Heart That Doesn't Beat

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what happens when your world gets turned upside down. Plunged into the supernatural world Crystal has to learn to survive while also controlling the thirst for blood herself. Love and betrayal await. Left alone in a basement crystal has no idea what has happened to her until she gets the thirst for blood. There is a secret government that has learned to control the supernatural population called Helix, but can crystal find a home in Helix or will her haunted past catch up to her and consume her. Finding love can only happen once right, unless you find love and then find the mate the sun god made for you. controlling the hunger is one problem but her family is the worse one.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: show me your teeth

Opening my eyes hearing the slow and steady beat of a heart. Not seeing anything in the pitch black, I blink my eyes a few times trying to focus on anything. I can feel the cold wet floor under my arse as I steadily sit up, with what feels like a hole in my chest. It hurts but I don’t feel sad to tell you the truth I couldn’t feel anything emotionally, but I could feel the pain under my rib cage.

As I bring my hands to my face to see if I am truly awake. I feel like am in one of those dreams we’re you can tell it’s a dream but everything feels so real. Yeah am not dreaming but I am hungry, starving in fact. I placed my hands on the floor to feel for anything that could help me stand as my legs feel like jelly. I could smell something, it was intoxicating as I closed my eyes to try and get a better smell. I could hear the heart beat again but this time when I open my eyes I could see everything. Like someone had just turned on a light only there was no light. That’s when I spotted a black rat nearly a foot long tail included, walk near my hand. I watched as it put its noes to my fingers to smell me, my mouth started to water and all I could think about was the blood flowing through it’s tiny little veins in its tiny little body.

What happened after that I couldn’t tell you, honestly I can’t remember. I was just on my knees with this poor creature in my hands drained of blood. Lifting my left hand to my mouth I rubbed my fingers over my lips and pulled them back to inspect the hot liquid that was now running down my chin. Crimson red, warm and sticky what did I just do?

The hunger has subsided for now but I already know it won’t be long before it’s back.

Standing on shaky legs I slowly walk to some wooden stairs with my hand on the wall, to try and keep me upright. When I reached the top I wrapped my fingers around the cold door handle. Placing my ear to the door to see if I could hear anything before leaving the basement. Satisfied with the silence that looms over this place, I pushed the door handle down and opened the door. Entering a dinning room all dark wood and brass looking like someone had decorated it to look older then it actually was. I ran my finger along a small wood and glass cabinet, filled with small ornaments. I could smell the freshly varnished wood. It was nice nothing of what I expected.

My legs were steady now as I started to walk around the house, with every room I entered the more I felt drawn to the windows.

I couldn’t explain the feeling like I was there but not the one in control of my own body. Something about the small glare of sunlight seeping through the small gap were the curtains meet in the middle, it was shiny and hypnotising. Before I know what I was doing my feet started to walk to the window.

As my hands slowly went to the curtains to pull them open, I could hear people talking. They sounded like a S.W.A.T team getting ready to raid a house, only they wasn’t talking about drugs or guns. That’s when I herd a hard thud hit the front, instantly I ran back to the dinning room hoping my legs would take me to the basement door before the intruders could prises the door open.

Just as I go a hold of the door handle the front door came crashing in with a loud bang and glass shattering, I cringed at the sounds that was now screaming in my ears. Footsteps and guns loading, I pulled open the basement door, pulling it off its hinges and throwing it behind me. I didn’t realise that in doing so I hit some of the men in the head that had stormed in the house. Now only leaving two or three to chase me down the stairs.

To my advantage the basement was pitch black giving me cover to hide in plane sight, I ran to the far end of the room and Just stud with my back to the wall.

One of the men, a tall muscular beast seriously how the hell do men get that big, he kicked over a small metal table and I watched as he grabbed his shin and cursed. The hunger was back and I could see a small droplet now falling down his leg. That’s when my head shut down and instinct tuck over, I lunged at him. Landing on his back before he could react I forcefully stabbed my teeth into his neck. I had no idea what I was doing blood squirted everywhere and before I knew it three body’s laid on the ground and the basement was now painted red with there blood.

Standing in the middle of the room I looked at the ceiling and closed my eyes, the pain in my chest had gone. Walking back into the dinning room half lit with sunlight cringing at the sight, no longer feeling drawn to it in fact I hated it. It meant death for me but I was death to others, the dead body’s scattered around proved that.

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