me and I struggle harder, panting in effort to get free.

My dad looks back at me and smiles. I look into his eyes tears streaming down mine I see nothing but love. “Let me go. Dad don’t do this! I can find a way! Please.” I beg my heart aching. My cougar growls and I feel my bones start to shift.

Their grip on my tightens and I yelp in pain and my cougar stops trying to shift. I glare at Mike and West tears going down my face. “Let. Me. Go.” I feel a strange sensation go through me. Like I was filled with electricity.

Mike’s eyes widen and his grip loosens in surprise. I take advantage of it and throw him off of me. Another pair of hands grabs my wrists and puts my hands behind my back in a firm grip. “I’m sorry Anne but we can’t let you risk your life. Your needed to save the world. Please forgive me Anne. This is not what I want. Your father wants this.” Derek says.

I watch helplessly as my father approaches Satan. “Please. I can’t deal with knowing he’s gone again. I can’t. I just got him back.” I beg and plead but they don’t loosen their grip. I feel my wings slice through my back and I start to glow.

“Dad no.” Jim say I see tears in his eyes as well. “You can’t do this. Please.”

“Son, you still have a life to live. I’m going to give you a chance to live it.” Dad says.

Satan knocks Jim to the ground and puts a foot on his back keeping him still. “How sweet. Sacrificing your life for your daughter and son’s.” I see a glint in his eyes and Satan smiles. “But I have no need for just an angel. Sorry but you sacrifice will be for nothing.”

He pushes the sword into my father’s gut.

“No!” I scream. I find a new strength and fling both Derek and West off of me. I watch Satan take out the sword. It’s bloodied. He looks at me and smiles.

“I think I’ll keep your brother. For a little insurance.” He says.

“NO!” I run toward them but he disappears with my brother before I even make it halfway. I run to my father kneeling on the ground next to him. I put my head in my hands and cry.

“Anne.” I look down and see my father looking at me.

“Daddy. It’s going to be ok. I will help you please stay with me.” I put my hand over his wound to try and stop the bleeding.

“Anne.” he wipes tears from my eyes. “Be the woman I know you can be. I made the mistake of letting you go. I didn’t want to make that mistake again.” His breathing becomes ragged.

“Shh. It’s going to be ok. I can’t lose you again. I just got you back.” My voice cracks.

“I love you and your brother very much Anne. Let him no that I’m sorry for leaving him.” He says.

“Don’t talk like that. It’s going to be ok. Your going to be ok.” Now i’m trying to reassure myself as much as him.

He cups my face. “Anne. I love you.”

“I love you too Daddy. I don’t want to lose you again. I can’t.”

His eyes start to become glassy and he starts to glow. “I love you.” His voice becomes distant and I watch his body slowly start to disappear.

“No. Don’t go. Please.” I try everything trying to stop his body from disappearing but nothing works. I watch in pain as he continues to disappear slowly.

His body completely disappears and my arms hover where it was pressing against his wound. I let the drop to my sides. My cougar and I yowl in pain. Everything crumbles apart leaving me feeling empty. Everything around me becomes distant. I hear voices that sound muffled. Everything becomes a numb haze. I pass out.

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