Sacred Brother

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Chapter 3: Elementary test

The day of my Elementary Test finally came.

I entered the large building, which was full of children whose ages varied but all of whom were older than me. Unfortunately, my father was unable to come due to work, but my mother still continued to stay by my side since that previous incident.

It was the first day of the Elementary magic school. It was a school where every 7 year old child would be taking their first steps in learning magic as well as other compulsory knowledge.

If a child were to show signs of natural talent concerning magic, then that child would have the opportunity to go to a magic university in another town a few years later. For that reason, on the introduction day, a test is always held to determine the mana capacity of each individual child.

I stood out like a sore thumb in the crowd as I was two years younger than most of the children attending. This was due to Aten who spoke on behalf of myself to the director, in order to let me take the test despite my age.

Me, and my mother both waited patiently as the names of various children were called out. Each child walked up towards the transparent stone and firmly placed their hand, until it gave off some sort of reaction.

When my name was called, I reluctantly let go of the hand of my mother and calmly walked towards the front of the audience where the teachers awaited me.

I was explained beforehand, how the test would be carried out. I simply had to lay one hand on the mysterious stone until it gave off some sort of shine. At first, I thought it would show a numerical value but the crystal could only shone brighter, and grow increasingly red in colour, the greater your mana pool was. Crappy stuff.

I glanced at the crowd.

They all calmly looked at me. I wasn't shy or anything, but the look of judgment in their eyes made me slightly hesitate. They all seemed to wonder why I was here. I also saw a few smiles.

**It seems like my reputation precedes me.**

I tried to ignore their stares and turned my focus completely upon the mysterious stone. It was around the size of a tennis ball. I then laid my hand over it. From the corner of my eye, I could see that a few members of the crowd were expecting me to fail.

I waited a few seconds until…nothing.

The crowd of kids laughed to their heart content seeing that the stone didn’t give off any sort of shine.

The recommended age to take this test was usually at the age of 7, because in the extreme majority of people; it was found that children would awaken there ability to use mana at that age. The fact that I passed the test 2 years earlier showed that I was confident in the fact that I awoke my ability to use mana. However, the stone didn’t give off any reaction from me.

In that moment, I began to come up with a few explanations as to why the stone wasn’t giving off any reactions.

In my mind, I silently cursed myself as the worst possible explanation for this predicament struck my mind

**FUCK!!! Do I not have any mana? It’s so unfair, every human should have some!**

I glanced towards the crowd, a crowd of children were laughing, not even trying to restrain themselves, even a few of the adults chuckled at my misfortune. The teachers also looked quite uncomfortable.

However, the person who I was most reluctant to see was my mother. Her face grew as red as her drills, but not from embarrassment and shame. It was rage. She emanated a faint sense of bloodlust towards everyone in the room, even the teachers beside me shivered out of fear.

**Shit. She’s gonna raze the building to the ground. I must sto-.**

Suddenly, a huge burst of light emanated from the stone. It was so bright that I my eyes were squinting from its radiant shine. Soon after, the white light immediately turned crimson red and the next moment the crystal shattered under my hand.


A long silence followed after. Nobody made a sound. Not until one of the teachers spoke up to break the silence.

“Well…this is rather surprising. I’m sorry for our defective crystal. Don’t worry, take a new one and start again.”

The director didn’t look panicked at all, unlike the other children. He was sure it was a problem of the crystal.

I agreed so I started over.

The same thing happened again, but this time even faster. After this, I immediately looked towards my mother who had shown me a big proud smile. I then looked towards the crowd of children whom awaiting their turn, they were completely dumbfounded.

“The retard is a genius?” from the crowd of children, a voice was heard, but I knew straight away who it was.

I continued to look towards the crowd of children who previously ridiculed me, then I smiled.

From this day onward, I was known as the ‘genius retard’ with a huge mana pool.

**I knew I was a genius. Mwahahaha.

But I still hated that nickname.**


The next morning was the start of the opening day for my Primary school that welcomed children from five years old, the school taught children basic skills such as: reading, writing, math, etc. The entire program would only last two years and was separated into 2 halves. The first half would be basic knowledges about this world whereas the latter would be learning the basic of magic and history. It was a simple system.

I was quite happy about my performance yesterday. My parents were too. As soon as I had arrived home, my mother instantly began praising me; saying words such as genius, incredible and cute. Had I not have the memories from my previous life, I would have probably turned out like Julian, an obnoxious and arrogant kid.

On my way to school, I met Gaya on the way. She barely spoke that much, but I always felt relaxed in her presence.

As we continued to walk together, I constantly heard whispers coming from the surrounding children and adults that walked by us. Many emotions could be felt towards me: jealousy, hate, loathe, envy. However, there were some individuals who felt differently, some had feelings of respect and awe towards me. I could also hear a few names being called out.

**My new nickname seemed to have stuck to their ears. At least it’s better than just being a retard.**

In class, I sat next to Gaya as we quietly listen to our teacher, an old man with a grey beard and grey hair that seemed to stretch out towards his waist. He was dressed in a grey cloak that seemed to go down towards his feet.

**Wow this guy is grey from head to toe. If he’s a mage, I will call him Gandalf.**

The lesson was about magic. It was just a basic introduction. The more complex lessons will be held in the second halve.

I was aware of almost everything except for the system of classification.

In this world, magic was separated into seven ranks for the four types of elemental magic: basic, intermediary, advance, scholar, wise, saint and master.

Being a master of an element meant exactly what it sounded like, having absolute control of your element. It was something exceptional that only a handful of people were able to reach. Once you were a master, you would receive the title of Archmage and was eligible to enter magic council.

For the other ranks, it was a little more particular.

A basic mage had to be able to manifest their element on their body.

An intermediary mage had to make the element interact with other objects like you would when you make water boil with fire magic only by touching the surface.

Advanced level magic was about influencing the environment without any form of physical contact. This is where the legendary fireball spell came on stage.

For the other rank, Gandalf (Yes, he was a mage) told us that it was so out of our range that it was not worth telling us. Those that have the potential to become mage of this level will have to attend the university of magic.

The lesson ended with an explication about healing magic. Aside for the elves who were capable of using nature magic that could heal to a certain extent, there was almost nothing for humans. I almost shouted in indignation when I heard that.

Seeing our face Gandalf rapidly added that along the time we were able to make some progress by using the four basic elements. Like using earth magic against broken bones, fire to close wound, air magic from the inside to help against pulmonary diseases and water magic to help the body recuperate by manipulating water inside the human body.

**At least, they have some knowledge even if they obviously don’t have a clue about cells and atoms.**


Time flew by without anything interesting happening. It was a truly peaceful period of time.

Well, except for one big exception.

Two months after I started school, my mother called me.

“Sillath, can you come here. We have something to tell you.”

Hearing this I tensed.

*Did I do something to make them angry? No, my role of a cute, genius son is perfect… I think…*

I approached reluctantly.

She took a deep breath before a radiant smile illuminated her face.

“You will have a little brother or sister soon.”

**Ouf, I though they discovered about the time I… Wait…**


I couldn’t help but raise my voice.

“Calm down, calm down dear. Are you not happy?” my father asked with a slight frown on his face.

**Not happy? I don’t know… I mean I was a terrible brother to Jordan. I’m not sure I know what it is to be a good brother. Maybe he or she will hate me. No, I mustn’t think like that!**

“Yes, I’m happy. It’s just that…”

I looked down pondering to what I should say.

“What is it, sweetheart?” my mother urged.

I looked up. I could see the uneasiness in their eyes.

**I’m such a bastard, it’s supposed to be a happy moment, but I’m just ruining it by overthinking.**

I took a deep breath before I answered.

“I was just afraid that I wouldn’t make a good brother.”

“What are you saying, that’s not true you will be a great brother.”

“Yes, I’m sure of that too.” my father added.

I smiled at them.

“I swear I will do everything I can to be one. I’ll be the best big brother there is.”

They both smiled and took me into their arms.

**I’ll make it right this time. For Jordan’s sake.**

However, I didn’t know at the time that this wish would never come true.

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