His Queen: The Kingsley Family

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Chapter 9: Girlish Screams

“We’re going to be late! I told you not to try and dress like a homeless person but you never listen! Now the King and Queen are going to have my head.” Linda dramatically threw her hands in the air.

“We wouldn’t have been late if you hadn’t insisted on applying makeup to my face and then trying to make me wear a ball gown to dinner. We’re going to be eating not dancing on the tables.” I glared at Linda as I stood in front of the doors to the dining room.

I wore a simple cream-colored sweetheart neck dress that ended below my knees with nude flats. My strawberry blonde hair cascaded down my shoulders in waves and my makeup was done like a pro. Because of Rachel and Linda’s decision to go all out for this dinner, we finished fifteen minutes after dinner was already served.

I could have stayed in my room and let Albert bring my meal for tonight there but I decided against it. I had made plans for Arthur tonight and I intended to see them through.

Putting my best fake smile on I walked through the double doors and into the big dining room. As expected everyone was already seated and waiting for me.

“Good evening everyone, sorry I’m late it seems I overslept after I was finished settling in my new room.” I lied. I watched as Aunt Mariah and Uncle Damon smiled in my direction as I took my seat.

I could feel someone staring a hole in the side of my face and instantly I knew it was Prince Marcus. But I didn’t acknowledge his presence instead I sweetly smiled at a scared Arthur. He was watching me like I was suddenly reincarnation of Lucifer.

“It’s fine sweetheart. We understand that this is all new to you but don’t think of the palace as a cage to keep you in. After all, it’s just like when you would visit the palace during the holidays. And you know we’ve always considered you as part of the family.” Aunt Mariah said with one of her brilliant smiles.

“I will Aunt Mariah but I do have to admit I’m a bit homesick,” I admitted as I looked at Arthur again. He was squirming in his seat as I continued to smile at him. But I’m sure he could see the evil glint in my eyes as I looked at him.

“It would be a surprise if you weren’t, Rebekah. I know this was sudden and unexpected but I hope you understand we had to do this in order to stop those horrible rumors the citizens have been spreading about you. It was never in our intent for any of this to happen. We always thought you and Arthur would be married to each other after graduation but as you can see Marcus had other plans. I hope you understand we never intended for Scarlet to be hurt either and we had absolutely no idea that Marcus had planned any of this.” Uncle Damon shook his head in disappointment.

I risked a glance at Prince Marcus only to see his eyes still trained on me. We made eye contact for a second and I could see the determination in his eyes.

“It’s fine Uncle Damon. None of us knew this was going to happen but it doesn’t mean we can’t make things right. There’s still time for Scarlet to take my place once again.” I said as I looked at my plate of caramel waffles with apples and nuts.

No one said a word but I knew they heard me.

“That might be true sweety but we can’t have any more changes being made. Marcus’s coronation is in two months and preparations for his ascend to the throne has yet to be made. He needs to have someone dependable, responsible and fair to rule beside him and that just happens to be you, Rebekah. I know this is a lot for you to take in but I’m sure you’ll do fine. I believe in you.” Aunt Mariah said with a small smile.

I stayed silent as I used my hair as a curtain to hide my face. I felt like screaming at them to choose Scarlet, to yell at them that they were making a big mistake by depending on me to be the bigger person.

I’m not queen material!

“Is everything ready?” I asked Linda and Rachel as I looked at my target.

They both nodded with the same grin that was plastered on my face. Dinner wasn’t exactly fun after I brought up the topic of Scarlet being married to Marcus. The tension in the room was suffocating and I could have cut it with my knife.

I couldn’t even enjoy my dessert because Prince Marcus’s staring was starting to become uncomfortable and I kept planning my revenge against Arthur.

So, after the disastrous dinner, Linda and I changed into our all black clothes that we only wore when we were about to prank someone and headed to our meeting spot with Rachel and Albert. Of course, Albert and a few other staff members had left to make sure everything was in place which left us with the task of getting Arthur to the prank site.

“You remember what you have to do right Rachel?” I asked as I made sure the hallway was clear. She hesitantly nodded but made no attempt to move.

“Why do I have to do it? I don’t want to get in trouble with the prince.” Her eyes pleaded for me to change my mind but I wouldn’t. It was past 11 pm and almost everyone was already asleep. I knew we would be in big trouble after this but it had to be done. Arthur had tricked me and it was time I paid him back for that.

“It would be suspicious if Linda and I went. He’ll know right away that it’s a trap. He doesn’t know you’re with us so it would be less suspicious if you go instead.” I encouraged her as I gave her a gentle push in the direction of the door.

“Remember to get him to go outside in the garden.” Linda whisper-yell. “Stop acting all nervous! He’s going to know it’s a tarp if you don’t stop looking like a lost puppy.” Linda angrily pointed her finger at Rachel as she tried not to cry. I jabbed my elbow into Linda’s side as she glared at me.

“Don’t worry so much Rachel. Just get him to go the garden and we’ll handle the rest. I know you can do it.” I cheered her on.

Linda and I quickly hid inside an empty room close to Arthur’s room. We watched through a small space in the door as Rachel nervously knocked on Arthur’s door. After a few knocks, he came out to glare at her.

Rachel squirmed under his angry gaze and shouts as I shook my head in sympathy for her. I forgot Arthur was always a jerk to the new staff members. I hoped that Rachel wouldn’t break under the pressure and tell him about our plan.

“She’s going to tell him about the prank. I told you we should have asked Albert to give Arthur the news.” Linda groaned. I smacked her arm to silence her. She hisses in pain as she rubbed her injured arm.

“Why did you do that? You know I’m right. Rachel isn’t cut out for our pranks.”

“Would you be quiet for a minute or do you want your prince charming to catch us before we could get our revenge,” I whispered as I dodged her attempt to hit me. I held my breath when I saw that Arthur had stopped his ranting and was suspiciously looking around the hall.

“See what you made happen. Now he defiantly knows it’s a prank.” I covered Linda’s mouth with my hand.

After a few minutes, Arthur stopped looking around. It seemed that Rachel had finally convinced him to leave. Arthur nodded before walking in the direction of the garden.

I release my hold on Linda as I blew a breath of relief out as I slumped against the wall. After we were sure Arthur was gone Linda and I made our way out of the room.

We watched as Rachel wobbled her way towards us. She looked like she was about to faint.

“Sit down before you faint Rachel. We’ll take it from here.” She nodded before dropping to the ground. I chuckled at her behavior because I knew how scared she must have felt to have to see Arthur’s angry glare and have to lie to him.

“Let’s go, Linda. Albert should be waiting for him.” I grabbed Linda’s hand as I dragged her towards the garden.

But before we could make it there we heard an ear piercing scream coming from outside. Linda and I jumped in fright, placing a hand on our fast beating hearts.

As the screams continued and started to get louder I realized it was actually Arthur screaming like a girl. Linda and I giggled as we heard his girlish screams and the tumbling of containers.

“Seems Albert outdid himself this time,” Linda said as she tried to muffle her laughter. I nodded in agreement since I didn’t trust my voice at the moment.

Linda was about to say something when we heard the head guard shouting orders outside. I almost panicked but broke out into a fit of laughter instead after I heard my name.



Linda looked at me in confusion as I grinned at her. Arthur wasn’t the only one I pranked tonight.

“Why is there an echo in here? I thought Arthur was in the garden.” Linda questioned, as she looked at me confused.

“Let’s just say Arthur wasn’t the only one I was getting revenge on. But never mind that when I say run you go right and I’ll go left.” I winked at her and she nodded. Using my fingers to count from three to one, we prepared ourselves to get out of here.

“Run!” I yelled as I saw the guards heading in our directions. The guards didn’t know it was us but I wanted to see how they would react when they found out we were the cause of both Prince’s terrified states.

I couldn’t believe I was actually having fun for once in a very long time. And it felt absolutely wonderful.

I guess a little good did come out of being here.

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