Sacred Brother

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Chapter 10: Sin

The cold feeling quickly began to spread throughout my body before I could even react.

**All my efforts were useless. I couldn't win…**

“What is this?”

Her voice suddenly brought me back to the current situation. My eyes opened up in response to her sudden surprise. My eyes began to glance over her face, which was in a state of incomprehension. I failed to understand why she was making such a face, and then I noticed her magic.

The water that stemmed from her hand had stopped moving. I didn’t understand, but my eyes followed the trail to my left hand, which was being bind with her magic.

The once blue water that was circling around my wrists and moving almost like a living creature, was now paler and immobile.

I stared at my hand then the other and finally my feet, only to see them trapped in a prison of ice.

**Ice? What!?**

It wasn’t possible to create ice with only Primordial magic.

I made an earth spear to destroy the ice tentacle around my neck.

I coughed a bit before finally catching my breath.

“Sacred magic!”

The voice echoed in the clearing, made everything seem clear to me now.

I don’t know how, but I was just able to use the Sacred magic of ice.

**How is this possible? Nobody has ever taught me something like that?**

I felt mana beginning to form in her other hand.

Still in a dazed state, I reacted on instinct by injecting my mana into my shackles. I was attempting to enhance the influences of the ice. After a few seconds, the ice began to spread at a moderate pace toward her.

I was surprised when I saw it was working but I didn't lost anymore time and immediately tried to speed up this phenomenon by amplifying to the limit the amount of mana of my magic.

The ice quickly enveloped her hands, until she wasn’t able to make use of them to cast anymore magic.

I then stopped pouring anymore mana.

**I don’t know how, but I won. Sorry Amanda, but I will kill him while you’re still encased in that ice.**

I broke the ice trappings around my legs with earth magic.

My head was a little dizzy though, because of the large amount of mana I used in a short time.

I glared at Arthur Waldemar who was still on the ground.

**Time to end this.**


I turned my gaze to look at her. However, to my shock, I was unable to react.

The ice wasn't stopping.

It just kept advancing.

Her arms were already completely trapped inside.

“Do you want to kill me too? Please Sillath stop it!”

Her voice was clearly desperate and filled with fright.

“I-I don’t know what is happening. I stopped pouring mana as soon…”

As I was pleading to her I finally understood.

**Shit I already poured too much mana. The magic is already triggered, it’s just the ice that is forming slowly.**

I rushed to her side.

Using fire magic, I tried to melt the ice, but it was no use.

My fire magic wasn’t nearly strong or even fast enough.

It would have been different if I had broken the 1st barrier, but that wasn’t the case.

The ice surrounded her chest and spread to her legs and neck.

She was having troubles catching her breath.

“Sillath! Help…me…” Her voice was slowly weakening as the ice continued to eat away at her.

“Amanda!” I screamed as I put all my mana into my fire magic.

I felt my head becoming dizzy.

I was beginning to reach my limit.

However, it wasn’t enough. Instead of melting the ice, it was my hands that were covering with ice.

The ice couldn’t be stop.

I could only watch as her beautiful face, continue to grow paler and her long black hair freeze over.

“Sillath… Help…”

The ice finally covered her beautiful face, trapping forever the words she was trying to say.

It was over.

She couldn’t be saved anymore.

I fell to my knees, unable to realise what had just happened.

**It can’t be… I killed her?... How? Why?”**

My head was filled with painful questions as I kept staring at the block of ice that continued to grow.


I couldn’t suppress my screams anymore.

Tears were flowing from my eyes continuously.

“You killed her?”

This man’s voice changed my focus. I turned my gaze away from her only to see him stood up.

“It’s ok Sillath, it’s not your fault. Sacred magic is hard to control. Don’t worry I will be here to help you in the future.”

I couldn't understand what I was hearing.

“What are you saying?”

I clenched my fists covered with ice as strong as I could. The cold prevented me from feeling my nails piercing into my palms.

“Wasn’t she your lover? Why are you talking as if it had nothing to do with you? WHY?”

“Don’t worry Sillath, you’re more important to me than her. Let’s just forget everything that happened.”

My sorrow quickly turned to anger as I watched his irritable face.

I never despised someone as much as him.

His eyes were gleaming.

This man wasn’t sad nor afraid.

He was happy like a child unwrapping his presents for his birthday.

“She loved you. She chose you. So why? Why are you saying this doesn’t matter?”

“It can’t be help. You’re my grandson while she wasn’t able to give me any heir. With your Sacred magic, the Waldemar house will shake the entire continent. We will once again rise to…”

I couldn’t heard anymore.

I rushed to him and kicked him in the stomach.

He fell backward.

I got on top of him with my little hands covered in blood around his neck.

**Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!**

I squeezed as hard as I could. However, I wasn’t strong enough to choke him.

He was beginning to push me away from himself.

I couldn’t use magic anymore. My mana pool had already been depleted. If I tried using anymore magic I would just end up unconscious.

“Sillath, stop this....”

His voice was almost inaudible with my hands around his neck, but he was still able to mutter a few words before pushing me to the side with all his strength.

I rolled on the ground while he was coughing and gasping for breath.

“Sillath, I just want…”

I couldn’t stand his voice.

I couldn’t think of anything else except that I wanted him to shut up.

I rushed at him once more and punched him in the face.

The impact between his head and the ice on my hand made a huge noise.

I kept hitting him.

This regular sound replaced his voice.

I continued hitting him, until the ice encasing my hands had shattered.

Arthur Waldemar didn’t make anymore noise.

The entire clearing was finally quiet.

Only the sound of my own breathing could be heard as I was trying to catch my breath.

I finally stood up to get away from the pool of blood that was rapidly increasing in size.

I didn't have any shame or disgust after taking his life. I killed him but in this instant I didn't cared about him anymore. The anger burning my inside a moment ago was already gone. A cold feeling already replaced it. My heart was cold as if it were trapped in the ice in front of me.

I didn’t look back.

My gaze was fixed onto the beautiful and eternal prison of ice engulfed in the rays of light.
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