Alter-The One

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Chapter 9

As my wings absorb I catch sight of the demons surrounding my brother. I leap into to the air and let out a roar as I shift. I imagine my bracelet becoming tighter so it doesn’t fall as I knock into a demon. I look at them teeth bared.

They turn toward me. Jim takes this distraction and shifts. They all jump at me forgetting Jim. All of a sudden they’re frozen in the air.

The devil angel appears in front of me shaking his head at the demons. “I told you she is off limits.” he says. I shift back into human form surprised to find the dress still on me. I imagine the bracelet loosening slightly around my wrist.

“What do you want?” I ask annoyed. He turns to me and smiles.

“You.” Before I have a chance to react his arms are wrapped tightly around me and a weird sensation travels through my body. I hear my brother call my name as if far away. The sensation fades and I know by the smell we are. Back to hell.

I struggle to get from his grasp but he doesn’t let go. Pain slowly starts to spread through me. “We got off on the wrong foot last time.I thought maybe we could start over.”

I glare at him. “Now why would I give you that satisfaction Satan? You take your victims by force anyway. I don’t have a choice do I?”

He smiles completely ignoring what I asked. “You know it said once the alter is found that all I have to do is kiss her and she’ll fall in love with me and be my goddess helping me fight the last battle.”

“Your not a god first off and second off, last time you did, nothing happened.” I say.

His mouth grazes my ear sending tingling pain through me. “That’s because I didn’t know you were alter. Now I do.” He whispers.

“Your still not a god.” I point out. His grip tightens.

“That’s what you were taught to believe. I am a god. I was never an angel. That was just a lie. I lie to keep everyone scared of me. That god of your created the word evil to frighten.” He goes to kiss me but I turn my head. He gets my cheek instead. He grabs both side of my head tightly forcing me still. He presses his lips on mine and a wave of dizziness crashes through me. He deepens the kiss and my vision starts to blacken. That’s the last thing I remember.

I wake up confused. I struggle feeling like I’m waking for the first time. I can’t remember anything. Literally nothing. I look around and find that I’m in a bed. A man with black wings stares at me. Fear spreads through me and I back up.

He smiles. “Hello, Anne. How are you feeling?’

I scrunch my eyebrows. “W w who are you? W w what are you? Where am I?” I curl into a ball.

He laughs which scares me even more. “Nice try Anne.”

“Why do you keep calling me Anne? Who are you?”

His gets closer and I back up hitting the headboard. He points to his wings. “What are these?’

“Wings?’ i answer confused.

“What does that make me?” he asks softly.

“I don’t know. A man with wings. Why are they black are you part raven?” I ask.

His face drops. “Your not kidding. You can’t remember anything?”

I shake my head. “Please don’t hurt me.”

He sighs. “Well this was unexpected.”

Another comes in his eyes glowing red. Next thing I know I’m in his arms and were going at a dizzying speed. He sets me down and I wobble trying to find my balance. He puts a hand on me to help but I flinch away and back up. “What are you?” I ask frightened.

He gives me a look of confusion. “It’s me, Derek. You know what I am.”

My head starts to hurt as I try to remember. I groan holding my head. “I can’t remember anything.’ I say fustrated.

Concern and anger replaces his features. “What did he do to you?”

I hear footsteps and feel arms wrap around me. “I’m so glad your ok sis.” the man says.

The smell of this man is oddly comforting. I pull away. “Do I know you?”

Hurt crosses his features. Derek puts a hand on the man’s shoulder. “It’s not your fault something happened while she was there. She can’t remember anything.”

A woman comes storming over. “I knew you were the devils child. I knew it.”

I look at the woman confused. The man that claims to be my brother growls. Lie an animalistic growl. “I wish she had her memory then we both could give you a wake up call.”

“Are you some kind of animal? No one makes that kind of noise.” I say.

He smiles. “You can do the same thing too.”

I groan as my head starts hurting worse. “I don’t know who I am.”

The woman glares. “Your grounded when we get home.”

Something inside my clicks and A rush of memories hits me. It becomes too much and I pass out.

Jims POV:

I catch my sister just as she starts falling. “Anne. Anne.” She doesn’t respond.

I pick her up and glare at my mom. “You treat her like shit. I’m leaving the house and going somewhere far away from you. I don’t want to see you again.”

Derek smiles. “You can stay with me until you find a place to stay.”

I give him a nod of gratitude. My sister stirs but doesn’t wake up. I give my mother one last glare then walk with Derek back to his mansion. She had been taken from me to days ago by that devil angel that I’ve come to learn as Satan. It took me this long to find Derek and to make a sort of plan to get her back. Now that my sister is out of harm’s way I can finally rest. My sister means everything to me and she always will.

When we get to his house he points to a room toward the front of the building. “Put Anne in there and lock the door. We don’t know wha state of mind she’ll be in when she wakes up.” He says.

I nod. I place her carefully on the bed and cover her with blankets. I walk out locking the door behind me.

“You should get some rest too. She’s in good hands.” Derek says.

I glare at him. “I still don’t fully trust you. You did take my sister to be your slave.”

“She was never able to begin her slavery. It was paid off by an uncle.” He says

I shake my head. “We don’t have an uncle.”

Recognition flashes in his eyes. “That’s why the dog with wings was with her. He must have been a dog with wings too.”

Now I’m confused. “Dog with wings?”

He smiles. “ It’s a term dark beings use for angels. I should’ve guessed.” He says.

I sit on the ground next to the door. “I still don’t trust you. I’ll stay here until she wakes up.”

He rolls his eyes but leaves. I shut my eyes and drift off to sleep.

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