His Queen: The Kingsley Family

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Important message 😶

Hey everyone, I know I've been ghost for a long time but I've been having trying to get my life straight with work being hectic and my personal life getting out of control and rarely having time to write anything. I will try to get back to it and I'm happy you're all still giving my book a try. It really really really means alot to me.

I've been off of wattpad and Inkitt for a few months since I hardly have the time to read or write but I will be coming back soon. I will also look at your reviews, suggestions and comments though some of them are a bit rude or not what I expected.

Please keep in my mind that this book is purely for fun and just a little hobby. I'm no professional writer and my English sucks 😂😂 and I'm a sensitive person when it comes to negative things. So please be considerate when interacting with me, my books and the persons reading my book and even authors of other books.

Writing is no easy task and it takes time and effort to come up with ideas and get your chapter the way you want it.

I know this book is slow but it will be worth it later. 😂 so please bare with me. And Thank you for sticking around and giving it a try.

I know it's late but Happy New Year Everyone and hope you're all having a good year so far.



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