His Queen: The Kingsley Family

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Author's Note

Hi guys sorry this isn't an update 😅 but I'll wish you guys a late merry Christmas and wonderful new year. I know you guys are waiting for an update but I have some bad news.

I originally planned to update atleast 5 chapters this month to make up for the long wait and the fact that the chapters weren't going the way I want it to go since I usually have a lot of ideas when I'm writing. And the bad news is that those chapters were accidentally deleted from my phone a week ago when I got a new one and I didn't have any copies of the chapters. So, now I'm trying to remember what I had written and recreate the chapters that I lost.

I hope you guys understand and continue to support me and my book. Thank you all for the comments and reviews. I've just started reading them since I wasn't on inkitt or wattpad for a while.

Once again thank you all sooooo much and all the best for the new year. I'll be updating this book as soon as possible once I'm finished writing those chapters back

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