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A girl. A vampire. A conversation.

Fantasy / Other
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Chapter 1

“Eat,” Baron slid the plate towards Deirdre, glaring.

“No,” she said stubbornly, sliding the plate back to him.

“Don’t be stubborn,” Baron slid the plate of dark greens and fish towards her. “I read over the internet today that greens and certain seafood are supposed to help with anemia.”

“I don’t remember inviting you in, don’t vampires have to be invited in,” Deirdre was tempted to just reach out and smack it to the floor. The idea of Baron losing his cool and turning purple in the face was certainly amusing but than the long winded lecture she would get about wasting food and being ungrateful was definitely not worth it.

“That’s a myth,” Baron said, taking the excuse of taking a long drink from his mug---of what, Dierdre didn’t want to think about--to not look at her, “Vampires don’t have to be welcomed in.”

Yes they did actually but it didn’t have to be verbal, a welcome mat worked just as well. On the same side of the coin, someone could also rescind their invitation, they specifically had to say I rescind your invitation to my home. Otherwise? No dice.

“And I suppose next you’re gonna tell me garlic isn’t deadly to you?” Dierdre growled, stubbornly unwrapping a candy bar scrounge up from her bag always kept at her hip. God only knows how old the candy bar was.

“Not in the way you’re thinking,” Baron said, shifting in his seat as he leaned forward with a wide smile. Deirdre leaned back in response. He fell back on chair, trying to temper down on his excitement. It’s been decades since he’s had someone to talk to, “Garlic reveals our real natures. Fangs, claws, red eyes, the whole shebang.”

Shebang,” Deirdre muttered, chomping on her candybar. “How old are you again?”


“You don’t look a day over 60.”

“I was turned at 27!”


“Eat your food young lady!”

“You’re not my mom.”

“I’m allowed to worry about friend.”

“You’re not my friend! You’re a creepy thing that just showed up in my house of nowhere, completely uninvited!!” Deirdre suddenly yelled, eyes flashing and slamming her hands on her the table, pieces of chocolate, nuts, and caramel flying from her mouth. Her parents were one of those people who believed in letting their kids make their own mistakes, not a bad thing when taken out of context. But it also meant they treated her less like a daughter than a friend. They weren’t really there...perhaps physically (sometimes) but not emotionally. They expected her to take care of things even as a 8 year old kid who barely knew left from right, or that you shouldn’t eat paste. It was how she grew up. It was how she lived, even now.

Now, all of a sudden, there was someone who was there all the time. And made her do things like eat her greens and healthy foods and not just fast food or take out or lays potato chips. It was...well she didn’t know what it was. But she didn’t like it.

She glared at him and hated his smug little face, his unbreakable calm, his inability to leave her alone, “You’re just worried about your meal ticket.”

“Go to your room!!” Baron said, jumping to his feet and ashen face turning pink.

“I was gonna do that anyway!” She kicked the chair into the table, something rattled and fell over to the ground, and stomped up the stairs. “I’m going ’cause I want to! Not ’cause you told me to!”

She slammed her door shut, so forceful it rattled the windows of her room. She muttered darkly under her breath, “Stupid vampire.”

Baron knelt down, starting to clean up the mess. He said sadly, “Stupid girl.”

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