Blood on Roses

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PoV Stories!!!

Point of view stories coming soon! Find out what each character was thinking throughout Hazel's story. Here's a little teaser:

Zachary’s PoV (Bloodlust)

Even Hazel couldn’t read this problem child’s mind. What was going on in that twisted mind of his when Hazel gradually became more and more important to him? How did he come to hurt those around him to protect them?

Grant’s PoV (Spilled Blood)

Exactly what happened the second time Hazel relived the same day? What drove him to murder the girl he used to love? What were his plans?

Devyn’s PoV (A Bond Thicker Than Blood)

How did Devyn not only befriend, but also fall in love with a Pureblood vampire? What stopped him from exterminating her when they first met?

Alecx’s PoV (Black Blood)

What was he thinking when he found Hazel’s diary? Who was she to him? How did he feel about her?

Kaydence’s PoV (Bloodied Fate)

What motivated Kaydence to hunt down her best friend? When did she begin to grow suspicious? What convinced her of such a betrayal?

Roman’s PoV (Blood Curse)

What did his brother mean to him? What did Hazel mean to him? What was this silent vampire thinking? How did Ashton disappear once and for all yet leave his power to him?

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