All the Animals and All the Men

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Chapter 3

Snakes slithered out from their crevices of the earth, taking with them venom from the pits of hell. Their tongue's darted from their mouths like small whips, lashing the world around them like a mistaken slave. Their bodies constricted, turned, and dragged. The sound filled the air as hundreds of snakes rose from the depths of the earth to offer the forbidden fruit of death.

The clouds flickered and a boom spread across the land. The roar of some great god spread over the land. The clouds thickened, and it began to rain frogs. Thousands of frogs landed upon the earth in unison and their croaks and groans filled the air in a terrible, rumbling concerto.

Forlorn and empty, the world bowed beneath the new conflicted forces of nature that ruled it. A statue, once marble and beautiful, stood in the center of the field. Its lips drawn into an easy smirk. the hands destroyed and crumbled at the pedestal of the statue after years of decay.

Bird excrement caked the shoulders, and the hair was chipped and damaged. The feet had been weathered to broad wedges, with two slim legs ready to collapse supporting a basic, grey torso, chips of paint hung to the breasts.

The face was clear, and happy. A strange caricature to the land. The smile drawn forth and gathering all attention, eyes half closed as if the strange figure was in some ethereal high. The nose chipped off like some great priceless roman craft. The statue stood overlooking the land like some vision from Michelangelo. David stood upon his legs and his weathered head watched nothing and everything.

At the base of his pedestal, someone had carved a message years ago. Frogs welled up at the base, and snakes twisted and constricted about his legs, as if trying to feast on the flesh of the men left extinct. As the chirps and croaks of the world welled up, and the chaos spread. The ear drums of the world collapsed and cracked. David stood and beneath him the message read, as if a warning from the model himself, "hell hath finally arrived"

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