Alter-The One

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Chapter 3

Joshua’s pov

I look at my beautiful mate wishing it wasn’t going the last time I see her in her peaceful sleep.

My wolf is just as sad as I am. We both want her here but we know we have to listen to the Alpha.

I play with Anne’s hair and watch her breathing. She sighs leaning in to me.

My wolf howls in pain.

Mate has to stay.

You know that can’t happen.

My mates eyes pop open and she stares at me sleepily.“How long have you been up?” she asks.

I shrug. “I don’t know but you have to get ready the vamp could be here at any minute.” my heart breaking with the words coming out of my lips.

Her eyes grow wide as she remembers. Her lip trembles.“I don’t want to. I’m scared.” she says.

I cup her cheek.“It’s killing me not to be able to do anything. Just think positive. This might not be permanent.”

Her face drops and I immediately know my mistake. She gets out of bed without a word and starts getting dressed.

My wolf scolds me for upsetting Anne.“Thanks for the words of encouragement.” She says coldly.

Before I can say anything she slams the door behind her Something inside me tells me to go after her but for some reason I don’t.

My wolf fights for control yelling at me for not trying to apologize but I don’t move.Emptiness fills me knowing I may never see my mate again.

I guess that’s another reason I let her stop me from marking her. We both knew she would never, can never be mine.

Silent tears run down my cheeks as I lay there with pain in my heart. My wolf howls and we both cry the loss of our mate.

Goodbye Anne.

Anne’s pov

Tears run down my face but I wipe them away fiercely.

Joshua could’ve at least tried to make an effort. Instead he just says that we’ll eventually see each other. I tell him I’m scared and that’s what I get?

I smell the vampires and hear their footsteps as they come to the door.

I open it not giving them a chance to knock.Jane my cougar gets nervous as I walk out closing the door behind me.The vamp and his two guards are standing a couple of feet away. I take a couple of steps forward and the vamp clears his throat.

“Your mother did not pay so now you must. You will be my personal slave. The rules are simple do as I say without question or argument and stay out of my way when I’m working. If you do not follow these rules you’ll be punished severely. You will also call me master or master Derek and not speak unless spoken to. Are we clear?” He asks. His body rigid as if expecting a fight.

“Yes master.” I say looking at the ground. I have no fight in me.

His hand goes under my chin and he lifts my head so my eyes are on him.“What’s wrong.”

“It’s not important.” I answer weakly.

“Tell me anyway.” he says.He grabs my hand and we walk to the limo.

I get in and he shuts the door. He wraps around me pulling me close to him.“Now tell me what ails you ”

I tell him what happened and he nods.“A man who won’t fight for his woman doesn’t deserve said lady. There’s no reason for you to fear me as long as you behave and do what I say. I can even get rid of the mate so you won’t have to worry about him.” Derek says placing a kiss on the forehead.

His lips are cold and strange. They move from my forehead to my lips.

I feel too numb to fight him off. He pushes me back on the seat intensifying the kiss.

Suddenly pain erupts through my chest and a startled cry of pain escapes my lips. I push Derek off me and clutch my chest. He looks at me angrily until he sees my face and it’s replaced with concern. Tears flow freely as the pain increases. I start gasping for breath. My vision blacken and the last thing I feel is arms wrap around me.

“Baby girl. My sweet baby girl.” my father says smiling at me.

Confusion hits me. “Daddy? But you’re dead.”He nods with guilt in his eyes. “I know sweetheart but there’s something you must now and you must not tell anyone this. You aren’t all cougar only half. My sweet child you are also part angel. Any contact with evil creatures will cause you great pain. Pain as you’ve just experienced. You must start your training now that you’ve reached the age. The cougar isn’t where you get your powers it’s your angel. Happy birthday my sweet angel.”He starts to fade. I run and give him a hug then he disappears. Everything fades, replaced with beeping sounds.


I groan opening my eyes. I’m in a room with white walls and the beeping is coming from the heart monitor I’m connected to.

A man with wings is sitting in a chair next to me with his eyes closed. I sit up and my stomach growl. How long was I out?

The man’s eyes shoot open and a smile spreads across his face.

“Good you’re awake. Let’s get your debt paid off shall we?” he asks getting up.

I raise an eyebrow.“Who are you?” I ask.

He winks at me. “Arny but you can call me handsome.”

I roll my eyes. “How are you going to pay off the debt Arny?”

His wings disappear. “By pretending to be your uncle. I did that to get in all though I can teleport. Happy birthday by the way. Anyway I have the money. I still don’t get what the currency of paper is useful for.”

He holds out his hand still looking at me. I hesitate before taking it. He helps me take out the IV and the heart monitor.

We walk and I’m met with a surprised Derek. “Anne you’re awake. I was worried about you.” He explains with a smile.

Arny reaches in his pocket and takes out stacks of money.“This is the debt my sister owes. I will be taking Anne back home.” he states holding out the money.

I see a flash of anger in Derek’s eyes but it quickly disappeared. He grabs the money from Army’s hand and counts. He then puts it in his pocket and nods.

“You are free to go Anne.”A smile forms on my lips as Arny grabs my hand again. Derek watches as Arny and I leave. His face shows no emotion.

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