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Fantasy / Romance
Shaikh Fatima
Work in progress
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~S Y N O P S I S~

Once upon a wintry midnight,

She walked in through the forest.

Staring at the starry sky,

Dark and bright.

A breeze of air hit her face,

Making her cold and wary.

Forest as dark as smoke,

And dangerous as in those old folks.

Because she didn’t knew he was awake,

From his eternal sleep.

He was like an ice,

Burning fire in his eyes,

Wearing the smell of blood and death.

He stood beneath the moon in the shadow,

He kept his gaze on her,

As she came wearing a flowery scent in the meadow.

He sprang towards her,

To capture her.

Because she had awakened the beast in him.

The beast they said, that once ruled the night.

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