Sacred Brother

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Chapter 2: Bullying

Now that I was starting to get use to this world, I had another goal. To speak the language of this world as if it was my mother tongue. However, to do that, I had to speak to other kind of people.

So I asked my parents if I could play with other kids. They seemed delighted by the idea, and before I could say anything else, I was holding onto my mother’s hand whilst she escorted me to the park at the centre of the town.

Usually, I didn't go out often from the house or our large garden. Maybe it was why my parents and everyone else thought I was shy. That and the fact I didn't talk much.

Anyway, as I was walking together with my mother in the small streets, I couldn't help but ask her questions about the town.

She told me that we lived in Tegralle, a human kingdom of Dorell. It was a small town with around five hundred people residing in it. It was located in the most eastern part of the East continent.

The other two human kingdoms were Vifalm and Ledrack.

They were located respectively in the northern and southern part of the Western continent. It seemed weird to me to be separated from other human kingdoms to the point of being in a entirely different continent.

“So are we far from the other kingdoms?” I asked while making a complicated face.

“Yes we are, but not to the point of not having any connection. We can exchange or travel by boat with them especially by using the strait of Nalle.”

**I really need to look at a map someday.**

As I pondered about my lack of information, we finally arrived at the park.

A little wooden palisade separated the place from the rest of the town as to not let kids wander outside. As soon as I entered, I could hear the happy laughs of children all around me. It was a suitable place for kids to play, but to gather knowledge or to improve my language… not so much.

There was at least twenty boys and girls running everywhere under the attentive look of their parents sitting nearby. Some were playing on a swing while others were playing ball games with each other. I could even see in the corner, a lone child playing at a sandbox.

**It’s just like it was in my old world. How intriguing... and disturbing**

Several older women approached us. Two in fact. One had long dark hair with eyes just as dark. She was young with a perfect smooth white skin. As she approached with a beaming smile, her slim and curved silhouette made my mind waver a little.

“Hello Seledia, it’s rare to see you here. Hello, Sillath. How are you?”

I was a little taken aback by her sudden greeting. The more I looked at her and more I was sure that I knew this woman, or at least, I was sure she already came to our house.

“Say hello, sweetheart. This is our neighbour, Miss Amanda Finley”

Under the encouragements from my mother, I greeted her with a shy smile.

**I can’t blow up my cover after all.**

“H-Hello.” I stuttered.

“Waaaaaa! He’s so cute!”

The sudden shout made me jump a little from surprise. It didn't came from the dark hair beauty Amanda but from the blond woman next to her.

She had long blond hair down her waist. She seemed a little older than Amanda and my mother but her face was still quite beautiful even if it didn't have the same mysterious glow as Amanda.

“Can I hug him, Seledia?” she said in an excited and joyous tone.

“Are you ok with that sweetheart?”


I remained silent, as I was clueless to how a normal child would act and respond. So I shyly nodded. In an instant, her imposing chest completely enveloped my head. Despite my struggle, I was being suffocate by her massive breasts.

**I will die at this pace. Well, I have known a death worse than this one but not as ridiculous.**

After she finally remarked my suffering, she loosened her embrace, allowing me to catch a breath of fresh air.

**Today is not the day I die apparently. Well, I shouldn’t drop my guard as she seems ready to try again at the next occasion.**

“Sweetheart, go play a little with the other children.”

The gentle voice of my mother helped me gather my thoughts after this traumatic and strangely pleasant experience.

“Yes mommy.”

I quickly left for fear of being caught by this fierce blond beast once again. I looked around in search for some child who wouldn’t be a pain in the ass, until a group of boys suddenly caught my attention. There were five of them and they all looked much older than the other kids. At least I might be able to talk normally with them. I approached the one who looked like their leader.

It was a kid no more than ten years old with blonde hair that shone in the sunlight. Even I could tell he was handsome. His blue eyes were filled with intelligence while his teeth were white and perfectly in place.

**Good, this one will do.**

As he was talking with his friends, I approached unnoticed until I opened my mouth.

“Hello, my name is Sillath. Nice to catch you.”

**Crap, I misspoke.**

They all looked into my direction and suddenly burst into laughter in response to my pathetic self-introduction. I was becoming redder with each passing moment.

**They’re just kids, don’t take it to heart.**

I kept repeating this in my head but as I felt my fist tighten, I knew that it wasn’t working.

**Shit, fuck my cover. I’m going to kick some ass right now.**

The shame made room for anger as I took a step towards them. Finally, they stopped laughing and looked at me. Making their first impressions.

They could tell the little boy in front of them was angry, but in the end, he was just a brat half their age.

**They’ll be surprised when I erase that stupid and confident smiles from their faces.**

Looking at their smiles, it reminded me of the old geezer and his annoying smile, but it also reminded me of the promise I made that time when I left everything behind me.

I loosened my fists and stopped my approach towards them. I looked at the ground.

**What the hell is wrong with me? I promised on Jordan's name that I would become more than just a brute and here I am, trying to punch some kids. I haven’t changed that much after all… no, this is the moment I make things different. This is the moment I can prove myself.**

“I recognise you.” the blond hair boy suddenly spoke with a huge grin on his childish face. I quickly looked up to face him.

“You’re that retard boy!”

The four other boys looked at me, and once again, laughed to their hearts content.

“You mean the boy that can’t even spoke properly!” one of the boys said.

“Look at his face, I’m sure it’s him. He looks so stupid.”

“He can’t even say his name properly!”

They were loud and soon nearly all the children in the park were coming to see what was going on. They formed a circle around me throwing insults and mockery, joining in on the ‘fun’. Despite it being from small children, it still quite hurt. It reminded me of my past memories when I was compared to Jordan in term of intellect.

**My plan is a total failure. I’m stupid. I should have known that there was no way older children would be interested in me, other than to make fun of me. Just like I did so much in the past.**

I escaped their circle as soon as I could and ran to the front gates of the park.

I continued running like an aimless man all around town.

**Why am I feeling so bad? It’s just a child’s quarrel and I’m an adult for god’s sake.**

After finally exhausting myself, I stopped and sat against a tree to catch my breath.

**I understand now. Just like my sin, I can’t escape my memories. I’m feeling this bad because I know I did those things all my life against other children. It’s quite different when the roles are reversed, isn’t it Jordan?**

I was only talking in my head, but I couldn’t repress my tears as I thought about Jordan.

After I continued to reminiscence about my past by myself, I was suddenly grasped under my arm by two gentle hands. I recognised the sweet fragrance immediately, and didn’t even have to look at her face to know who it was. I buried my face into her neck and cried silently.

“What happened sweetheart?” her voice was gentle but her eyes promised doom for whoever she caught responsible for the grief of her precious child.

“Nothing, mom. I’m okay. Can we stay like this for a little bit longer?” I asked.

“Of course sweetheart.” she gently replied.

She sat on the ground as she let me bury my face deeper into her chest and once again relinquish my old memories.

Despite being an adult in mind, I felt no shame of being enveloped in the arms of my loving mother whilst I silently tried to calm myself. I couldn't remember if my mom in my old world ever hold me like that. It was surely the case but as I thought about her I could only remember her look of ressentment and her atrocious screams after Jordan's death.

I wanted to have other memories.

Not painful or filled with regrets.

I wanted happy memories. The ones that could brought a smile on the face without we could realize it.

In this moment, I understood that I didn't want to waste this chance. I didn't want to seek power or adventure in this world, I just wanted to savour the precious moments I spent with my new family.


Just as I had feared, even if I did refuse tell her the reasons of my grief, my mother was ready to raze the entire town to the ground, just so that she could find the culprit. I could have sworn I glimpsed her blue eyes turn red in anger. Not that it was possible, of course. She was talking to the other mothers, which clearly meant that she hadn’t seen the incident take place, but after her little ‘talk’, she deduced what had happened for the most part.

That night of the incident while I was in bed, I could hear my mother’s voice coming from downstairs. My dad was also quite angry. I can understand why. His shy son made an effort to meet other people only to be met with mocking laughs. I didn’t quite understand what it was being discussed, but I was sure I didn’t want to find out.


It had been three days since that incident and the culprit was finally found. I was quite surprised seeing him in the house and even more surprised when I saw his mother; the ferocious blonde breast choker. They both officially apologised in an attempt to cool down the unquenchable fury that is my mother. Even the arrogant kid could see that it wasn’t something to easily trifle with. I found out that his name was Julian, not that I cared.

After their departure, my parents asked me if I still wanted to go back to the park.

I didn’t have anything more to do there as I understood that it would be difficult to improve my language in this place.

**The kid may have apologised, but that doesn’t mean that he will willingly speak to me. He’s their leader so it will be the same for the other children.**

I was ready to answer that I would prefer to stay in the house but after taking a look at the slight smile with a hint of downcast on the face of my parents I answered with a firm voice.

“Yes, let’s go back.”

**I’m too sweet. I couldn’t resist their pleading looks.**

Therefore, I returned to the park the next day and as expected, I was totally ignored. I also could hear some chuckles as I entered. With my reputation, it wasn't so surprising since I was just seen as a retard child with a crazy and dangerous mother.

I resigned myself to loneliness until I saw a little girl playing alone in the sandbox. After some thoughts, I decided to approach. The social outcasts should stick together, so I approached her carefully

When I was close enough, I spoke carefully as to not give any bad impressions.

“Hello, my name is Sillath. Nice to meet you.”

**This time it’s perfect. I practiced a lot after all.**

But I received no response.

She didn’t even take a glance in my direction.

**This girl… is she ignoring me?**

“D-Do you mind if I play with you?” I asked, my voice a little bit louder.

The girl simply nodded.

So I sat down next to her, trying to partake in whatever she was doing.

“May I ask what is your name? If you don’t mind telling me.”

I received no response yet again, so I tried to ask again until she suddenly answered my question.


She turned her head to face me and answered in a whisper. She had electric blue eyes and her skin was smooth and white. She was just a child, but her face was already very beautiful. Her white cap was covering her hair almost completely, but I could stillsee some locks of black hair.

After her brief introduction was over, she just continued to play with the sand on her own.

**Maybe she doesn’t hate me but is just a really shy child, unlike me.**


During several months, I spent nearly all my afternoons in this sandbox with this strange girl I barely knew anything about.

At first, I believed she just wanted me to leave but when I asked her, she said she didn’t mind. She was excessively shy but at least she didn’t make fun of me.

The majority of the children seemed to have gotten tired of making fun of me so they eventually left me alone.

Except for the group of five I spoke the first day.

I was sure they wanted to skip to the next stage of bullying.

One day, they tried to hurt me while my mom’s attention was focused elsewhere. One of Julian’s minions tried to punch me when I was playing with Gaya. However, I spotted him and instantly understood his intentions, so I easily evaded and intended to continue until he got tired of my constant dodging, but to my surprise, Gaya let out a loud scream that instantly alerted my mother. She rushed towards us in the blink of an eye before quickly embracing me with one arm. She then gave a murderous gaze towards the child with evil intentions as he still had his fist raised. If not for the other mothers around to calm her, I was sure she would have utterly pulverised him.

After she calmed down, she gently placed one hand atop of Gaya’s head to gently calm her.

The other kid was severely scold by his own mother but he didn't seemed to even hear what she was telling him. His legs were still shaking and his white pants seemed to have changed color.

**He even wet his pants. This memory will definitely be in my top 10**

The kid's aggression wasn't a big deal at all for me. It would be weird if it was the case as I spent several years living only for fighting. However, the reaction of my mother was still slightly scary.

She reminded me of a fierce lioness protecting her precious cub. Also, her speed could be considered abnormal. That and the fact that she was quite good adept at magic, made me completely sure that the stories my father told me about her were not entirely fiction.

After this incident, the five bullies learned that the next stage of bullying was impossible, so they continued to insult me behind the back of my mother.

However, I didn’t care in the slightest so I simply ignored their pointless abuse.

After this incident, Gaya began to speak more often with me. Our little daily chats helped me improve gradually my language.

As I began to become more confident while speaking, I asked my parents if I could lear reading. There was quite a few books in the house I wanted to read by all mean. One of them was about the animals of this world. I already spent a lot of time in front of this massive book but I wanted to do something else than just look at the illustration.

However, my mother shook her head before telling me that will have to wait a little.

Apprently, I will learn to read and write as soon as I turn five years old and entered the Primary school.

I was tired of waiting and I was also quite confident in my ability to lear quickly. I already learnt to read in my previous world after all. I was confident in myself about that but I wasn't completely sure of my ability either

** If I learn writing and reading as fast as I learnt speaking then I’m doom, my nickname will become permanent.**

Therefore, I used my ultimate ‘puppy eye technique’ on her.

My mother gentle gaze froze in front of my pleading look. She seemed to fight internally but after a few seconds of mental struggle she smile toward me before agreeing with my request.

**As expected, she may be a scary warrior but she just can’t resist me. **

I spent the rest of my time with my mother as she tried to teach me how to read and write while I spent the rest of my free time playing with Gaya.

This calm lifetile continued until the day of the ‘Elementary test’ finally came.

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