His Queen: The Kingsley Family

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Chapter 2: The 'perfect' dress

I stomped my way up the stairs to the double panel doors of my house. Which is more of a mansion than a normal house if you see it. My day hadn’t gone as planned. Which was to act normal and not have to worry about being judged because I’m a Northwest. Of course, it all went out the window the minute Arthur showed up and started sprouting stories about how our families were close. I swear that boy has no filter.

I worked hard at keeping my family name a secret. I even managed to completely hide the fact that we had ties to the Royal family. I went to great lengths to beg father not to have the teachers say anything about our family. Although everyone knew I was from a noble family they didn’t know which one. So, I’ve had a normal and peaceful four years at Kingsley High. But now that idiot ruined it and I’ll have to deal with the constant gossiping and glares from jealous girls around campus.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts as I headed towards the stairs to the second floor of my house. But before I could make it up the stairs I heard my mother’s voice behind me. I internally groaned as I turned in her direction. I was hoping they had already left for their shopping spree.

“Rebekah, darling you’re home rather early. Your sisters and I were just about to head over to your school and get you. We have much to do before the ball tomorrow.” My mother said happily while I thought of a way not to be stuck visiting countless stores. Couldn’t they go without me? I didn’t need a new dress. My closet is filled with dresses I haven’t even worn as yet. Why waste money on a new one?

“I didn’t know you were leaving so soon mother. I wasn’t feeling too well, so I had James escort me home.” I said as I glanced in the direction of my sisters standing behind my mother. I could see they were getting impatient with the small talk. After all, I was holding them back from their favorite activity, shopping.

“Mother, can we please leave now. All the good dresses will be gone and I want to look my best at the ball.” Lizzy complained as I internally rolled my eyes. Only my sisters were the overdressed drama queens.

“I agree with Lizzy. If we don’t hurry I won’t find my dream dress and I need to look as elegant as I can be for when Marcus announces our engagement to the whole kingdom.” Scarlet gushed with a love-struck look on her face. It was safe to say that Scarlet was more than in love with Prince Marcus and his money. And yes, they’re on first name basis as Scarlet often reminds us. But in my opinion, that is the least of worries when she is going to be crown Queen. Since Awa will be going to the dogs when she takes the throne and becomes Queen.

Then, I’ll personally call her the queen of doom since she’ll probably ban all the dishes with too much sugar. Leaving everyone to eat only vegetables. I sure wouldn’t enjoy that. I love my sisters but they can really make you wish you never knew them. That’s saying a lot since I’m their younger sister.

I’m sure if they had to choose between feeding the starving children or money they would choose money over saving those poor children in the less populated regions. Unlike me who would give up my luxurious life so they wouldn’t have to suffer.

“Rebekah, why don’t you get dressed in something more appropriate.” My mother said with disgust as she waved her hand up and down at my school uniform. “And get Linda to help you choose a more appropriate outfit for the trip.” She continued as Lizzy and Scarlet snickered behind her.

At the mention of Linda’s name, I suddenly remembered I left her at school in my attempt to escape the recent problems caused by Arthur’s sudden decision to attend Kingsley High. Now I’m starting to feel like a bad friend and if she manages to get back without James she’s going to murder me and hide my body inside my mother’s flower garden. Since she isn’t here right now I’ll have to choose which dress to wear and that’s going to end badly because I have the worse sense of fashion.

“Linda’s still at school. The History teacher wanted to review some of her work before she came back.” I quickly lied to my mother in hopes that she wouldn’t question Linda’s sudden absence. If she only knew that I left early because I didn’t want to be around Arthur she would send me right back to him. And I don’t need that happening. Not now. Not ever.

“But I’ll send James to get her right now. She should be finished reviewing her work with Professor Forbes. After she’s back and I’ve dressed more appropriately we can leave in the next half an hour.” I offered as I tightened my hold on the metal rails. She suspiciously watched me like she knew I was lying to her while my sisters glared at me. I tried not to squirm under their gazes. After a few a minute of silence, my mother finally nodded her head in agreement. I forced a small smile to grace my lips as I start to walk down the stairs in their direction to call for James. But before I could reach the final step on the staircase the sound of a car engine caught our attention.

I could hear the angry mumbles of someone approaching the doors as we looked in the direction of the doors in confusion. I watched as my mother gracefully walked towards the door to see who was angrily making their way to our home. But before she could open the doors an angry Linda stormed inside slamming the door behind her before furiously looking around.

I’m guessing she’s looking for me.

I prayed that her anger wasn’t fully directed at me and that someone else had done something to anger her. It isn’t always nice to have a friend who is easily angered and must assist you daily. It often leads to terrible things happening to those who encounter them. In this case, it would be. After what felt like hours I saw Linda’s angry face turn in the direction of my mother who was conveniently standing a few inches away from me. From my position, I could see Linda’s expression changing from angry to shocked when she saw my mother standing in front of her. I guess you could say seeing my mother’s face knocked the anger right out of her system.

“Linda, It is good to see that you made it back safely with James. Rebekah said that Professor Forbes asked you stay back to review your work while she left earlier. What did he have to say about your assignments?” My mother asked as I looked to the heavens for help. Linda was my only chance of escaping a scolding of a lifetime if my mother knew I lied.

Linda, of course, only frowned in confusion at my question as my waited for an answer. As if God had heard my silent prayers a look of realization crossed Linda’s face as she realized that I had lied to my mother.

“Professor Forbes said that my assignment on the history of our kingdom and the alliances with the bordering kingdoms was good but it needed more information on the relationship with the other countries,” Linda stated trying her best to keep eye contact. Another minute passed before my mother finally nodded making me release a breath of relief. But even if Linda had managed to make my mother believe what I had said was the truth, I could still see that my sisters hadn’t believed a word I said. Although they never do. Which makes them smart?

“Very well dear. Now that you’re here please help Rebekah get dressed we’re leaving soon. She needs to be out of that hideous uniform and into something more appropriate to the eyes.” My mother ordered.

Quickly nodding our heads, Linda and I retreated to my bedroom where she painfully helped me get dressed. I never knew such a small girl could have such force. I’m never letting her do my hair again. I’m sure my eyes looked like they were going to pop out their sockets with how tight she did the bun on my head.

After she gave me the silent treatment and almost strangled, yanked and tripped me while getting dressed, we were finally ready to leave. I’m surprised she didn’t actually kill me. But I was also relieved that she didn’t.

Now we were off to hell. I mean Shopping.

It should be illegal to shop for more than 5 hours. I swear we’ve been to every shop in town looking for the ‘perfect’ dress. Mom and I already found our dresses hours ago. Even Lizzy found one. But of course, every dress was garbage to Scarlet. Her words, not mine.

“Scarlet, honey please choose a dress or you’ll have nothing to wear to your engagement ball.” That was an understatement of the century. Scarlet had more than a closet filled with dresses that she wore once or she bought because it was nice but not for wearing. Scarlet, of course, had ignored mothers’ words and continued looking at the dresses in front her like they were beneath her. I could see the irritation clear on my mother’s face as she watched Scarlet walk around the small store.

“Why is she being so stubborn? All the dresses we saw were beautiful. Especially that silk blood Red floor length dress. Some would kill for a dress like that. I know I would.” Linda grumbled beside me. She was right. All the dresses we have seen were uniquely beautiful and Scarlet looked gorgeous in all of them. So I couldn’t figure what imagine she had of the perfect dress. Probably some old-fashioned puffy dress?

“Mother, the dresses we’ve seen don’t fit the standard required for a woman such as myself. After all, I’m going to be Queen when Marcus is crown King. So, I must have the absolute best for my engagement ball.” She said dreamily. I didn’t even know dresses needed to have standards. I think my sister has lost valuable brain cells because she’s not even married or crown queen and she’s already acting like we’re all beneath her.

“Scarlet, if the dresses aren’t to your liking why not go to the tailor and have her make the dress you want,” I suggested. If she said no to this I’ll personally abandon her in the forest. Just saying.

“That’s actually a good idea Becka. Mother let’s stop by Maria and have her sew my dress.” She said excitedly. We simultaneously sighed in relief when she agreed to my suggestion. I think everyone was happy because that meant we didn’t have to pointless walk around town like lost puppies anymore.

As for Linda, she had stopped her deathly glares and death threats a while ago and completely forgot about me abandoning her at school then putting her on the spot. Which meant I didn’t have to keep looking over my shoulders to see if she was going to strangle me again.

After Three more hours of Scarlet demanding that the tailor finish her dress by 12 pm tomorrow, we were finally on our way back home. As soon as the car stopped in front of our house I was the first to hurriedly exit the car. I had grabbed my bags and went straight to my room before getting dressed in my nightgown.

I groaned in pain as my feet ached from all the walking. My back painfully touched the soft surface of my bed before I was instantly wrapped in a warm blanket of sleep. Before darkness could consume me I kept one thought in my mind.

Tomorrow it would end.

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