Alter-The One

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Chapter 4

Arny’s wings reappear once the mansion is out of sight.

“What are you?” I ask with fascination.

He gives me a ‘duh’ look. “I’m an angel, you’re half angel. This was explained already.”

“That was just a dream. I’m not an angel, I’m just a werecougar.” i point behind me, “There are no wings on me.”

A smile spreads across his face. “Your wings weren’t ready to come out that is why they haven’t yet. Now that you’re of age they are ready. Just turn around and I’ll show you.”

Wanting proof I do as he says. I feel his fingers slide across my shoulder blades. A sharp pain shoots through them and I hear what sounds like ripping fabric. The pain ends as soon as it began and Arny is in front of me with a big grin plastered on his face.

I look over my shoulder and see a beautiful pair of cloud white wings attached to me. Fear and curiosity swirl inside me as I look at them. I try to reach them, to touch them, but my fingers just miss it. It bends around me as if sensing what I want. I run my fingers through them completely fascinated with how soft they are. What freaks me out a little is when I touch them I can feel through my wings that I am touching them.

My cougar doesn’t speak to stunned for words like I am.

I feel another pair of fingers touching my wings startling me. Then I remember Arny and let my wings unfold.

“Your lucky. Angels and weres don’t mix well. You have a one out of a hundred chance as a baby of surviving. Most half were-angels babies die.” He says still admiring my wings.

“My brother survived.” I state.

He shakes his instantly confusing me. “ That’s your half-brother. He has a different father. He is pure cougar.

I wonder what else I’ve been kept in the dark from.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me? I could’ve handled the information.” I feel the muscles in my wings twitch with frustration.

“You were too young to understand. Your father wanted to wait until you were old enough to understand. He was called back to heaven after completing his mission. He had business to attend to. He couldn’t tell your mother or your brother why he was leaving so he had to fake his death. It was either that or take you and completely wipe their memories of you or your father. Angels don’t age because they can’t die. Technically they are already dead. The only way to completely get rid of us is by killing us with a weapon of evil. You need to start your training so we can decide your first mission but first you need a weapon to train with. We’ll have to go up and see which one is right for you.” he says grabbing my hand.

Suddenly stairs appear in front of us.They’re beautiful. They have gold engravings going all the way up them. The stairs also have little specks of blue, red, and green.

Arny chuckles at my reaction his eyes holding amusement. He starts walking up the stairs tugging me along.

When we reach the top I feel like a teenager in a phone store. The view is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I could never have even dreamed. I look around feeling ugly compared to all the angels that look so perfect around me.

They all are perfect from their hair to their toes. Anyone who would look at them would be jealous. I know I am.

Arny smiles at me and I smile back. Sharp pain in my stomach causes being a friend. I feel my cooler get said and I know that Josh is cheating on me.

Arny looks mad. “ we can break the fake bond if you would like. He shouldn’t have been chosen to be your soul mate for your true soul mate is up here waiting for you his training is already complete. Once years is you’ll be able to see him.”

Anger and Sadness spinning me and the death of Joshua’s betrayal cuts deep making me dizzy. I need wanting nothing more than this came to go away.

“First we will get the weapons and then we will take the bond that should never have been. I promise you.” he says catching my hand once more.

We walk up to it door in it opens without a touch. I am awestruck by the view of the place. Beautiful weapons everywhere eat having their own Gulf. A sword catches my eye attention. It seems to close Friday then the rest as if it’s calling to me.

I want closer to exam this sword. There’s an engraving of a cougar with Angel wings card in his handle. It is above hundreds of demons that are covering their faces if they are afraid.

A smile creeps on Arny’s lips. “ this played with made for the angel Hulu lead us in our battle against the demons. Only that Angel can we all this power. It’s been sitting here waiting for semester to give it life.”

I touched engraving in the glow of the sword turns red. A strange tingling goes through my body to the tip of my wings.

I grab the sword in strange energy flows through me. After a couple of minutes the sword glows softly and I look to Arny’s shocked face. His mouth is in the shape of a ‘o’. And angel comes in and is also left in shock.

“What?” I ask confused. “Did I do something wrong? Should I put this back?”

I get ready to put it back but Arny grabs my wrists stopping me. The other angel walks out in comes back with a mirror. He handed to me and I take it curiously.

The sword suddenly feels heavy as they say my reflection. I’m I left cheek is a proper it was triangles above each little circle. My hair is no longer just chocolate-brown. There is blood red highlights on the right and it’s completely random the left. Read out once my wings with weird designs in the middle and popping set the tips. They glow bright as the sword had not that long ago.

“Forma bonum fragile est.” the other angel says. What’s scary is I understand him. (beauty is a fragile possession.)

“Ea est álter. Magnificus.” Arny mumbles. (she is the one. Magnificent.)

Confusion fills me. How can I be the one? How my supposed to read angels in Battle? I’m just me.

Arny grabs a holster and hands it to me. I try to hand it back.

“Ehue!” the words flow through my lips surprising me in the process. (oh no!)

“you’re destined for the sword and. You’re the only one who can use it.” Arny says placing the holster back to me.

“I can’t be doing to hold this or. I had new clue about any of this until a few moments ago!” I press.

“That as it make, the sword shows you. No one else can wield it.” The other angel speaks. He bows slightly.“My name is Fortis. I am the keeper of this building in weapons.” He says. (strong, brave)

I smile politely but feel anything but happy. I reluctantly put the holster around my waist and put the sword in it sheath.

“We must get you trained méus dómina.” he says. (my mistress)

Where we walk out all eyes turn to me. Their eyes all open in shock. “Méta.” some of them whisper. (mark)

My cheeks heat and I smile sheepishly at them.

Arny chuckles and pulls me in the opposite direction. He stops a few feet of the building interest to me.

“With the unexpected turn of events I almost forgot about breaking the bond that you have. This is where it will be done. I also once that’s done you will be meeting your soul mate sooner than anticipated. You need the best teacher to train you in he is.” Arny tells me.

I feel my wings twitch. I walk to hurt adore and it opens. I walk in with Arny right behind me. A woman smiles at me, her eyes show her true emotions, shocked and amused. Arny greets her with a hug.

“Chanel it’s been a while. Miss Anne has a false bond we need to sever. It’s causing her unneeded pain.” he explains.

She nods then walks up to me. “This process hurts, I warn you now. You may want to lay down before I begin.” she says gesturing to a room in the back. I nod and follow her.

There’s a bed in the far corner. She nods in it’s direction and I lay on it.

Arny walks in and stands right next to me. Chanel puts a hand on my forehead and closes her eyes. “Silentium onus.” she mumbles. A giant burst of pain causes me to cry out.

Black dots in my vision as more pain shoots through my body. When the pain finally ends my body feels drained. I try to get up but Chanel shakes her head lightly pushing me back down. Her hands wave over my eyes and Blackness takes over.

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