Raziela is my name (The Sen Clan#1)

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The kingdom of Warlocks and Witches is hidden in the Northern Islands of Khorumboo which is known for its beauty and the humble legends residing there. The khorumboo is the most amazing place. What is the most important thing in this galaxy for a creature?? lets think......for every creature its different. Some want food while other want shelter while some even crave for power. Ahh now power is a very tricky little thing. don't you think. lets get on a ride of a creature life of dark and light and and see what the enticing creature does and learn some wonderful tricks of life.

Fantasy / Thriller
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The room was only illuminated by the soft glow of the lamp which was the only piece of antique furniture that was dearly loved by lady Prasanna. As was the ritual, the lady of the house was allowed to keep only one thing with her…always which would be the gift from her parents. The blasting in laws of hers always threatened her of the breaking the lamp but being the daughter of the most fearful legends that resided on the planet of khorumboo they couldnt even touch her literally......

So lets get on a journey of the ancestor of Lady Prasanna and find why she is so powerful afterall every legend is a thriller. Right????!!!!!!!

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