Prodigy (The Knight Society #2)

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It was almost worth seeing the mongrels look of confusion when the tune of an upbeat banjo started playing from my back pocket. Almost. After two years, Jack Bell has rejoined the Society she had once sworn never to return to again. All she wants is to fade into obscurity and live a peaceful (if mongrel filled) life in Scotland with her new friends. But her parents, the Society, and mysterious Arthur have a different idea. Forced back to London, Jack must fight to keep her head above water as she battles against the politics of being a Knight and the controlling hold of her parents. But all is not what it seems within the Societies Council of Twelve. It's becoming more and more impossible for Jack to tell who is a friend and who works for the enemy. And when children start disappearing, with all clues leading to Arthur, Jack is determined to find and stop him. Even if it means taking herself down with him.

Fantasy / Romance
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Prologue - What Lurks in the Shadows

Low growling echoed throughout the chamber, like the snarling rumble of a motorbike. Two mongrels circled each other, their mouths pulled back in snarls, their bodies tensed ready to strike at one another. An alpha and a challenger. More of the beasts were crowded around the pair, their eyes alight with excitement, impatiently waiting for the spectacle that was to come. Violence was thick in the air, combining with the metallic scent of blood to create an intoxicating scent. The alpha stared down the challenger, waiting for it to make the first move. It didn’t have to wait long. The challenger leapt forward, its mouth stretched wide, deadly claws unsheathed. The two beasts collided in a meeting of fury and blood. They clawed, kicked, and bit every piece of flesh that came within their reach. Blood spattered on cold concrete, the splash of red a vivid contrast against the grey. Chunks of fur and flesh soon joined the mess. The fight came to a sudden end. The alpha pinned the challenger clamping its deadly teeth around its throat and biting down, crunching easily through the bone.

The onlookers broke into a frenzy; howling, barking, and shoving against one another in a desperate bid to get closer to the slaughtered body. The alpha turned on them, baring red stained teeth in a clear warning. They quickly fell into submission, though defiance and a bloodlust still shone from their eyes. Given the chance, they would take down the alpha without even blinking if it meant being at the top of the pile.

Devious bastards.

The alpha held their stares for a moment longer, testing for disobedience before finally giving out a short bark. The other mongrels quickly fell on the fallen body and ripped into it with vicious abandon. Soon all that was left of the body was a ravaged carcass, flaps of flesh clinging to exposed bones.

The man watched the spectacle from his perch up above with a smile. His pets were coming along swimmingly. Better than he had hoped for ones so young. He was tempted to release them to wreak havoc on the Scottish Institute, but he had learned from his mistakes. He had used the freshest batch of his pets on his attack three months ago, thinking the crazed bloodlust of the youths would balance out their lesser strength. He was extremely disappointed to find out he had been wrong. The loss of so many pets had been a definite setback, but he had long ago learnt the merits of patience. This time he wasn’t taking chances. It wouldn’t be long until this batch of mongrels were fully grown and then he could finally start to put his plans into motion. He licked his lips, practically tasting the victory already. Oh yes, the rewards would definitely be worth the patience.

The alpha tossed back his head and let out an ear-piercing cry. The other beasts followed their leader’s example, heads tilted to the heavens, unearthly sounds pouring from their mouths. Soon, he told them. Soon, they would get their chance to taste human flesh and soon he would have what he deserved.

Her face appeared in his mind. A beautiful face, hiding a vicious bloodlust as fierce as his own. His hands clenched in anticipation, excitement shooting sparks throughout his body.

Yes, his pets would get their flesh and he would get his prize.

We will be together again soon my Queen.

I promise.

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