The Missing Spirit

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At the dawn of time, gods ruled over all life on Earth. When young Keana discovers the cost of her immortal spirit, she must escape angry gods to fight for a rising new species: humankind. Journey back to the past. Two hundred thousand years in the past. During a grueling Ice Age, ruthless gods ruled over a planet populated by cavemen, mammoths, unicorns and saber-toothed-tigers. Meet fifteen-year-old Keana and her immortal friends who linger on the brink of divinity. They have waited their entire lives for their chance to awaken: the day they could become gods themselves and receive their divine abilities has finally arrived. But danger strikes when a forsaken tribe comes knocking at heaven's door, hungry for a piece of their divine privilege. Keana and her friends will discover there is not only life beyond their gated paradise, but also... death! Will the young gods-to-be sit through eternity pretending human lives don't matter or will they find a way to escape, even if it costs them their right to live forever? "Eternity Departs" is a prehistoric fantasy series. The first book is titled "The Missing Spirit". May Deva be with you.

Fantasy / Adventure
P.J. Maia
5.0 16 reviews
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Dear reader:

I have decided to pull “The Missing Spirit” from Inkitt and pursue self-publishing on Amazon.

Thanks to your support, your votes and your readership, this dream project is now getting ready to hit shelves worldwide.

I would like to thank Inkitt as well for hosting this story and for connecting the novel to its very first readers.

For more information on the official release, please visit and follow “The Missing Spirit” on Facebook and @eternitydeparts on Instagram.

May Deva be with you!

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