Alter-The One

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Chapter 2

wake up with strong arms around me. The memory of last night comes back and I blush. I look at Josh and see that he’s still asleep.

I sigh not wanting this to ever end. I go to get up and his grip tightens. His eyes pop open and he looks at me.

“Good morning.” he says with a smile.

“Morning.”I try to get up again but he doesn’t release his hold. “Just a few more minutes.” he says.

My cougar starts getting antsy it hard not to wiggle.

He sighs releasing his hold. I quickly jump out of the bed and turn to grab my clothes. A growl comes from john startling me.

Crap! I forgot about the recent beating I had gotten a couple of days ago. She had used silver so it still hasn’t healed yet “Who did this to you?” he asks.

I stay quite picking up my clothes. He spins me around making me face him.“Who did this?” he asks again searching my eyes.

I shrug pretending it’s nothing. “Mom punished me for not finishing my chores.”

His eyes grow dark. “You’re mother did this?”I nod. A growl rumbles in his throat and his eyes turn black.

“Josh it’s fine. She lost her husband, my father, I look too much like him. She’s taking it out on me because of it. I stood my ground and won’t let it happen again. She isn’t worth going to jail for.” I say.

A knock on the door breaks him out of his trance and he puts his clothes on.

I do the same finishing just as the door cracks open and a head pops into view. Tom’s smiling face looks at us both.

“Come on everyone’s back. Let’s introduce Mr. Beta’s mate.” he says.

Joshua grabs my hand and I can feel his sadness. I know why. He’s going to introduce me then two weeks later I will be gone.

His sadness mixes with mine as we walk out his bedroom. When we walk to the living room about 100 eyes were on us.

Josh clears his throat. “This is my mate Anne. She will be here today and tomorrow but she must leave after that. For how long? I don’t know. Why? That’s up to her to tell not me.” He looks at me.

I take a deep breath knowing they need to know since I will be part of their pack even if it’s for a short time.“My mother can’t pay so I must pay for her as a slave to one of the vamps. One thing you must know is I’m not a wolf. I am a cougar. Once in slavery I won’t be out until the vamp thinks the debt’s paid. I can’t escape. It’s not my choice mind you but by force that I must leave. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to run my cougar is antsy.”

I walk out and head towards the woods. Once hidden I take my clothes off and hide them in a Bush.

I hear my bones crack and shift then I run.

Unknown POV

“Your majesty? Might I ask why you chose the girl as a slave?” asks my bodyguard Gin.

“What do you think? She is very powerful. I can sense it. I can get a witch to spell her into being my mate.” I say with a glare.

He bows. “Sorry your majesty.”

I wave him away and get back to my study.

Anne Luis Stella Skye Birthday July 11 1999

Mother, Teresa Skye-Alerson species-werecougar

Father, Luis Skye. species-unknown

Get ready Anne because I always get what I want.

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