The Unfortunate Blessed Werewolf

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Abused all her life, Seraphina finds herself mated to the devil himself, the strongest Alpha in all of Europe, Alpha Malthus.

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Chapter 1

“For talking back to your Alpha.” Alpha Myrous announces before I felt the rope coated with wolfsbane hit my back and a pained gasp leave my mouth. “For forgetting to cook the breakfast of the pack.” he added before hitting my back once again. I’ve grown familiar with the pain. This is the type of punishment I receive everyday for simple things like walking too slow in the pack house, or even as little as waking up too early. I get hit 18 more times before I heard him let go of the rope and a sigh of relief leaves my mouth.

“Azazel, release her and take her back to her quarters.” Alpha Myrous said before leaving and closing the door shut, his footsteps echoing throughout the dungeon. I hear heavy footsteps before I felt my hands being untied. My hands immediately went to my eyes to remove the blindfold. Not a second later, I was being dragged back to my quarters by Beta Azazel.

“Hurry up and walk, Omega.” Beta Azazel says before pulling me up to stand on my feet. Moments later, I was being dragged once again. I couldn’t keep up with his pace which made me drop to the floor. I try to stand back up, but it was merely impossible since he doesn’t stop walking. He ended up dragging me across the dungeon back to my quarters.

Once we arrive to my door, he opens it, and pushes me in “Dress up and go on with your chores, Omega.” He said and eyes me. “You have 5 minutes.” He added before closing the door with a bang. I immediately stand and walk to my bathroom to take a quick shower and getting dressed for the day. 5 minutes later and I’m done. I walk out and got started with my chores.

Evening came and I started to cook for the pack’s dinner along with other omegas. Although there are many of us, I’m usually the one who gets punished a lot since the pack despises me. They blame me for the death of Alpha Jediah and Luna Evangeline, the parents of Alpha Myrous.

I look at the reflection of the water and laugh at my 7 year old face. I was covered in mud. Play time was really fun! I look up and see, a butterfly! It’s so beautiful! It has big blue wings and flew around me before landing on my nose. I laugh and it flew away.

“Come back, butterfly!” I scream and ran following the butterfly. It flew and flew and flew and I was laughing and running to follow it. Suddenly, the butterfly disappeared and a gasp left my mouth.

“Where are you, butterfly?” I say with pain in my voice. “Please come back! Don’t leave me like what my parents did” I said and looked around, but still couldn’t find it. It was until then when I realized that I had no idea where I was.

“Luna Evangeline?!” I scream panicked when I heard a growl behind me. I look back and caught the eye of a wolf with red eyes snaring at me. It was a rogue!

“Please don’t hurt me, rogue. I just wanna go home” I say as tears begin to leave my eyes. I was moving back as he came closer. “Help me!” I scream before he got angrier.

Suddenly, I saw our Luna in wolf form jumping in front of me, but the rogue was too fast and caught our Luna by her neck snapping it the moment she landed.

“LUNA EVANGELINE!” I scream as more tears left my eyes. Our luna was dead! She’s dead! Suddenly, I saw our Alpha behind trees snare at the rogue before his eyes landed on our luna and his eyes widened before he tucked his tail and cries left his mouth. Once his eyes landed on the rogue, he went back to his fighting stance before running to him and snapping his neck.

Our Beta and pack warriors came moments later and they just gasped and tears started to leave their eyes as they saw their alpha nuzzling the neck of his luna trying to wake her up.

He howls announcing to the pack the death of their luna, and I hear the howl of sorrow of some pack members and his eyes landed on me before shifting back to his human form. He opens his arms and I run to him as we both mourn the loss of our luna.

A few months later, Alpha Jediah grew weak and eventually died due to the loss of his mate, leaving his eldest son, Myrous, as the new alpha. The whole pack blamed me ever since because if I hadn’t left the pack borders, I wouldn’t be attacked by the rogue and our luna wouldn’t have died. My rank was immediately lowered to omega.

Alpha Jediah never blamed me, in fact, he loved me as a daughter. I was left on the porch of Alpha Jediah and Luna Evangeline by a pack member who ran away when I was a baby and since then, they’ve treated me like a daughter. I’ve always wanted to meet my parents, but at the same time, I never wanted to see them again for leaving me to survive on my own.

“Seraphina, hurry up with those onions. Dinner will be served in 30 minutes!” Amanda, the head of the kitchen, said with a hint of panic in her voice. I snap back into reality and started chopping the onions and continued on helping the others cook.

After serving dinner, we were left with the leftovers. This is all we get of serving the pack, a plate of nothing but leftovers while the rest of the pack members fest on dozens of food selection.

After dinner, I finished up with my part of the chores then head back to my room. I showered and did my thing before heading back to my bed, turning off the lights, and closing my eyes.

I hope someday, this pack may learn to accept me. I hope that I get to find my parents and simply ask them why? Why did the abandon me? Did they not love me? Was I nothing but a mistake? Would my life be better if I was to live with them? When will the abuse stop? Tears left my eyes as I drifted away to sleep

I was falling.


All I see nothing but bright light around me.

Suddenly, I am on ground. Am I dead? Has the Moon Goddess finally saw my pain, and decided to end my life?

I turn and run. I scream out loud pleading for help, but all I hear is my voice echoing.

“HELLO!? IS ANYONE HERE!? PLEASE HELP ME!” I scream the top of my lungs, but nothing. Nothing but bright light. It’s never ending

“Seraphina” I hear a lady’s voice. I turn to look for where the sound was coming from, but still nothing. “Please show yourself, whoever you are.” I ask, my voice shaking.

“I cannot show myself because I am nothing. I’m not a person, or an animal. I am the moon goddess and I have visited you tonight to warn you.” The voice says. Moon goddess? I though she was a person on the moon! This isn’t good! You should run away, but then again, where am I to go? This place is nothing but light

“W-hat is it, moon goddess?” I say ignoring my thoughts. “You are made for far more greater things. You will be mated to an alpha and will produce strong offsprings. You will get everything your heart desires. You will be loved by everyone, and will be called the special one. You will rule kingdoms after kingdoms, and your sons and daughters will experience the same fate” the voice said and at that moment, I start to laugh. Mated to an alpha? Get everything my heart desires? What is this? A prank? This is highly unlikely for someone like me!

“Moon goddess, I don’t think an omega like me would achieve any of this! Is this your way of making fun of me? I’m nothing! My whole pack blames me for the death of our late Alpha and Luna, my mate would probably reject me due to my rank. I think you have the wrong person, moon goddess!” I exclaim. I really can’t believe her right now. Everything she’s saying is nothing but fairytale! What is this? A Disney movie!?

“All will come in good time, Seraphina” The voice say and suddenly, I hear a bang and I am back in the real world. I open my eyes and turned off my alarm clock. Jeez, it’s already 8am. OMG I’M LATE! BREAKFAST STARTS AT 8:30AM! I WON’T BE ABLE TO HELP THEM COOK AND THEN THEY’LL REPORT ME AND ANOTHER PUNISHMENT WILL COME MY WAY.

I stand, ignoring the pain in my head due to standing up suddenly and I quickly opened my door and ran out. “SERAPHINA!” My eyes widened in panic as I heard the Alpha scream angrily. This is going to be such a long day.

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