The Music of Darkness

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Chapter two: Humans and Elves

Loroedor was ten years older than Drell who was in his early hundreds. He was tall strong and a Commander in the Kings army. His hair was similar to Drell’s, long and dark, save for the fact that he wore his tied back. He wore black leather armor decorated with the silver spider web. At his side hung a long sword in a black sheath; it had been their fathers. A quarts crystal imbeded in the sheath shimmered a bright blue in the glow of the bug light lanterns. Loroedor strode in saying,

“What’s going on here? I was speaking with Kaladearroe who said he had seen you come into the city with a dead human woman” Drell sighed, shook his head, and repeated his story. Loroedor listened intently and said,

“Well if you want my advice, I think that you and I should go to the Shamtahoe. The King is with the council now but I know he will make time for this” Drell nodded and followed Loroedor out.

The Shamtahoe wasn’t much to look at on the outside, just an enormous pair of double doors formed of solid silver. Beyond these doors was an anti chamber featuring marble busts of all the former kings, displayed in knishes with silver nameplates underneath. The door leading out of this room was trapped by way of three simple pictures, the moon, a white rose, and a spider, drawn on the wall beside it. One had to touch the pictures in a specific order to open the door. Loroedor approached, disarmed the trap, and proceeded through with Drell following. The adjoining room was the Grand Hall.

The Grand Hall was lined with twisted pillars of gray marble and quite bare save for the enormous silver and black carpet on the floor. At the end of the hall was the king’s throne carved of obsidian. Images of dragons and other such creatures were engraved upon its surface. But the King was not here. Loroedor lead Drell to another small silver door on the right side of the Grand Hall. Beyond this was the Conference Hall.

The Conference Hall was a large round room with a domed ceiling. The bug lights fastened to the wall and held by nests of twisted iron illuminated the room with a pale white glow. In the center of the room was a large round table around which sat the eight Councilmen, four men and four women. At the head of them sat Tassaiodor the King of Neroedell. He was taller than any other man in Neroedell, with long white hair and dark eyes. He wore a midnight blue tunic with a black cape upon his shoulders and a silver spider web crown upon his head. At their entrance he frowned,

“Loroedor what is the meaning of this? You knew I had a Council meeting today did you not? And you know well the rules or did you feel you needed a reminder?”

“I did know you had Council today my lord forgive me but there is a problem and I felt it should be brought to your attention” said Loroedor as he bowed. Tassaiodor thought a while then nodded. Drell stepped forward and repeated his story, at the conclusion of which a murmur went through out the Councilmen and the King looked thoughtful.

“Where is this young lady now?” asked Tassaiodor.

“She’s asleep at Neldaroe’s house” replied Drell, the King nodded,

“I see. Well this is a most interesting dilemma and I thank you for bringing it up, this will take quite a bit of discussion. As such I will ask that both of you return home and tomorrow please be so kind as to bring the young lady so that we might present her with our decision. Good night” with this the brothers bowed and left.

“Well I suppose that’s done with and I’m off duty so I think I’ll head to the Black Moon. Care to join me?” said Loroedor as he stretched his aching muscles. Drell shook his head

“No, I think I’ll go home and see how the young lady is doing”, Loroedor shrugged and departed for the tavern.

Drell returned to the house to find the Elder had gone. Inside the house was as quiet as a tomb.

“Sheargoth” the room became illuminated by a soft glow as the bug lights came to life, the woman was sleeping peacefully right were Drell had left her. Taking a seat in the same three-legged stool he had brought out before Drell took this opportunity to really look at her for the first time. In the natural florescent glow of the bug lights she was actually quite beautiful. She was fair skinned but not quite pale. Her hair was raven black and the thin strands of it that fell across her face looked like cracks in a fine marble surface. Her lips were pale rose and stood out in stark contrast to her skin tone. Her breast was full, rather appealing. Her torn yellow dress revealed her legs to a degree which set Drell’s heart to pounding.

“Not that any of this matters. She is a human and I am an elf” This fact bore with it a terrible pain and a terrible truth.

Through out history there had been unique instances where a human would fall in love with an elf. Though these relationships were often the strongest above all others, the cold hard fact remained and doomed them. Humans age and die while Elves are eternally young, so it would often come to pass in those relationships that the human spouse would expend his or her life span leaving their elfin partner to carry on through their long life with out them. Sometimes there was a child sometimes not. In the cases were there was not the Elfin partner would either kill them self’s or live out the remainder of their lives in sorrow and grief never to remarry. Because of this relationships of that sort were strongly discouraged. After all what was it all for? To love someone only to end up watching him or her die while you linger on, it wasn’t worth it. While Drell pondered all this the woman stirred and opened her eyes which were a clear sky blue. Gazing about she appeared confused and Drell smiled in a way that he hoped would be seen as comforting.

“ Don’t worry you`re quite safe” The woman stared at him for a wile then said

“You, its you, the one who rescued me. Isn’t it?” he nodded

“ Yes my name is Drell”, the woman smiled.

“I am Mina and I thank you for saving me”, said Mina as she reached out her hand to him. Drell took her hand and held it gently.

“Who were those men? Do you know?” asked Drell.

“Only that they were bandits. There were more of them. They surounded the waggon that Brom was driving. Brom tried to reason with them but when that did not work he drew his sword and told me to run”


“Yes he was escorting me to the Island of Casline. He might have come looking for me or maybe...I hope that nothing has happened to him. He has a son. That poor boy” Mina`s eyes became half lidded of a sudden and she fell once again into sleep. For a wile Drell just sat and stared at that small hand that set his blood stirring as it never had before. For a brief instant he imagined the pleasure of holding that hand and the body it belonged to for as long as time would permit. Then his senses, which had left him for a while, returned, he removed Mina’s hand from his and made for his room, locking the door securely behind him.

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