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By khiakhia All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 1: Moving Out

Pain is all I felt at my house every day because of my abusive uncle, John.

He is beating me now because I didn’t cook his food good enough for him, he was punching and kicking my face and stomach which created the bruises, as usual. He stopped beating me but got one last kick which made me cough up blood and John laughed at me.“Oh and pack your stuff because we are moving out this place for good” I watched him walk up the stairs and go into his room.

I looked up at him like he was crazy because he is, but I didn’t want to leave London, it’s my hometown where I grew up and is the only place that reminds me of my mother. My mother was my guardian angel and I loved her dearly but she died when I was 16 and no one never told me why. My dad went missing before my mom died and no one ever found him so I was left with the only family that would take me in which was John.

I started to cry and I picked myself up slowly and started to limp to my room. I started to pack my clothes and went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and I didn’t look like the little girl who was happy before I was broken and weak.

I continued to pack all my stuff in my bathroom like my makeup, curling iron, flat-iron, and some of my hygiene products and put that all in my suitcase. I looked at my room and thought of all the memories that were here, me being happy with my mother and father, finding out my father went missing, my mother dying, then me getting beat by my uncle. I didn’t know I shedding more tears so I wiped them away finished up my packing.

I noticed I packed everything and after all my packing was done I went straight to bed and thought where we were going to live and I wondered if I would have friends in my new “home”

Alex Harris, 17 almost 18 in a couple of months. Green eyed with blonde hair, an only child, and lived in London all her life. She turned out pathetic and weak and no one will ever help her from this nightmare she constantly is stuck in.

I wonder if someone will help me escape from this life

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