His Queen: The Kingsley Family

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Chapter 25

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The sound of my bedroom door slamming shut brought me out of my shock. Snapping my head in the direction of the door, I saw the one person I didn't want a confrontation with today.

There, standing only a few feet away from us in all her messed up glory was none other than my sister, Scarlet. Her once perfectly styled hair now a frizzed mess on top of her head. Her black dress wet from the raging storm outside the palace walls. Her bloodshot eyes glaring daggers at Prince Marcus's hand on my neck. Hurt and anger evident in her eyes as she watched us in bitter silence.

Feeling the growing tension in the air I slowly removed Prince Marcus's hand from behind my neck before leaving his side and standing a few steps in front of him, "Sister, please do not misunderstand the situation. Prince Marcus was only here to help me clean my injured arm and rebandage it. There is no need to be hostile with each other. Not on a day like today." I tried to reason with her as she narrowed her eyes further. It was clear as day on her face that she had her own motive for being here. And there would be no changing her decision.

"And why do you feel the need to clear any misunderstandings I may have, dear little sister?" She asked as she walked closer to me. "Marcus is no longer my fiancee. He is yours. After all, you do remember you're his soon to be Queen." she mockingly whispered in my ear before slowly moving away. As she focused her attention on the man standing behind me I couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt as her words sank in.

But if she was here mocking my position in front of Prince Marcus, there was no way I could deny her words. She was right. There wasn't a need for me to explain to her why he was here. He was no longer hers. And in a matter of days, he will be my husband and my King. After all, He chose me. Not her. Yet, this was not the time nor the place to have such a discussion. Our sister was only buried hours ago. This was a time to mourn our loss. To be with our family and appreciate our time together. Not to worry about past events. At least not today.

"Scarlet, this isn't the time-" I began but she lifted her hand, cutting me off mid-sentence. She shook her head in fake amusement as she moved to the right side of me.

"I know what you have to say. And while you might be right, there is have nothing more I have to say to you, sister. My business is with the man quietly standing behind you." Scarlet said in anger as she narrowed her eyes at the silent Prince behind me. I looked into the bloodshot and swollen eyes of the woman who cried bitter tears for her sister, held nothing but pure hatred for the man who betrayed and humiliated her.

"Well Marcus, aren't you going to answer my question? Tell me, Are you going to help her as you helped me?" Scarlet asked with her brow raised in question. Her nails digging into her flesh, drawing small drops of blood as she tried to contain her anger as she patiently waited for his response.

"This is not the time nor the place to discuss our differences, Scarlet. Your sister was buried only hours ago. Surely, this is not the time to add fuel to an already burning fire." Prince Marcus replied as he gently places his hand on my shoulder, moving me to sit on the bed behind him. As he turned his back to me I could see his body tense in alert as he faced Scarlet with a blank expression.

I could tell from his reaction to her question that this was a conversation he didn't want to have in front of me. I could only hope that it was because he didn't want to reveal all the details of that day right now without clearing all the misunderstandings between us. But whatever the reason might be it seems that he didn't want to Scarlet to know just yet. But why?

A minute had passed as Scarlet pursed her lips into a thin line at his short response and lack of interest in their conversation. She glared at him as she spoke, "An appropriate time you say... When may I ask, will there be an appropriate time for you, Marcus? Will it be after your wedding? Or perhaps a year after that?"

"Scarlet..." Prince Marcus said in warning but She continued her rant.

"It's been weeks Marcus! Weeks, since you humiliated me and my family in front of the whole kingdom and the visiting Royals. Yet you're still saying this is not the right time. Did it ever occur to you that you should have canceled our engagement in private and not in the eyes of the public?" She paused her speech as if just remembering an important detail she had forgotten. Shaking her head and laughing humorously to herself Scarlet returned her focus on me.

I watched in silent fear as the craze look in Scarlet's eyes returned as she walked towards me. Accusingly pointing her finger at me as she continued, " Or was it my dear little sister's idea to have you declare your love for her at our engagement ball? I know you've always held her in your heart but humiliating our family to that extent. Was it really necessary to announce my sister as your new bride and future Queen of Awa like that? She was supposed to be your brother's fiancee. Are you really willing to marry a slut, Mar-" before Scarlet could finish saying his name, I watched in horror as Prince Marcus reared his hand back and effortlessly brought it down onto Scarlet's right cheek. Gasping in shock, I covered my mouth with my hand as my eyes widen in disbelief. He slapped her! No one has ever laid a hand on her. Yet, the Prince had just slapped Scarlet for my sake.

Prince Marcus stood to his full length. His broad shoulders were tense as he kept his hands to his side. His eyes were narrowed in anger as he clenched his hands into fists. In the years that I have known Prince Marcus, I have rarely ever seen him angry to the point that he would hit someone. But here he was glaring at my sister who held her cheek in disbelief and anger as she glared at the ground. Her head still turned to the side after the impact. And she did not attempt to move it.

"I suggest you choose your words wisely next time, Scarlet. You may have been my fiancee at one point and the sister of my bride to be but do not forget who is standing before you. I am your crown prince and future king. You will speak in my presence and the presence of Rebekah with respect. Regardless of your relations, you will not disrespect her. You will give her the respect of a Royal." Prince Marcus said through clenched teeth. His tall frame towering over her as he waited for her to reply with the respect he deserved.

I couldn't help but think that this was the side of Prince Marcus I hardly knew. The side of him that asserted his authority and demanded the respect of his people. He is a Prince born to rule.

"As you wish, your majesty. I sincerely apologize for my choice of words. I do not mean any disrespect. I was out of line to utter such words against my future Queen. Please accept my apology." Scarlet said through clenched teeth as she bowed her head to Prince Marcus still holding the area his hand had made contact with.

I could see that she was furious that he had hit her for me but she wouldn't dare go against him now. He was still a prince. She had to respect him and follow his command. But because of her past relations with him, she had disregarded his status and seen it fit to speak to him as she felt. And he had let her. But the moment she started to speak ill of me it was as if he had snapped back into reality and her words were poison to his ears. The question was if he had truly done it out of "love" for me or the pure disrespect shown towards his fiancee I couldn't say...

But one thing I was sure about, the next few days with Scarlet in the Palace aren't going to be pleasant. After all, I still have to give her a reply and I've finally decided what I have to do.

I'm going to tell Prince Marcus the truth about everything...

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