His Queen: The Kingsley Family

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Chapter 24: Speechless

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Rebekah's P.O.V

I absent-mindedly traced the spots of blood on the once clean bandage wrapped around my arm. Its brilliant white painted a mixture of red and brown.

"Maybe I should have taken Prince Marcus's offer to help disinfect the wound and rebandage my arm," I mumbled under my breath as I struggled to cause less harm to myself. The clothes were soaking wet from the raging storm outside.

Deciding I could no longer bear the pain, I quickly untied the small knot Rachel had made this morning. Carefully unwrapping the bandage to its last layer. The very layer of fabric that clung to my open wound. Sticking to it like glue on a piece of paper.

Taking a deep breath and exhaling, I grabbed the bandage stubbornly clinging to my flesh. Clenching my teeth at the sudden sharp pain creeping its way down my arm as I forcefully tore the small piece of limp flesh, off.

It was safe to say the numbness in my body was nothing but a memory as I tried to relax my tired body. But all I could feel the full assault of the day's pain. From the ache in my knees to the ache in my feet. From the throbbing headache to the throbbing pain in my arm. Every little pain the rush of adrenaline had blocked out, I felt them all. One by one it was all coming back.

And although my body was exhausted. My mind wasn't. It was my escape from the physical pain and exhaustion. Focusing on Prince Marcus's words was my only escape. His every word from the drive back to the palace to the conversation in the halls. They were all stuck inside my head like a bad song I couldn't forget.

Your parents and Scarlet will be staying at the palace for a few days...

They'll be staying here until we know it's safe for them to return to the Northwest Manor...

I want to make this right...

No more lies...

No more secrets...

We're in this together...

Those were the only words my mind kept on repeat as I looked at my bleeding arm.

It was all so surreal. A bad dream, that's what I told myself as I thought about everything. Prince Marcus's sudden kindness. Lizzy's murderer freely roaming the streets of Awa. It all felt like I was stuck in a bad dream.

And now that Scarlet will be staying in the palace. I know everything will change. For better or for worse, we are yet to know.

"Nothing makes sense anymore." I said in frustration as I blankly stared at the wall. All I wanted was to take a warm bath and curl into a human ball on my bed as I let the calming darkness of sleep consume me. To feel nothing but at peace.

But no matter how hard I tried to focus on that one appealing thought. I couldn't. My mind was still plagued with Prince Marcus's word.

His honey, sweet words. The sincere expression on his tired face. His warm embrace as I cried a river in his arms. Even his determination to make things right between us. They were all heart-warming and confusing at the sametime. Yet, I had to wonder...

Had I really seen a side of Prince Marcus I thought was gone?

Or was it my tired mind tricking me into believing it had happened?

Even when he stood infront of me an hour ago with a blank expression on his face, I could tell he was patiently waiting for me to respond to his proposal. That he wanted to ask if I was willing to start over. But he chose not to ask. Instead, he silently observed my every movement. Giving me a chance to open up to him. To trust him. To depend on him...

But in the end, I still couldn't decide. It was an easy escape from my problems. Yet I chose to walk away.

Not that it would make a difference. He was still right. We needed to start our new life together with a clean slate. After all, there were too many unanswered questions and tension between us to move our relationship forward. Moving forward without resolving our issues would only lead to disaster. A disaster with no happy ending. Only a forced and loveless marriage.

We need to make things right...

Even if it meant siding with the Kingsley Family to stop my power-hungry mother and her accomplices from overthrowing the Royal family. And throwing this kingdom into chaos.

It was only a matter of time before I get the evidence to reveal the truth to everyone.

After all, I will have to risk everything dear to me to protect every person who belittled me. Tarnished my name and accused me of committing heinous acts.

I would be protecting the people who hated me without a valid reason. But to keep the peace in the kingdom I love, I'm willing to take that risk if it keeps my loved ones safe.

"Why are you blankly staring at the wall while there is blood dripping onto the floor?" A voice behind me asked as I felt their hand on my shoulder. Blinking my eyes a few times I lifted my head in the direction of the voice, only to be met with a worried Prince Marcus.

Raking my eyes over his appearance I could the black circles under his tired eyes. His hair was messy from the countless times he had run his fingers through his thick black strands. His once wet suit was replaced with a pair of grey sweat pants and a white T-shirt that clung to his body. Seeing him casually dressed was a rare sight.

Even as a child he was rarely dressed in casual clothing. He would always be dressed to impress with his professionally tailored suits and hair styled to perfection. As crown heir to the throne, he was always expected to be the perfect image of what royalty is... After all, he's an example to every kingdom.

But for me, this rare sight was far better than the Prince Marcus everyone loves. It was the simple things that made a difference and made him worth admiring.

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I focused my attention on the man standing beside me as I replied, "I was lost in my thoughts."

It was a simple reply, but I was in no mood to have a small chat with anyone. I just wanted to be left alone with my thoughts.

"Is that the reason why you haven't stopped the bleeding and cleaned the cut on your arm?" He asked as I nodded 'yes' in response.

"You know it's not safe to leave the wound dirty. It can get infected." Prince Marcus scolded me as I remained silent. I was acting like a child, but I didn't care. I couldn't look him in the eyes and admit that I needed his help. My pride would not let me.

Before I could say another word or remove my hand from his hold, Prince Marcus suddenly pulled me closer to him. I watched with wide eyes and slightly parted lips as I felt the warmth of his body against mine. Taking my hands into his, I watched in amazement as he expertly cleaned my cut and rebandaged my arm.

Smiling at his work he released my hand, before tucking a few strand of my hair behind my ear. And resting his hand on near my neck, rubbing soothing circles on my skin. This little gesture left me speechless as he spoke his next words.

"I know I'm the last person you want to spend the rest of your life with but I promise I'll always be here to help you." He pulled me closer and gently kissed my forehead.

The sound of a door slamming shut brought me out of my shock. Snapping my head in the direction of the sound, I saw the one person I didn't want a confrontation with today.

"How amusing! Are you going to help her as you helped me, Marcus?"

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