The Music of Darkness

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Chapter seventeen: Kings Rest

Even though Gorlon had not been a King he still had a place in Kings Rest, an remote and almost isolated cavern deep in the Karzendarn Mountains. The graves were marked with black obelisks. On the obelisks were carved the Kings names, date of birth, date of death and a few words to describe their lives. In the center of Kings Rest was a massive obelisk toped with a stone crown. This was the grave of Boremear Twin Hammers, given this place of honor for unifying the dwarfs of Karzendarn. Before this a funeral prier waited.

The total population of Barlendure and Vandrazmarn had gathered in Kings Rest to bid fairwell to their prince. A slow deep drumbeat filled the cavern. All turned to see the procession as it entered. Zorn and Valorn headed the procession dressed in ceremonial armor. Behind them walked two dwarfs carrying enormous drums. Behind them came two lines of soldiers and then the four charged with carrying Gorlons body. Drell, Loroedor, and Mina followed them. Redtree and his knights brought up the rear.

The crowd parted to allow them through, bowing as their King passed. Nearing the prier those at the head of the procession branched off to allow the pall barrers proper access. Drell and the others did the same. As the pall barrers set to work Zorn stepped forward.

“Gorlon was a good man, a fine soldier, and an even better son. He would have made a good King. He lived his life trying to make me proud of him. And I was. Maybe if I had told him that more often he would not have done what he did. And it would be me upon that prier instead of him. But what is done is done. It cannot be changed no matter how much one may wish it so. I can only hope that Azakon will smile on him and allow him rest” Zorn turned to face the prier, “Goodbye son, say hello to your brothers and your mother for me” the old dwarfs shoulders trembled slightly but quickly steadied as he moved aside to allow Valorn forward. The young elf took a deep breath, swept his eyes over the crowd.

“Gorlon never thought of me as his brother. But I always thought of him as mine. I never told him this for I feared the reaction I would get. Perhaps it is best that I never said it. For it would only have caused another rift between us” he turned his eyes toward the ceiling,

“If you can hear me now know that, despite the void between us, I will miss you brother” the pall barers had finished dousing the prier with oil and now stood ready with torches. Valorn returned to his place at his father’s side. A few moments passed, Zorn nodded stiffly. The four dwarfs turned and set the prier ablaze. As the flames roared to life a single female voice rose in song. Others joined her and soon the whole cavern was filled with singing.

His sword never brakes

His shield never bends

His faith never wavers

And his wisdom never ends

Prayer for the King the protector of us all

Prayer for the King chosen of the mountain

Prayer for the King whom we loved

May his courage like the forge burn within his breast

May his soul like gold never tarnish

May his honor like diamonds never fade

And may he himself, like the mountain, never brake

Prayer for the King the protector of us all

Prayer for the King chosen of the mountain

Prayer for the King whom we loved

Now his sword has fallen

And the embers of his eyes have dimmed

Never to be rekindled

The time has come for his son to rise in his stead

And we sing, after tears fall

To honor he who is dead

Prayer for the King protector of us all

Prayer for the King chosen of the mountain

Prayer for the King whom we love

The last notes echoed in the cavern as the prier continued to burn strong. As Drell stood and watched with the others he began to wonder what would happen on the day that his life came to an end. When it came to an end. Being an elf he would live for countless upon countless years. Chances were, if he was careful, he would out live many of the dwarfs that now stood before him.

But when the day did come would there be as many to see him go? Drell glanced at Mina. She would be long gone, that was curtain. Loroedor and Neldaroe would be there but would anyone else? Drell shook his head, such things were not meant to be thought about. It was many hours before the prier began to burn down and it was late night when it burned out completely. Slowly the crowd began to disperse, north to Vandrazmarn or south to Barlendure.

The ashes were gathered into a bag and then moved to the grave. Zorn and Valorn remained to oversee the placing of the stone that would seal off the grave. Drell stopped on the path leading south and looked back at them. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned. It was Loroedor. The older elf shook his head slightly and turned back toward the path. Drell nodded and followed him out.

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