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The Growth: At the time of humanity’s peak, three massive trees suddenly erupted from the Amazon, Congo, and Southeast Asian rainforests. They reached from the forest floors up to the ozone layer. Incredible phenomenon occurred in the days and weeks following their mysterious appearances, including trees sprouting up through buildings and roads in the middle of cities, and animals from housecats to elephants doubling in size and displaying an increase in intelligence to the level of coherent speech.

Earth itself became a superpower. Natural disasters hit cities and towns worldwide harder than ever, resulting in millions of casualties. People outside populated areas met gruesome ends to wildlife running rampant. Modern technology failed. Humans turned on each other, resulting in society regressing to darker and crueler chapters of human history. To defend themselves, Refuges were created. These were small, scattered townships behind twenty-foot walls, defended by local militia. Here, people could live in relative safety.

The Protectors arose. A group of spirited men and women made their headquarters at the base of the Amazon forest’s tree, known as the Great Tree. They gained unnatural strengths from its sap, and set out to make the world a better place. They brokered peace between humans and animals, protected the weak, and set good examples through acts of heroism.

The years progressed.

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