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The Alpha's Mate

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Warning: There are many grammatical and punctuation errors, missing words, and every other mistake, don't read the book if you easily get triggered by those errors. I did my best to correct them. Thank you. Mira Red spends her entire life dedicated to hunting those who wronged her in the past and made them paid for the pain they had caused her. Considered as dangerous and highly-skilled combined with a high bounty on her head, everyone wants to capture her dead or alive. Cohen Kingsley dedicates his life to hunting rogues but when the Moon Goddess destines Cohen and Mira together, things change. Dark secrets unveiled and the supernatural world isn't what it seemed to be. She hates what she is but he worships her like the wolf worshipping the moon. The thing she has been keeping at bay is now clawing its way out.

Chapter 1: Cohen

He was growling menacingly as he ran into the woods to chase after two rogues who had trespassed his territory a few minutes ago. His Beta and Enforcers were running from behind, and carefully aided their Alpha in the chase of the rogues like any other time they had. In order for him to corner them alive, Cohen had planned the route that the rogues would take.

Since the beginning, the Alpha had been guiding the rogues, intentionally, to the cliff at the end of his territory line. The rogues were no older than in their early twenties—probably younger. Cohen didn’t have an intention to kill them because they were just mere pups. Instead, he was planning to take them alive. There was a boot camp in the Werewolf’s Council where rogue pups would be trained as Enforcers if they didn’t commit any heavy crimes, or had any impending death penalties from the Werewolf’s Council.

With a careful consideration and cautious steps, Cohen came closer to the rogue pups while they kept retreating backward. If they kept retreating further, they’d fall to their death. The Alpha didn’t want that. He didn’t want to have such death to be recorded into his file.

“Please, we don’t wish to cause any trouble.” One of the rogues said in frighten.

Their bodies were trembling with fear.

Surrender now and we would not do harm to you both.” the Alpha’s voice laced with authority.

“We were running from someone who wanted us dead!”

Just a second after the rogue said the sentence, Cohen sensed an unfamiliar, and yet sweet scent carried by the wind—a sweet scent of lilac. A few seconds later, his body was sent to collide with the tree behind the Enforcers’ line.

Oh shit!” his Beta, Liam Blake, cursed in their mind link with his jaw dropped.

Now, the Alpha was mad with rage burned in his eyes. His wolf didn’t like it at all. He took it as a sign of disrespect and he hated being disrespected by a rogue or not. Cohen looked at the cause of his impact on the tree. Immediately, he recognized the new intruder. It was the same woman who he saw in the wanted list of the Werewolf’s Council.

Mira Red was the most highly wanted rogue. The Werewolf’s Council had spent a tremendous amount of resources to bring her in for justice. Cohen would spend his mornings to read news about her and her latest works. Every week would be the same. There would always be news of her—three to four times a week. The only problem that everyone had; nobody knew about Mira’s real background. Her existence was only included in the record after 4th battalion of the Werewolf’s Council dismantled vampire’s slavery encampment fourteen years ago, and she was fourteen years old at that time. Her life prior to the rescue was still unknown and still remained a mystery until these days.

Now, she was standing here in between him and the two rogues. Her sweet scent filled his nostrils just as much as he breathed in the air. It was intoxicating and yet addictive.

On her grips were dual daggers, undoubtedly made of pure silver. The blades had tasted more blood than any other blade ever existed. Rogues had the tendency of depending onto silver weapons if they weren’t able to take down stronger opponents with their claws. Mira’s capabilities were one of the unknowns that the Werewolf’s Council was trying to find out.

But, what he couldn’t believe was the redheaded woman stood before him. She was indeed daring just like what everyone had said. Her loosely-curled red hair was waving softly behind her while her electric blue eyes remained as the most striking feature of her appearance. Mira Red. Her appearance must have been the reason why she chose Red as her last name. Cohen took in her appearance and calculated the risks she could cause to his Enforcers. He didn’t care what would happen to him.

There was no doubt that she’d have a few weapons hidden under her jacket. He spotted five throwing knives were strapped on each of her thighs.

Mira didn’t cover her face. Why would she bother to hide her identity? Everyone knew how she looked like, and what she did for a living. Some applauded for what she did while the others were receiving more headache, and workload because of her.

Stand down!” the Alpha growled to make his Beta and Enforcers submitted to his command.

The moment his eyes met Mira’s, Cohen felt the pull. Could it be? After all these years, could it be right now? With this she-wolf?

Mira returned her daggers into their sheaths that were on her back. The Alpha refused to break his eye contact with the beautiful she-wolf as he stepped forward. Her eyes had held him captivated. He just couldn’t look away as if he’d die on the second he broke the eye contact.

He tried to get into her mind link but ran against some walls. He knew not all werewolves could establish a mind link with rogues, but an Alpha always had the possibility to establish a successful mind link with any rogues.

She glanced over her shoulder, “You two good?”

Her voice sounded like a sweet lullaby.

“What are you going to do?” one of the rogues asked.

Cohen waited patiently to hear her answer. There was nowhere to run. His Enforcers already surrounded the area. It was either she fought against each one of the Enforcers and himself or she jumped off the cliff. He cringed at the second thought.

He could tell she was analyzing every possible escape routes and sized the number of his Enforcers. The way her eyes were looking at them and to their surroundings; that was pretty impressive if he must have to admit it. She was daring, but even a daring person would calculate everything to ensure they’d escape successfully.

No normal rogue was capable enough to throw him against a tree, but he knew he had underestimated her strength. That was his first mistake.

“Adiós, boys!” she saluted to them with a laugh.

Cohen’s second mistake came when she proved his second thought as the most effective escape plan. She grabbed the two rogue pups and jumped off the cliff. The Alpha ran to the cliff and looked down.

One hell of a jump.

He had the feeling that this wouldn’t be the last time he’d see her.

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1. Chapter 1: Cohen
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