Alter-The One

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Chapter 6

I struggle in the bag trying to loosen the demons hold on it. My side is still burning and I feel more of my energy slowly leaving me.

“This bag is laced with silver mutt. No way you’re getting out. You’re now as weak as the human.” The demon says.

I growl. “I am not a mutt horns for brains. Oh, sorry, I just insulted horns. They are smarter.” I taunt.

I feel it stop. The bag opens and it peers in. “You smell like a mutt. And if you were smart you wouldn’t insult your kidnappers.” it still has no emotion in its voice.

I let my claws extend and swipe at its face. It curses under its breath, closing the bag. I feel the bag swing as it starts moving again.

The pain in my sides intensifies and spreads throughout my body. I hear the demon breathe in deeply and sigh. “Home sweet home.”

I grunt as it let’s go of the bag. The pain is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I clench my teeth to keep from making any more noises. A clawed hand grabs me and pulls me out using my shirt.

“We brought you a present. We thought you might want a new pet. Being the old one was boring you.” The demon says shoving me towards a chair.

The pain grows unbearable then evens out enough to where I can stand it. I watch as the chair turns around and a man with black wings smiles cruelly at me. He stands up waving the demons away as he moves closer to me.

“Well hello there.” He says his voice having its own creepiness factor to it.

I growl in warning as he reaches his hand toward me. He just laughs and places a hand on my shoulder. Pain worse than anything I’ve ever felt before courses through me at his touch. I gasp shaking on my knees trembling in pain.

My bones crack and shift on their own accord. The devil angel gives a pleased look when my transformation is complete.

“Nicely done. She’s a very rare species. She’ll do nicely.” His voice and words portraying me like some animal from the zoo. He snaps his fingers and I feel something wrap around my neck. I start clawing at it in attempt to get it off.

“The collar looks quite nice on you. Since I have you now as my new pet you’ll be given a new name to whatever it was before. I think you look like a…..hmmm…..ahah. Your name is going to be Jezebeth. In case you didn’t know my little pet, Jezebeth, a good friend of mine, preys on the weak and enraged humans. You are here to torture humans. I don’t currently need you so you need to lay next to me for right now.” He says sitting at his chair.

I hiss at him staying where I am at. I feel the collar tighten around my throat causing me to pant as I struggle to breathe. “Now.” He commands pointing right next to him.

Glaring at him with pure hatred I reluctantly comply. He pats my head and in a mocking tone says. “Good girl.”

I growl low in my throat and move out of his reach laying my head on my paws and my tail wraps around my hind legs.

The demon shows Satan my sword. “ She was reaching for this when we found her. A human had been holding her against the ground. We easily tossed him aside and he passed out after hitting his head against a tree.”

I lift my head my heart racing. Is West ok? Is he going to get help? Hope twinges my heart and I place my head down pretending that I didn’t care about the ‘human’ they were talking about.

He goes to take it from its sheath drops it as if it burned his hand.

It curses. “The were’s sword must be blessed or have that stupid cross on it. If I take it out I will most likely disintegrate.”

The Devil angel just waves a hand. “Put it back where you found it. She won’t be needing it anymore.”

I spring to my feet running at the demon, snatching it out of it’s hand before he even had a chance to react. I give him a look daring him to try to take it from me.

I drag the sword with me placing it underneath me my eyes on all of them. Satan sighs holding a hand up as the demon starts moving towards me. “Let her keep it she can’t do anything while she’s in her current form. It’s not like it’s of any use to us.”

I give a defiant snort and turn my head back to its original position. Satan swings back to look at the scene of chaos below us.

I lay there with an escape plan forming in my head as I close my eyes.

West’s POV

I wake up to a headache. I sit up with a groan. I look around and see that I’m in the forest. How did I get here?

It all comes back hitting me like a ton of bricks. I have to get to the high council. They’ll know how to get Anne back.

Regret fills me. This is my fault again. I will get you back Anne I promise.

I will get you back my soulmate.

Derek’s POV

Anger. It’s all I feel. I’ve already killed ten of my servants because of it. Drained them completely of their blood. I couldn’t say no to releasing Anne without raising suspicion. Oh how badly I wanted her. How bad I still want her.

My little sister, Sarah, runs in. “Derek! Derek, a werecougar saved my life. She’s in the forest. A bad man had a knife but she saved me.”

Immediately my mood brighten. I run out of the castle and search the woods. I come across a guy rubbing his head with regret in his eyes. My hand is around his throat in seconds.

“Where is she?” I ask. Confusion replaces his features.

“Who?’ he asks.

“The werecougar. Where is she?” I ask again.

Recognition crosses his features then it soon turns to rage. “The demons have her. They knocked me out before I could save her.”

I curse. Satan always loves to play with my toys. He can never leave my things alone.

“Don’t you even touch my mate Derek. She’s not yours.” The man says ripping my hand of his throat.

At first I’m startled that he knows my name. Then I take a closer look and a smile spread across my face.

“West? Man, isn’t that cute. You’re going through the same thing twice. That’s hilarious.” I say cruelly, enjoying toying with him.

I watch the angel I had once fought lose his temper. A silver knife is at my throat.

“I should’ve killed you when I had the chance.” He says.

I give him a look of mack hurt.

“That stings, West, that stings. Here I thought we were going to be pals.” I say smiling at the last part.

He sighs his eyes move to the ground. “ I hate to say this but I need your help. Anne isn’t just important to me. Anne is alter.” West says.

At first I think he’s joking and I laugh but his face remains expressionless. “Well, Fuck.” I say completely stunned.

“Wait that would mean…….” I trail off, everything clicks into place. When I had kissed her in the limo she had past out in obvious pain. The coincidence of her ‘uncle’ having the exact amount I need on him at the time.

Well my plans just went down the drain. I sigh.

“Fine I’ll help you. Satan owes me a huge favor anyway. Knowing him. She’s probably at his feet in cougar form right now.” I state.

I watch curiously as he searches a bush then curses.

“They have the sword. The only other thing that needed to stay out of their hands is now in their hands.”

Well, this day just keeps getting better and better.

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