Alter-The One

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Chapter 5

Unknown POV:

Arny walks in with a smile on his face. I look at him completely confused. “I thought you had a mission.” I say placing my pencil down and standing to greet him.

“I do. I came because my mission is done. Now it’s become yours. You must train alter.” (the one) Shock settles through me.

“Where is he?” I ask.

“She.” He corrects. I expect him to tell me more but he doesn’t.

“I will bring you to her she had a false bond removed.” He says. I flinch knowing how painful that is.

He leads me to the building and a pull towards it catches me off guard. A knowing glint sparkles in his eyes.

We walk in and Chanel smiles kindly.

“So where is alter?” I ask. (The one)

She points to the back room ant that’s where I go. My breath catches in my throat as I see the girl from my dreams. My soul mate. I watch her breaths rise and fall unevenly in her chest.

I walk up to her and put her hand in mine. I feel our connection immediately. I her wings our hidden but I know they are there. I continue to stare at her. She is even more beautiful in person. A snicker behind me snap me out of it. I look at Arny.

“Close your mouth before she wakes up with drool on her.” He teases. I frown at him.

Chanel walks in. “She should be waking up soon.”

“Gratias tibi ago!” Arny exasperates earning a playful slap from Chanel. (Thank you)

I release my hold from meus modo amo. (My only love.)

Her eyes fly open and a gasp escapes her lips. Her eyes search the room and stop as they meet mine.

We stare at each other in silence. Arny clears his throat.

“Anne this is your trainer West. West this is Anne, alter.” He says.

She smiles at me sitting up. Her wings spread and I look at them completely stunned. Her cheeks turn pink as she blushes, looking away.

“May I?” I ask.

She gives me a slight nod and turns around. I brush my fingers along her wings and feel her shiver at my touch. I force my hand off her wings with what little self control I have left. I clear my throat.

“We need to start your training.” I say and walk out.

When I’m out of view I let out a shaky breath, Memories of my last love surface.

I will not make the same mistake twice. She will be trained properly.

Anne’s POV

I let out a shaky breath. West’s touch made me feel weak in the knees. Even my cougar is shaking.

Arny helps me up. I will no longer be with you for my mission is done. I do hope you come and visit once in awhile though.” He says.

I give him a small nod. I smile at Chanel. “Thank you.” I say.

She nods. “It’s no problem. Hope to see you around.” She hugs me.

When I walk out West is sitting against the wall staring off. I can see the emotions running through his eyes. I put a hand on his shoulder.

In a flash I’m flipped on to my back getting the wind knocked out of me.

I groan and sit up.

“Sorry you scared me.” He holds out his hand. I grab it and he helps me back up.

“Since the battle won’t be here we’re going to Earth to train. I am here to train you. You need to have all your focus on the training. We can’t let the bond we share be a distraction.” He explains.

The beautiful staircase shows and I get a view of the forest. “Your first lesson is flying.” He says.

Before I can understand what’s happening I feel his hands push me and I start falling. Fear grips me and I will my wings to flap focusing on them. At first nothing happens. I close my eyes waiting to have every bone on my body.

Finally I feel the muscles in my wings move and the wind catch them. I listen to the sound of it’s flapping. At first I don’t open my eyes afraid of what I might find. Eventually I gather enough courage and open them. I look down and see that my foot is just barely floating above the ground. Relief floods through my system as I let myself touch the ground. I fold my wings and glare at West who is looking at me thoughtfully.

“You are a quick learner.” He says.

He runs at me fist clenched. I dodge just missing his blow. As he turns, he swings his leg in attempt to kick me. I grab his leg and yank him off his feet. I quickly get on top of him and hold him down.

What the hell?!? First you shove me almost breaking every bone on my body and now you’re trying to fight me? If this is how you ‘train’ people then I don’t want any part of it!” I declare, my anger level rising just below my shifting point.

I get off him and start walking away.

“Where are you going?” He asks.

I glare at him. “Taking a walk before I break every bone in your body.” I snap.

I continue walking. My cougar starts whining saying that she needs a stretch. I sigh but let her take over. She takes our sword off and hides it in a bush out of sight. My wings absorb into my back and we shift.

I stretch then start walking around. The smell of vampire hits my nose and I quickly run toward the bush with my sword. My muscles twitch as a prepare to pounce. A little vampire comes out chasing a butterfly and I relax.

West walks up to the little vampire girl and takes out his knife. Before he can hurt her I knock him to the ground. I put my paw on his throat, which turns into a hand as I shift back to my human form.

He glares at me. “What are you doing? I almost had it.” He growls angrily trying to get out of my hold.

She is an innocent. I will not allow a fledgling to be killed. It is not her fault who she is today. She has no control, she was born this way.” I counter with just as much anger.

The vampling slowly walks up to me. “Thank you.” She whispers.

I nod giving her a smile. She runs off back in the direction she came. When I feel she is at a safe distance I let West go. I go to grab my sword but West grabs my leg and I fall to the ground. He pulls my arms behind my back. He puts his weight on me and puts his mouth to my ear.

“Stay still and stay quiet. There are four demons coming this way.” He whispers.

I felt tingling in my fingers and suddenly images go by of the demons taking me and then as quickly as they came they disappear.

I feel West get thrown off of me and I quickly grab for my sword just as clawed hands sink into my sides. I cry out in pain. I try to move but the grip gets tighter. Hot breath that stinks of death moves to my ear. “The more you move the more it’s going to hurt.” it’s voice sends shivers down my spine. There’s no emotion in it at all.

Another demon takes the sword from my hand. It then opens a sac that’s large enough to fit a body and the demon tosses me in.

“A pet for Satan coming up. That little human probably thought he stood a chance. Ha!” the demon that had its claws in my side lets out a snort.

“Let’s go before more of them come.” The demon that’s holding me says.

How am I going to get out of this mess?

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