The Alpha's Mate (The Southern Werewolves Pack Book 1)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Mira Red spent her entire life dedicated to hunting those who wronged her in the past and made them paid for the pain they had caused her. Considered as lethal and highly-skilled combined with a high bounty on her head, everyone wanted to capture her dead or alive. Cohen Kingsley dedicated his life to hunting rogues and vampires, but when the Moon Goddess destined Cohen and Mira as fated mates, things changed. Dark secrets unveiled and the supernatural world wasn't what it seemed to be. She hated what she was, but he worshipped her like the wolf worshipped the moon. The thing she had been keeping at bay was now clawing its way out.

Chapter 1: Cohen

The moon was setting up to the night sky. Cohen Kingsley, a large and black Alpha wolf, was growling. He chased after the two rogues who trespassed his territory a few minutes ago. The rogues were no older than in their early twenties or younger. Cohen didn’t have an intention to kill them because they west mere pups. Instead, he was planning to take them alive. There was a boot camp in the Werewolf’s Council to train rogues as Enforcers. The condition only applied if they didn’t commit any serious crime.

This was a daily routine for the Southern Werewolves Pack. Every day, one or two rogues trespassed their territory as they tried to get across. Sometimes, more rogues trespassed at a time. The pack mansion put into a tight lockdown because the every risk calculated. Rogues didn’t usually travel in a pack that was why they were rogues. They were either born as rogues, banished from a pack, or they chose the rogue life. Even if they didn’t travel in a pack, it didn’t mean they didn’t work together to achieve the same goal. Cohen recalled how many attacks launched against his pack by the rogues.

His Enforcers, not more than twenty of them, were running from behind. They aided their Alpha in the chase of the rogues like any other time they had. In order for him to corner the rogues alive, he planned the route that the rogues were going to take. Since the beginning, the Alpha was guiding the rogues to the cliff at the end of his territory line. With cautious steps, Cohen came closer to the rogue pups. The pups kept retreating backward with every step he took. If they kept retreating further, they might fall to their death. The Alpha didn’t desire that. He didn’t want to have such death recorded into his file. He was the vicious and merciless Alpha, but he wasn’t as heartless as he appeared to be. This was his defense mechanism. It made his movements unpredictable.

“Please, we don’t wish to cause any trouble.” One of the rogues said in fear.

Covered in dirty clothes smelled like the rotten corpses, the pups trembled in fear. The bigger one was protecting the smaller one. The scars on their skin showed the rogues weren’t experiencing the best of their rogue life yet.

Surrender now and no harms come to you both.” the Alpha’s voice laced with authority.

“We were running from someone who wanted us dead!”

A second later, Cohen sensed an unfamiliar, and yet sweet scent carried by the wind. It was a sweet scent of lilac. Not a while after that, his body collided with the tree behind the Enforcers’ line.

Oh shit!” his Beta, Liam Blake, cursed in their mind link with his jaw dropped.

The Alpha was mad with rage burned in his dark eyes. His fierce wolf didn’t like it at all. He took it as a visible sign of profound disrespect and he hated it. Cohen looked at the cause of his impact on the tree. Immediately, he recognized the new intruder. It was the same woman who he saw in the wanted list of the Werewolf’s Council.

Mira Red was the most wanted rogue which The Werewolf’s Council. They spent a tremendous number of resources to bring her in for justice. They called her as the Lone Wolf. She did everything on her own. No evidence was indicating that someone was working for her. Gathering information wasn’t a big deal in the world of the outlaws. There were many resources and often, those resources were accurate.

The only problem that everyone had; nobody knew about Mira’s real background. The 4th battalion dismantled vampire’s slavery encampment fourteen years ago. At that time, she was fourteen years old. Her life before the rescue was still unknown and still remained a mystery until these days.

Right now, she was standing here between him and the two rogues. Her aromatic scent filled his nostrils as much as he absorbed the air. It was intoxicating and yet addictive. On her grips were dual daggers made of pure silver. The blades tasted more blood than any other blade ever existed. Rogues depended onto silver weapons if they weren’t able to take down stronger opponents. Mira’s capabilities were one of the unknowns that the Werewolf’s Council was trying to find out.

Adorning a red jacket and black jeans, her red hair was waving behind her. Her electric-blue eyes remained as the most striking feature of her appearance. Cohen spotted a few scars on the exposed skin of her cleavage and collarbone.

Five throwing knives strapped to each of her thighs. She could throw them at him at any time.

Mira didn’t cover her face like the hunters that the Alpha ever came across with. Other hunters covered their face to hide their identity as they were living a double life. But, not in the case of Mira Red. Everyone knew how she looked like, and what she did for a living. Some applauded for what she did. The others were receiving more headaches and workloads because of her.

A very powerful and dark aura radiated from her skin. It wanted to tell him that she wasn’t the person that anyone wanted to mess up with. The Alpha was up for the challenge as he calculated the risks she might cause to his Enforcers. He didn’t care what might happen to him.

Stand down!” the Alpha growled to make his Beta and Enforcers submitted to his superior command.

The moment his eyes met hers, Cohen felt the irresistible pull between them. His body shivered at the profound thought that she might be the one he was searching for.

Mira returned her jeweled daggers into their sheaths that were on her back. The Alpha refused to break his direct eye contact with the beautiful she-wolf. Her eyes were holding him captivated. Cohen couldn’t look elsewhere as if he was going to die on the second he broke the eye contact.

He tried in getting into her mind link but ran against some walls. He knew not all werewolves could establish a mind link with rogues. But an Alpha possessed the ability to establish a mind link with anyone.

She glanced over her shoulder, “You two good?”

Her voice sounded like a sweet music to Cohen’s ears.

“What are you doing?” one of the rogues asked.

Cohen waited to hear her answer. There was nowhere to run. His Enforcers already surrounded the prime area. It was either she fought against each one of the Enforcers and himself or she jumped off the cliff. He cringed at the second thought.

He could tell she was analyzing every possible escape route. Also, she was sizing up his Enforcers. That was pretty impressive if he must have to admit. She was picturing every possible outcome if the three of them were fortunate to escape.

No average rogue was capable enough to throw the Alpha against a crooked tree. He knew he was underestimating her superior strength. That was his initial mistake.

“Adiós, boys!” she mockingly saluted to them with a wicked laugh.

Cohen’s other mistake came when she proved his other thought as the most effective escape plan. She gathered the two rogue pups and jumped off the overhanging cliff. The Alpha ran to the edge of the cliff and looked down.

One hell of a successful jump.

He had the feeling that this wasn’t going to be the last time he’d see her.

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