Sacred Brother

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Chapter 5: Unconscious... Again

“Urgh…” I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes.

I was greeted by only darkness as I tried to understand my situation.

**Fuck, not again!**

I was confused, yet relieved that I wasn’t tied on a cross this time.

**What happened? Did Amanda do this to me? But why…?**

While I cursed her in my mind, I eventually noticed that my hands were tied behind my back. My legs were also bound but what worried me the most was the fact that I was stuck inside a box with barely enough space to move.

**I hate small spaces…**


My head suddenly banged against the box.

**The box is… moving.**

I finally understood the seriousness of the situation and began to panic. I desperately tried to free myself from the ropes like I saw in the movies but it was clearly impossible.

**Beside, even if I succeeded, I would still be stuck in this bloody box. I hopped she will not plant swords inside like in a magic show. Even if magic exist in this world, I seriously hope she will not do it.**

“Free me Amanda! Why are you doing this? Free me now!”

My voice was only met with silence, no matter how loud or much I yelled, no one answered. However, I still continued, in the hopes that someone other than Amanda heard my pleas.

**I know it’s useless but I feel better now. Self-control was never my strong point.**

After a few minutes of shouting, I eventually stopped. I realised that the sound of voice wasn’t being carried to the outside thus I gave up. I also stopped my pointless struggling to preserve my strength, in the case that I needed to fight.

I began to concentrate and collect any information on my situation. All I knew was that we were still travelling, and we moved at quite a stead pace. The driver was in some sort of a rush as we moved quite fast.

**She caught my by surprise last time, but as soon as I have a chance, I’m gonna kick her sorry ass. I know I promised myself that I wouldn't be a brute, but… kidnappers are an exception. She’ll be in for a surprise.**

I smiled as I thought to myself.


After a few hours of travelling, we eventually came to a sudden stop.

**We’ve stopped!**

Immediately, I began to ready myself as I waited patiently for my chance.

I could hear the sound of footsteps, at first it was quiet but then it grew clearer, indicating that someone’s coming.

**This is it.**

The box lid finally opened and soon as it did, I gathered all my strength to propel myself out as fast as I could to do a head buck.


I once again fell into the box as the culprit abruptly closed the lid onto my head, knocking me back into the box.

“Are you calm now?”

I could instantly tell whose voice it belonged to as I replied:

“That hurt! Why’d you do that? I didn’t do anything to you and my parents don’t have a lot of money so release me. Release me right now.” I yelled angrily.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that just yet. I’m not after any reward if that is what you think. I only did this because I was ordered to do so.” she said in a relaxed tone with a smile on her pretty face.

“Someone ordered you to kidnap me…” I said in surprised tone.

“Who? I don’t remember wronging anyone… at least I think so…”

“We still have a long road ahead of us to make, but you’ll understand everything once we get there. Don’t worry, here’s some water. ”

She handed me a plain canteen.

**Don’t worry… Nice joke!**

I took a sip of water from the canteen in her hand. I didn’t plan on wasting my second life from dying of dehydration after all.

As I drunk from the canteen, I couldn’t help but frown.

**This water tastes horrible.**

“Pffa *Cough*”

I quickly realised that something was mixed into the water in the canteen. So I quickly spat the water that I hadn’t drunk, but it was already too late.

“W-What did you….”

Once again, I drifted into to the world of dreams without even finishing my sentence.

From then on, we continued to travel in peace as I was in a state of unconsciousness.

As soon as I woke up, I was lying in a dark room on a soft bed.

“Where am I?”

**I think I should stop asking this.**

I stood up as fast as I could only to fall immediately onto the floor. Her drug was quite potent.

**At least it wasn’t poisonous.**

“You’re finally awake”

The woman whom I thought was only my neighbor stood before me with a grin on her face. Her long black hairs were tied up in a ponytail as she wore a simple dark shirt making her almost invisible in the room without a window.

“Where am I?” I asked in calm demeanor, but inwardly, I was actually nervous, as I didn’t know what they were going to do with me.

“You’re far from home. You can scream all you want but no one will be able to hear you. This little house was made especially for this, after all.”

I could jump at her and try to take her down as I’m no longer tied up but her smile was eerie. I had a bad feeling from just looking at her. Moreover, having a 5-year-old body didn’t reassure me, so I had no choice to stand down. For now.

**This woman is dangerous. I mustn’t underestimate her.**

“I was expecting you to jump at me or cry but you’re surprisingly calm. My master will be pleased to hear that.”

“Your master?” I asked.

“Yes, follow me. He wants to meet you.”

She exited the room and led me into a vast dining room. Every piece of furniture seemed old, covered with a lot of dust. It didn’t look like this place was inhabited.

In the distance, I saw an old man sitting on a chair at the other side of a large wooden table. His hair was brown and slightly long with some white drills near his temple. His face was pale with a few wrinkles giving him a tired look. He looked straight at me. His brown eyes were examining me from head to toe as if I was some kind of object.

**Don’t tell me he wants to buy me? Is he a slave dealer? Shit, this is no joke.**

“Good afternoon Sillath. I am very please to meet you. My subordinate told me many interesting things about you. Do you by any chance know who I am?”

I began to look back on my own memories. Anything that would help me identify this man before me, but nothing…

“No but if you have been monitoring me for some time already then you’re obviously not some ordinary slave dealer.”

I answered with anger burning in my child-like eyes. My tone and gaze were fierce but I knew that I couldn’t escape with the body of a child.

He simply smiled at me.

“You think I’m sort of a slave dealer, well you made a realistic deduction for a kid of your age. Amanda was right, you’re quite precocious. However, you guess wrong. My name is Arthur Waldemar. Do you know this name, boy?"

I only shook my head in negation.

He seemed disappointed.

“What the hell have they been teaching you in school? I’m the head of the noble house of Waldemar that is among the four leading families in this kingdom.”

I suddenly remembered.

Indeed, Gandalf did tell us about the Dorell Kingdom and its four great noble houses.

Toro, Vasos, Fivar and Waldemar are the most influential noble houses in the entire continent. Among the six official advisers of the king, one is chosen from each of them while the king chooses the other two.

“What does the great house of Waldemar want from me? I’m just a kid and my parents aren’t that special.” I asked out of curiosity.

“What would you think if I told you that the name Zadir is from your mother?” he replied.

“And so what? Get to the point already!”

I was beginning to lose my patience. My head was still hurting from the strange drug I drank.

“The name of your father was Millodas Waldemar, until he abandoned everything for his whore. He betrayed me, leaving me without any heir.”

My mouth opened in surprise, as I finally understood.

“I let my subordinate follow my treacherous son and ordered her to stay close to look for his descendants. Her mission was to inform me if he were to have any sons or daughters. After your exploits at the elementary test, I recognised your true value. You will be my next heir. Be proud of that.”

I felt my head become hotter.

“Are you stupid, old geezer? Who would want become your heir? If you wanted to do that, you should have asked before. I have no intention of becoming the heir of your crappy house so let me return home.”

He didn’t say a word. He simply nodded his head.

**Huh? He accepted to let me go? Well maybe he’s not so bad.**

While thinking that, I suddenly received a powerful blow to my lower back causing me to fall onto the floor.

Amanda had kicked me from behind as soon as she received the signal from her master.

“What are you doing? I already said I don’t want to become your heir, you can’t force me!” I exclaimed angrily.

“This is where you’re wrong, Sillath. I can and I will. Amanda is here for that purpose. She will train and educate you here in this house.”

Amanda then pulled my hair, raising me back onto my feet.

“Your threat doesn’t scare me.” I retorted.

“Threat? That wasn’t a threat, but a fact. If you want me to threaten you, then let’s say that I’ll kill your family if you don’t accept. See, now that was a threat”

I couldn’t help but give him a sudden look of anger after his sentence. He smiled, but his eyes weren’t giving the same feeling. They were cold and serious. I could feel my body grow cold after I heard his words.

“You would kill your own son?”

“His name is Zadir now. He is no longer my son.”

A heavy silence settled into the room. Amanda then released my hair.

“So what fate will you choose? Do you want to become the heir of the Waldemar family or do you perhaps choose to become an orphan? Now choose, Silliath.”

I clenched my fists in frustration. I knew that I had no choice.

**I can’t risk losing my family again. I must protect them.**

After I finished pondering, I finally answered.

“I accept but only if you promise me that you will not hurt them in return.”

“In the name of the Waldemar house, I promise that I will not hurt your family if you comply with my wishes.”

With this single sentence, he left the room. Before leaving the room, he turned to face me again.

“I expect great things from you. Don’t disappoint me like he did.”

With those cold words, he finally exited the room, leaving me alone with my kidnapper.

“Go rest in your room, your training will begin tomorrow at 5 am. Be ready.”

I then went back into the same room that I awoke in without giving her a single glance. I immediately threw myself onto the bed and buried my face into my pillow, trying to quell my anger and frustration.

In just a few hours, my life had changed so drastically. I was worried about my future siblings, but in the end, I wouldn't even have the chance to meet them.

**Shit, I don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl. I want to go back. I want to be a good brother. This was my chance to atone for my sin. Is the world mocking me?

Do you want to make me suffer?

Do you want to see me cry?**

I continued to ponder the whole night, while silently cursing the fate that was forced upon me.

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