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Born of the god Cronos and of the goddess Rhea, one child titan is spared a gruesome fate; by his fathers' power controlling concerns..... A young boy awakens on a secluded island. His charge, a mysterious woman on divine collaborations..... The boy, Zeus begins a journey to fund his place in the world of men; on the road to reaching his true destiny, as king of the gods.....

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Chaos….. Swirled, in an eternal forging of creation….. Born of Chaos, arose Nyx: Child of the night, and Erebus: the child of the darkness….. From the expanse, of eternal night and of darkness; arose Eros. Eros, brought light to the void; that was known as night, and as darkness; a balance between the forces, chaotic and those ordered; reigned…..

Eros, was to be; known as a great forge of worlds. The Earth, to have been formed by an unknown force that would, one day- be recognized as being Earth’s first architect, of Eros’ creation. Of- this world, there was to be known: The Heavens, The Sky, The Lands, The Oceans and Seas, and the Dark Regions beneath the Earth; that were to be known as: Tartarus…..

As the new-born planet grew to maturity; trees and plant life, rose across the Lands; and Gaia, the daughter of Eros; and of the Earth Mother, had been born….. Of, Chaos and of Gaia, there was to be born: Uranus, the Father of the Heavens….. Gaia, and Uranus were to become as mother, and as father to the first children that would; be born of the Earth…… Of the first children, to be born of Gaia, and of Uranus; there were to be known: The HECATONCHEIRES, three giants; that were- to be known as having fifty heads, and one- hundred hands. The names, of these monstrous children were: COTTUS, GYES, and BRIAREOS…..

The next three children to be born; of God Uranus and of Gaia Earth Mother; were the colossal one- eyed giant-kin, known as: The Cyclops…... The three Cyclops, to be born of Gaia and of Uranus, were to be known as: ARGES, The Shiner; BRONTES, The THUNDERER; and STEROPES, The Lightning Maker….. The children of Gaia, and of Uranus had been born with the power of the elements, of the Earth. God Uranus, he was known to be fearful of his first six children, and the spiteful God imprisoned them all- deep beneath the Earth’s surface, within the darkest regions of Tartarus…..

The final children to be born of Gaia, and of Uranus were to be known as: The Twelve Titans……. The Twelve Titans, were to be known as: OCEANUS, TETHYS, HYPERION, THEA, RHEA, CRONOS, COEUS, CRIUS, IAPETUS, THEMIS, MNEMOSYNE, and PHOEBE…….. Of the children of The First Titans; there was to be: HELIOS, PROMETHIUS, EPIMETHEUS, and ATLAS….. For the love of her children; did the Earth Mother, so turn against the ill- conceived reckonings of her husband. Gaia, with the aid of Cronos, and of The Titans: rose up against God Uranus…..

In the final battle; God Uranus fell to Cronos, the once ordained: Father of the Heavens; to be imprisoned within the darkest regions of Tartarus that would soon be known as; the lowest regions of: The Underworld….. The blood, of Uranus; would shower down upon the Oceans and the Seas, and upon- the Lands; of the Earth….. From the Seas; there would arise, the Goddess: Aphrodite; and from the blood that had touched the Lands, there was to be born: the one hundred- handed Giants, and the serpent- haired beings known as: The Furies…..

Uranus, now a prisoner; Cronos and Rhea became as: rulers of the heavens…… Fearing that all of his children may one day rise up against him, as had been done to Uranus, his father; Cronos imprisoned his first five children within the bowels of the: Abyss, a place of eternal- imprisonment; by his own design…..

Upon the birth, of his sixth child; Cronos was tricked by Rhea; and the child that would soon come to be known as: Zeus; was saved….. The child named Zeus, was concealed within a cave; on the island of Crete….. Zeus, to be raised, and protected by- minor goddesses of nature; that were to be known, by the Gods; as the Nymphs…..

The Fates of the heavens; granted blessings of sanctuary to this immortal child, and upon his age of maturity; do we begin this tale, of Gods and of Titans…..

The young immortal looked hard upon the heavens; in a silent contemplation of the past. From, his childhood; he can remember nothing. The boys’ guardians, calling themselves Nymphs of nature, and the seas. The man’s childhood, it had been wrought by strange dreams, of beings from the place of the Gods; and by nightmarish premonitions, that may one day come to pass.

The Nymphs, they had schooled the young boy in the skills of: reading and of writing, and of speaking. The young boy, he had also been trained in the survival talents of: fishing, and hunting, and of cooking. The questions that continually arose from the mouth of the child during his teachings; on thoughts of his father and his mother; were answered: with riddles; that would lead to more questions. The Nymphs, informing the boy that: the Fates of the heavens will tell him the answers to all of these questions, when come time of the immortal’s destiny; is close at hand.

Young- Zeus, shook his head in a silent frustration, over all these mysteries, that are but shadows- of his unknown past. Whispering a prayer to the Fates, and to the Earth mother; as he had been taught; Zeus turned to glare upon the cave that had been his home for nearly nineteen years. His thoughts soon dwell on the Cretan city known as KNOSSUS. His thoughts, are quickly interrupted by an unfamiliar voice.

KNOSSUS! It, lies in wait for a ruler, that has been- preordained by the Fates….. Your destiny, it lies elsewhere; young Zeus…..”

Zeus, turned fast to lay eyes upon the stranger; his eyes to behold a woman illuminated of great radiance. Zeus- instinctively raised his arms to shield his eyes.

“….. You, you- are not; one of the Nymphs….. Your- brilliance, it is great! Are you, of the heavens?”

The woman, smiled silently on the young immortal, and by her minded- whims, in a silent understanding of his sight predicament; the Goddess shifted from divine being to that of a mortal girl, the age of middle years; with black hair and alluring light blue eyes.

“……. You may un- shield your eyes now; Zeus of Crete……. I stand before you, as a mortal being…..”

Lowering his arms, the young man looked upon the other in silent wonder.

“Forgive me of my ignorance my lady? For, I know not; whom it is to be known in divine graces, that stands before me…..”

The goddess manifest before him smiled, the woman within; she stifled a chuckle.

“Fear not, young Zeus of Crete……….. Many secrets, have there been; kept from you, for your safety…... Now, it is time for you to know the truth…... I am Gaea, the mother of earth…... I am what is to be known as your grandmother…..”

The face of the young immortal, man- bred now writhed strangely; in a reflexive disbelief, of the words he has now heard spoken.

“.…. How can this be Lady Gaea? I am but a man, not a god…..”

Gaea laughed at the young boy’s naive attitude.

“You are of the gods young Zeus…. You were raised as a man to conceal your child birth from your father Cronos…..”

“If this is true Lady Gaea, then what am I to accomplish; in reckoning of this earth? How is it, that I will find my destiny?”

“.….. In the kingdom of Phoenicia, young Zeus; shall you begin your quest….. There, you will know, and you will find clues; to fulfilling your destiny….. You must journey forth, to the city of KNOSSUS…. There you will find a means of transport to the great city of Tyre, that lies in the kingdom of Phoenicia…..”

Zeus, is once again forced to shield his human born eyes, as the radiance of Gaea’s divine brilliance slowly returns.

Fear not, young Zeus………... My guardian Nymphs, they shall provide you; with suitable clothing; and the monks of temple of Rhea shall give you gifts from your mother…..”

The young man named Zeus, he caught a glimpse of the earth mothers’ true visage out of the corner of his left eye. Gaea granting her charge the blessings of her divine protections before disappearing from his sight.

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