The Music of Darkness

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Chapter four: The Temple of Second Life

Morning came and Drell and Loroedor prepared to escort Mina to the Temple of Second Life. The trip would take only a half day to complete, so they were able to pack light. Mina shared a horse with Loroedor wile Drell led ahead of them on foot. The Temple of Second Life was four miles northwest of the Narisden forest at the vary end of the Akabara mountains. The Temple was composed of three buildings. The main Temple, an enormous domed and pillared structure, stood in the center of it all. To its left was the Soul house, a barracks of sorts used to house the sixty some clerics and two mages who dwelled at Second Life. To the right was a visitor’s quarter, which was only about quarter the size of the Soul house. An enormous wall carved with runes surrounded the Temple and its structures. The two mages stood at the gate and at the approach of the party the taller of the two stepped forward to address them.

“Good afternoon my good sirs and lady. I am Mardain, what is your business here at the Temple of Second Life?” Drell came forward,

“Good afternoon to you sir I am Drell Dasrenvair. The two you see behind me are Lady Mina and my brother Loroedor. We seek an audience with the head cleric on Mina’s behalf” The mage looked thoughtful, then nodded,

“Vary well you may pass and I believe you’ll find Rosemarta, that is the leader of the order, in the Temple at this time” this said he and his companion stepped aside to let them pass.

The courtyard of the Temple of Second Life was a masterpiece of gardening wisdom. With a large gold fish pond and millions of white roses and violets scattered about the whole. A fountain stood in the exact center of the courtyard the figure on top of it was carved to represent the Temples founder a human woman, Leda. The clerics paid no heed to the three as they made their way to the main building. At the entrance to the Temple Drell stopped and turned.

“I’ll go alone from here to speak to this Rosemarta. I’ll call for you when the time comes Mina” without waiting for a reply Drell turned and entered the Temple.

The interior of the Temple was as silent as a tomb and the walls were lined with rune carved pillars. Fifty or so stone benches covered with blue cushions spanned the length of the chamber. The floor was covered with a beautiful and intricate mosaic depicting Alandeir the goddess of healing. At the head of the Temple stood an enormous alter of marble strune with white and purple rose petals. Incense burned in bronze braziers hung from the ceiling with silver chains. An enormous stained glass window sent shades of blue and white through out the Temple. Before the alter knelt the head cleric, distinguishable from the others only by the silver lining on the blue and white robes. Drell stopped at the head of the line of benches not wanting to disturb the cleric’s prayers. Though he wasn’t a particularly religious man him self he had high respect for those who were and so he kept silent. Prayers concluded the cleric stood to face him. The cleric Rosemarta was a human woman in her mid sixties with a round face, black eyes, and light gray hair that still showed signs that it had once been red. A kind smile came to her face as she said,

“It’s been a long time since an elf was seen here, what can I do for you?” Drell bowed,

“I have come here seeking sanctuary; I ask it not for myself but for a young lady who waits just outside the doors. She was assaulted and she has nowhere else to go. We brought her here hoping that you, in your infinite kindness, would take her in” The smile upon Rosemarta’s face widened

“Bring her in,” Drell bowed and went to the door; taking Mina’s hand he brought her before Rosemarta.

“I have been told of your plight my child and of course you may stay. Stay for as long or as short a time as you like, we will not question you” Mina smiled and bowed.

“Thank you mistress” Rosemarta raised her hand

“You need not thank us for it is no trouble at all” With this Rosemarta departed leaving Drell and Mina alone in the temple.

“Well, this is farewell then. Thank you Drell for all you have done, I shant forget it” said Minal. Drell said nothing; he nodded politely then swiftly departed. Loroedor was silent as Drell swung himself up onto the saddle behind his brother, and the two rode back to Neroedell equally as silent.

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