The Key of Deadric: Darkness and the Key

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A long time ago the Creator of All made the world. The Gods and Demons were made. War broke out and the Demons were imprisoned. Now darkness spreads that will force heroes to join in a quest. The world of Deadric has magic, many races, and secrets. A long time ago the creator of all made the world. The Creator made The Gods and Demons too. War ensued, and the Demons became banished, imprisoned beneath the earth. Now the Demons have sent their champion to put an end to magic and free them. Destiny has called the children of the Gods to put aside their differences and unite to save the world. Human, Lycosinth, and High Elf champions will come together to defend their home. Contains Fantasy Violence, and an Original Story.

Fantasy / Erotica
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In the beginnings, before Deadric came to be, there was dust, far as the eye could see. The Creator of all Created water, then he combined it with the soil making mud. He then took the mud, and with the breath that created the ages, he blew life into the ball of mud. Trees, plants, creatures, and all forms of life grew from the mud. As the Creator of All watched the life form, he began to show emotion. As his feelings changed, an element of each magic appeared. The creator created the moon and made the moon affect the elements. As the elements finished forming, the creation took shape as it is now. The creator of all needed companionship in his creation if he were to live in it. He created the Gods and the Demons, two sides of the same coin. Eventually, the Gods and the Demons began to fight. The Gods conquered the Demons and sent them into exile below the land. This War of the First Coming had ended. To replace their lost brothers, the Gods made the High Elves, the Lycosinth, and the Humans. As the Demons slept, their presence beneath the earth created evil to replace them. Monsters sprung up on the empty continent, on the other side of the world. The evil even penetrated the hearts of those created by the Gods. The amount of evil grew too great and threatened the land. The monsters warred amongst themselves and even warred with the children of the Gods. The Gods gave their creations three gifts to combat the evil. The first was intelligence; the second was a power that gave their creations the ability to control the elements, the third was a key of powerful magic that had the power to change the world. The Gods fought alongside their children in battle. The great evil was defeated, and peace reigned throughout the land. The War of the Second Coming had ended and began The Golden Age.

During that time, the three races grew apart. Different ideas, cruelty, and hate drove the three apart. The Humans went into the cold north, and as time passed, they forgot their magic and used their intelligence to make their lives better. The Lycosinth went south into the hot sands. They use their intelligence and their magic to create tools to make their lives better. The High Elves stayed in the middle of the land, in the lush green jungles. They spend their time communing with nature, practicing magic, and never forgot their origins. When the three races grew apart, the Gods decided it would be best to no longer walk among their children. The Gods left their children to their own devices.

However, destiny did not abandon them. The three races were destined to interact with each other again. The Gods were destined to return. For now each race had problems to deal with, but eventually, something would show itself to unite them. Something that would carve heroes out of certain individuals, and light the way to become Gods.

The World of Deadric still holds many more secrets, hidden pasts, powerful objects, and more power than you could believe.

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