The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Book 1 of The Southern Werewolves Pack She hates what she is, but he worships her like the wolf worships the moon. The thing she has been keeping at bay is now clawing its way out. The Southern Werewolves Pack Series (Book 1): The Alpha's Mate Mira Red spends her entire life dedicated to hunting those who wronged her in the past and makes them pay for the pain they had caused her. Considered as lethal and highly-skilled combine with a high bounty on her head, everyone wants to capture her dead or alive. Cohen Kingsley dedicates his life to hunting rogue werewolves and vampires, but when the Moon Goddess destines Cohen and Mira as fated mates, things change. Dark secrets unveil and the supernatural world isn't what it seems to be. She hates what she is, but he worships her like the wolf worships the moon. The thing she has been keeping at bay is now clawing its way out.

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Chapter 1: Cohen

WARNING: This book is an unedited, raw and rough draft. There are going to be grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, misspelling, missing words and all sort of mistakes. This is not the book for Grammar and Punctuation Expert/Police. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK if you are easily triggered because of the mistakes.

You’ve been warned. Read at your own risk.

These books are connected to each other. The chronological order of the series:

1 - The Alpha’s Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack)

2 - Taken (#2 Southern Werewolves Pack)

3 - Kill or Be Killed (#1 Eastern Werewolves Pack)

4 - Claiming Her (#3 Southern Werewolves Pack)

5 - The Survivor (#2 Eastern Werewolves Pack)

6 - The Blind Bandit (#4 Southern Werewolves Pack)

7 - Our Family (#5 Southern Werewolves Pack Requested book)

The ground quaked as a group of large wolves headed straight into the wood led by Cohen Kingsley, a large and black Alpha wolf. He raced after the two rogues who trespassed his territory a few minutes ago. They were no older than in their early twenties or younger. He had no intention to kill them. Instead, he aimed to capture them alive. The Werewolf’s Council already established a rehabilitation camp to train rogues as Enforcers rather than letting them stayed as rogues for the rest of their lives. The condition only applied if they never committed any sort of serious crimes.

This was a routine for the Southern Werewolves Pack. Every time, one or two rogues trespassed their territory to make across the border. Sometimes, more rogues trespassed at a time. The pack mansion would be in a tight lockdown because they measured every risk. Rogues never traveled in a pack. They were born as rogues, banished from a pack, or they chose the rogue life. Even if they didn’t travel in a pack, it didn’t mean they wouldn’t work together to accomplish the same objective. Cohen recalled how many attacks launched against his pack by the rogues.

Twenty Enforcers ran from behind as they assisted their Alpha in tracking the rogues as usual. In order for him to corner the rogues alive, he planned the way that the rogues would go. Since the beginning, the Alpha guided the rogues to the cliff at the end of his territory border.

With cautious steps, Cohen came closer to the rogue pups. The pups kept moving backward with every step he had to them. If they continued retreating further, they might fall to their death. He didn’t go after them this far to let them drop to their death. He was the vicious and merciless Alpha, but he wasn’t as heartless as he appeared to be. This was his defense technique. It made his actions unpredictable.

“Please, we don’t wish to cause any trouble,” One of the rogues said in fear.

Covered in shabby clothes smelled like the putrid carcasses, the pups trembled in fear. The taller one was protecting the shorter one. The scars on their skin showed the rogues weren’t having the finest of their rogue life yet.

“Surrender now and no harms come to you both.” the Alpha’s voice mixed with authority.

“We were running from someone who wanted us dead.”

A second afterward, Cohen sensed a sweet scent brought by the breeze. It was a sweet scent of lilac. Not a while after that, his body collided with the tree behind the Enforcers’ group.

“Oh crap,” His Beta, Liam Blake, gasped in their mind link with his jaw fell.

The Alpha was furious with rage blazed in his black eyes. His fierce wolf didn’t appreciate it at all. He recognized it as a conspicuous proof of utter disrespect and he detested it. Cohen glared at the cause of his impact on the tree. He identified the new intruder. She was the same woman in the wanted list of the Werewolf’s Council.

Mira Red was the most wanted rogue by the Werewolf’s Council. They devoted many resources to bring her in for justice. They called her as the Lone Wolf or the Redheaded Huntress. She did everything on her own. No evidence showed someone was working for her. Gathering information wasn’t a big deal in the world of crimes. There were many resources and often, those resources were authentic.

Despite her regular appearance in the news, nobody knew about her true history. That was one of the many complications that everyone experienced. The 4th battalion dismantled vampire’s slavery encampment fourteen years ago. She was fourteen years old. Her life before the rescue was still undiscovered and stayed as an enigma until these days.

She settled between him and the two rogues. Her sweet scent filled his nostrils as much as he inhaled the air. It was exhilarating. He just couldn‘t stop breathing in her scent.

In her grasp were dual daggers made of pure silver. The blades tasted more blood than any other blade ever prevailed. Rogues depended onto silver weapons if they weren’t strong to take down stronger enemies. Mira’s skill was unfamiliar and the Werewolf’s Council was struggling to identify it.

Adorning a maroon coat and black jeans, her curled red hair waved softly behind her. Her electric-blue eyes remained as the most striking feature of her character. Cohen spotted a few scars on the exposed skin of her cleavage and collarbone—proof of near-misses deaths and fights.

Five throwing knives strapped to each of her thighs. Mira never covered her face like the other hunters that the Alpha ever encountered. Other hunters covered their face to hide their identity as they were living a double life. But, not with Mira Red. Some people cheered for what she did. The others suffered more hassles and workloads because of her.

A compelling and dark aura emanated from her skin. It wanted to tell him she wasn’t the person that anyone chose to mess up with. The Alpha was up for the challenge as he anticipated the risks she might cause to his Enforcers. He didn’t pay attention to what might happen to him.

“Stand down,” the Alpha growled to force his Beta and Enforcers submitted to his command.

The minute his eyes found hers, Cohen felt the compelling pull between them. His body shuddered at the serious thought she might be the one he had been looking for.

Returning her daggers to their sheaths on her back, her eye-contact with him persisted in an unbreakable hold.

Her eyes kept him hypnotized. Cohen couldn’t look away as if he would die on the second he tore the eye contact.

He tried to go into her mind link but ran against some walls. He learned not all werewolves could set up a mind link with rogues. However, an Alpha had the ability to form a mind link with anybody.

But, not with her. The harder he tried to make into her mind link, the more walls he ran into.

She peered over her shoulder. “Are you two all right?

Her accent sounded like a melody to Cohen’s ears. He could listen to her for eternity without the hint of becoming bored by it.

“What are you going to do?” one of the rogues asked her while their eyes fixated on the Alpha and his Enforcers

Cohen waited to find out her response. There was nowhere to run. His Enforcers already surrounded the area. She could either fight against each of the Enforcers and himself or she hopped off the cliff. He cringed at the second thought. As much as he wanted to discover about her capabilities, he would rather not test the theory of her jumping off a hundred-foot-tall cliff.

Her eyes moved from him to his Enforcers. Then, to their surrounding. It proved she was analyzing every way and its risks. That was extraordinary if he must have to admit it. Picturing every way and its risk in such a short amount of time, not everybody could do that.

One thing he learned for sure; no average rogue able to throw an Alpha against a tree. An Alpha’s wolf was larger, fiercer, stronger than an average werewolf. He had run across many rogues in his lifetime, neither of them could throw him to a tree. Let alone going neck-to-neck with him with no backup. Tonight, Mira broke the record.

He did his initial mistake when he underrated her strength. She was no ordinary Lone Wolf that everybody spoke about.

A smirk spread across her crimson lips. “Adios, boys!” She saluted to them with a mischievous laugh.

Cohen’s second mistake occurred when she confirmed his second thought as the most effective escape plan. She rounded up the two rogue pups and hopped off the overhanging cliff. The Alpha went to the edge of the cliff with heaviness in every step he had as he learned many rocks protrude out of the water below the cliff. He peered down and saw them coming up from the water.

One hell of a lucky jump.

He felt this would not be the last time he would see her. The second time they would meet, he wouldn’t underestimate her like he did tonight. That mistake must not repeat. Mira was more than a wanted huntress.

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