Sacred Brother

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Chapter 9: Fight the love

A heavy silence fell on the clearing since I made this declaration.

Amanda couldn’t believe her ears while Arthur Waldemar struggled to speak only to cough out more blood. The words coming out of the mouth of a nine years old boy filled everyone's heart with dread.

“What are you saying, Sillath! Stop this madness right now. I know you. You’re a kind, bright and gentle boy who tries his best to fulfil his promises. You’re not a murderer!”

In response to Amanda’s shaky voice, dozens of birds flew away in haste.

I simply ignored her plea with an indifferent face and raised my hand.

“Not yet.”


I fired yet, another ball of water towards his head at full speed, but then suddenly a wall of earth had erected from the ground protecting him from the fatal blow.

“I will not allow you to kill him.”

Amanda stood up in front of the man she loved to face the little boy whose eyes emanated a crimson red color filled with murderous intent towards her most beloved.

“You’re not yourself Sillath. Stop this!”

“It’s too late, Amanda. Step away, I don’t want to hurt you. This man is the only one who will die today."

Amanda’s body suddenly shivered in fright as she heard Sillath’s deathly promise.

She remembered the days she had spent with him but could no longer find the boy she liked in front of the boy who currently stood before her.

She couldn’t save him. Not anymore.

It was what his face told her.

Her eyes became cold as she readied herself for battle.

“I will not let you hurt him. I will stop you, Sillath, even if it means beating you half to death so that I could make you open your eyes.”

“You know Amanda… I don’t know how it started but after all the time I spent with you, I learned to fear you, like you and appreciate the care you had for me. These feelings became love without me even noticing it. I would do anything for you, but I will not abandon my sisters to this man.”

I quickly fired a barrage of water balls in her directions.

However, she blocked them easily with the same earth wall she had used prior.

While she was busy maintaining her wall, I began condensing fire spell into my other hand.

**It’s not heat I seek, It’s light.**

I then threw a brilliant ball of light above the small wall she had made to protect him.

While she was blinded, I stopped shooting and quickly ran to the side, getting a clear view of both of them and instantly activated an earth spell under her feet.

I changed the hard soil underneath her, making it softer until she began to sink into it. The water from my previous attacks changed the soft soil into something similar to quicksand, except with earth around us. She was unable to move as her feet were trapped within the earth.

**This will give me enough time to kill him**

Without proper footing, she couldn’t move as I then rushed into the direction of my real target.

Amanda seeing where I was going, suddenly fired balls of earth aiming for my legs.

However, I easily evade by reading the trajectory.

Dozens of little pieces of hard rock flew in my direction.

I evaded all of them without any trouble, just like my old hyena master taught me.


She couldn’t understand how a child, she had always watched over and who was supposed to only know magic was able to move like that.

She then tried to catch her breath after having wasted so much mana in useless projectiles.

Another wall sprung from the ground, hiding them from my view.

However, I didn’t slow down and jumped above it with the propulsion from using wind magic that I casted under my feet.

I easily jumped over the wall and saw the old man lying down in the same place. I readied my heart and prepared to cast another spell until I noticed that Amanda was no longer trapped.

I received a powerful kick to the side that made me growl in pain and crashed on the ground as Amanda appeared in front of her wall.

The impact was rough and I was having troubles catching my breath.

A shiver ran down my spine as I looked at the murderous glare in the eyes of the woman I loved.

“You really intended to kill him Sillath?” she said in a cold voice.

“This is the only way.” I replied, glaring back at her.

“He can’t defend himself. You’re ready to kill a man who can’t even stand up?”

“My sisters can’t defend themselves either. That’s why I defend them. If he can’t defend himself then you just have to do the same.” I retorted angrily.

“That’s my intention.”

I stood up.

A short silence suddenly befell us as we continued to glare at each other.

She was used to fights. It was easy to tell just by looking at her. She was also more experienced in fights involving magic, not to mention the fact that my body very much lacks strength. Even if our mana pool wasn’t comparable, it doesn't mean a thing if I exhausted myself physically. Moreover, I knew that my comsumption of mana skyrocket when I was moving which wasn't the case for Amanda.

“If you love me like you’ve said me, then you will not kill the man I love.”

I remained silent and continued to watch her every movement.

“I know you Sillath, you’re not like this! I knew you since the day you were born and watched over you every single day, you’re not a murderer.”

I smiled wryly at her.

**You couldn’t be anymore wrong.**

I fired with both hands as many water balls as I could.

She didn’t have the time to make a wall and protect herself.

She simply rolled on the ground to evade and hastily grabbed a small twig before running to evade the murderous rain coming towards her.

The twig grew longer the next instant. It became bigger and larger until reaching half a meter in length.

I didn’t slow down, but her movements were agile as she easily evaded every attack.

With each step, she was getting closer even with my efforts to step back.

She evaded a few bullets with brutal movement.

I was now within her reach.

**Too close!**

She attacked me with her long stick, aiming directly for my side.

I ducked to the ground and felt my hairs move from the wind caused by the blow that passed right above my head.

She used the force to rotate on her feet and give me a powerful kick to the left side of my face. I saw her kick but I waasn't able to react in time.

I rolled along the ground, shaken by the impact.

Without giving me anytime to recover, she chained by aiming her stick downward.

She wanted to knock me out.

“Earth spear!”

I shouted in reflex as a long piece of earth formed before me.

I was aiming for her stomach and was sure she would impale herself. It wasn’t a real spear as the tip wasn’t sharp but with her speed it would be sufficient to knock her out.

However, with only advance rank earth magic, the earth was slow to form and gave her enough time to make a spin like a dancer and evaded to the side.

It gave me enough time to stand up.

I covered my hands with the hardest earth I could produce and prepared myself for the impact.

Her weapon was much harder and her speed made me unable to guard properly. I quickly jumped back to soften the impact, but my small stature wouldn’t allow me to withstand the shock.

I was blown away once again.

As I was rolling on the ground, I felt my arms and legs being pulled and spread.

She used water magic and made long tentacles from her right hand.

Those water tentacles enveloped my limbs and maintained me above the ground.

I tried to use earth magic to create another dull spear to break the bonds, but the spike of earth simply passed through.

I used every type of magic I could muster, but was not able to free myself from her magic.

It was as if it was alive.

It was the first time I saw her use water magic.

I knew she was good at earth magic as she always punched me with her earth gloves, but I never expected her to be capable of using water magic too. Moreover, if she was able to control the shape to this extent then she must have passed the second barrier magic and must be at least a Wise water mage.

It was my loss.

She was stronger physically and had more experience with magic.

I couldn’t compare with her.

Another water tentacle surrounded my neck and began to choke me.

“It’s over Sillath, you lose. Once you wake up, you will be at the mansion with your sisters, just like master wanted.”

I couldn’t breathe.

“You disappointed me, I trusted you and I would’ve done anything to protect you. Was your jealousy so strong to the point you wanted to kill the man I love?”

**It wasn’t jealousy. Not this time. I’m jealous, I can’t deny that but this time, it isn’t about me. If I don’t kill him here, I will not have another chance. I couldn’t protect him in my previous life, but… I swear, yes I swear I will protect them!**


My voice failed to leave my mouth like I wanted. My vision was also beginning to grow blurry as I was slowly losing consciousness.

**Every time I lose consciousness, I always lose something. Not this time! I can’t! Shit. Why can’t I free myself? Why am I unable to cut these shackles? If only it was something solid, I could free myself.**

With my eyes closed, it was possible to discern the movement of each particle of her mana surrounding my arms and legs.

**They are moving too fast. That’s why I can’t destroy them… If only I could slow them…**

I concentrated as hard as I could with the last bit of my strength.

I felt the air become colder as everything began to turn black. My entire body grew cold.

This time it was over.

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