War and Despair

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Chapter 2

It was the memories that haunted the great red dragon. It was the memories that hurt her and kept her awake at night. And those memories were the only things that she couldn’t bare to lose. They were memories of a time when she’d been safe, and happy, of a time when she would go to sleep surrounded by family. Memories of when she had been human.

Before the ash colored dragon had burned her home and family to cinders, before she’d entered the witch’s hut, before she’d taken the name Red Rage. Before she’d needed vengeance so desperately. She had been human.

When Red Rage had still been a human girl called Maggie, she had lived a happy life with her parents and nine siblings. Then the ash-dragon had entered her life when she was ten and burned her family and home until all that was left of them was smoke on the wind. Then Maggie, stupid girl that she had been, in her desperation, had gone to the witch. She had asked the witch to give her the strength to kill a dragon. But the witch had been a Dragonfriend, one of the humans that had betrayed their own kind and joined the dragons. And the witch had turned her into a dragon, an existence that had filled the great red dragon with boiling rage that had burned out almost all the human in her.

But that didn’t stop Red Rage from wanting to be human again. The traces of Maggie left in her wanted to see the world through human eyes again, to feel the grass beneath soft flesh, to smell the scents that dragons didn’t understand. And to kill any-and-all dragons. During the first few years of her dragon life, Red Rage would watch humans. But it had hurt so badly to see the thing you wanted to be that she had stopped. She knew that some dragons could take a human form, she would just need to learn how.

Not once since she had become a dragon had Red Rage felt love, or compassion, or pity. Unless self-pity counted. The only thing she wanted to do was burn them all to a crisp, human and dragon alike.

Red Rage raked her claws over the stone floor, leaving deep gouges. Then she leapt out of the cave mouth and beat the air with her wings. All that thinking had made her want to find a furry creature and burn it to a crisp.

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