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The Rise of The Melá-Jutis

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A Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases Thriller. Maxx discovers his Sesla given powers. The Melá-Jutis is created. Maxx and Art battle Mustler, The Gang of Five, and the Joqzonions. Art is captured by the gang.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Three Months Ago

It was an ominous night in downtown Guytic City, the pride of the wet lands, in Inglot Territory, on Sesla. Another frequent rain shower was cascading down on the magnificently designed buildings and paved roads of the architecturally advanced town. A dense cloud blanket hovered low over the metropolis.

As the cold rain continued to fall on the sleeping city, Mustler glanced at his watch. “It’s midnight. Let’s go,” said the super brilliant, genetically engineered, Gang of Five mutant member from Qashlet Laboratories Facility in the swamps of rural Guytic City.

Mustler and his Gang of Five followers approached the Guytic City Police Station armory. They were accompanied by Uy Llijc, the leader of the Joqzonions, and his group of aliens from the planet, Joqzon.

Mustler, the escaped, genetic engineering experiment, and heinous mutant, laughed. “Ha!Ha!...Ha!Ha!Ha!”

He paused briefly and easily picked the high-security lock on the door to the armory in the basement of the Guytic City Police Station.

“Let’s go,” he said to his four mutant followers and the Joqzonion followers that had joined his group.

The large group of mutants and aliens entered the weapons vault just after midnight. “Ha! Ha!Ha!...Haa!...,” laughed Muster evilly as he joyously viewed the large arsenal of weapons.

The large room was stocked full of rifles, handguns, bazookas, flame throwers, grenades, etc. The weapons were wall to wall.

As he viewed the enormous collection of firearms, he said, “With these weapons, I’m on my way to taking over Sesla.” He turned to Uy Llijc, the Joqzonion leader, “I need as many Joqzonions as possible. When can I expect more of your friends to arrive?”

Uy Llijc, the leader of the Joqzonions, replied, “More are on their way. A lot more! They’ll be here soon!”

As the outlaw group stared at the room full of high-powered, police weapons, the armory door flew open. A heavily armed group of city police and territory troopers ran, crawled, and rolled into the armory. They were each wearing heavy, bulletproof armor. The outbreak of gunfire that ensued was horrifying. “BOOM!...BANG!...BOOM!...BANG!...,”

The heavily armored police and sheriff troopers fired upon Mustler and his gang. Bullets sprayed the room. Glass in the gun cases was breaking everywhere. The walls were becoming full of bullet holes.

Mustler and his followers were well read in gunfire tactics. Due to their fast but in-depth studying, they knew exactly how to surround the minimally trained forces. The mutants and aliens quickly out strategized the police and began killing them one by one as the blood splattered.

The bloody gun battle continued as the police and territory troopers were shot numerous times, then quickly mutilated before dying – all to the pleasure of Mustler.

The numerous shot, then slashed into ribbons, officers fell to the floor in a puddle of their own blood – one by one.

Broken glass continued to fly through the armory. Bullets were penetrating the glass and walls everywhere making holes.

As Mustler watched with delight, the last trooper was shot full of bloody holes. As the dying officer lie on the floor bleeding, several of the Joqzonions rushed to him. With their long, bloody knives, they quickly cut him to ribbons. Blood splattered and poured from his mutilated body.

Mustler said loudly, “Grab all the weapons. Leave nothing behind. We are on to the next armory. I am going to take over Sesla!”

At the command of their mentor, the group began gathering the numerous weapons and ammunition. With full arms, they quickly exited the bloody, mutilated body filled, broken glass covered, bullet hole ridden, armory. They fled into the night in downtown Guytic City.

As they fled with their arms full, numerous police car sirens screamed in the distance as they approached. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

Standing across the street, an intoxicated, elderly Seslean coterie was watching the show. He watched as the gang hoppled out of the armory with their hands full of weapons of all descriptions.

As he stood while being frightened, he got a good look at the apparent leader as he exited the armory first. He watched them scurry into the ally as the sirens became louder. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

When he saw the gruesome sight, he dropped his liquor. It shattered on the ground. He thought with horror, “They’re a gang of mutants! They’re goulash!”

As he watched with horror, he thought, “They have enlarged heads with only had a few strands of hair. Their faces are deformed. Their eyes are large and uneven. Their ears are non-existent. Their row of sharp bone in their mouth protrudes sharply. Their legs are crooked and stick-like with large bumps. They have large distorted veins on their legs. Their feet are small and chunk-like.”

As he watched with fear and horror, the siren screams were becoming deafening. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

With fear and panic, the unlucky, intoxicated streetwalker fell to the ground while attempting to escape the horrific looking gang of mutants. As he lay on the curb trembling from fear, the last of the aliens disappeared into the alley. As he lay frightened and trembling, the first of the police drove up and stopped with a jolt. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

Very quickly, as the frightened streetwalker lie quietly and invisibly, numerous police cars drove up with their sirens screaming. “Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Wee…ooo, Wee…ooo….,”

The numerous police hurried into the armory. The sight they saw was gruesome and horrific. The entire room was shot full of gun holes. Broken glass was everywhere. There was blood everywhere. There were numerous, bloody, mutilated, uniformed police officers scattered throughout the large, destroyed room. There was a large message written in blood on the wall. The message read; “I AM TAKING OVER SESLA!”

Seven Days Ago

At the home of Detective Maxx Zeqster in Bedsult, in suburbia Kinkorx, in the vast open desert of Sesla.

Detective Maxx Zeqster and his partner, Detective Art Nekuma were in Maxx Zeqster’s cozy living room. They were designing and creating Maxx’s, Melá-Jutis, super-hero suit.

Maxx’s numerous self-painted landscape paintings populated the living room walls, hallway walls, custom kitchen walls, and other rooms in his comfortable, welcoming home.

Art used his creative skills to create a one of a kind costume for his mentor and now, full partner.

Art explained as he glanced at the Melá-Jutis, swamp stick that was standing in the corner of Maxx’s cool, well-decorated living room, “Since you’ve been given these incredible, enhanced sea doxer powers, and your unbelievable speed and strength, all given by Sesla, we need to create a costume that is really cool, as well as water-proof and durable. I know how much you like to travel under water using your super-sea doxer powers. We have to make your suit very tough and water-proof.”

As Art began to brainstorm, create, and draw, Maxx gazed at the Melá-Jutis swamp stick that he placed standing in the corner of his plush living room. He smiled as he recalled his adventure to Melá-Jutis, the enchanted city, in the wilderness marshland of the wet lands of Sesla. He thought as he recalled his many enchanted friends, “I will never forget my friends that I met at Melá-Jutis. Who would have believed the legends are true about the enchanted city? Who would believe the animals are magical – that they can read and talk?”

Suddenly his mind flashed to the horrific event at Qashlet Lab, in the marshland of rural Guytic City. He voluntarily injected himself with sea doxer venom while the mad scientists, Dr. Rewqust and Dr. Zarqre anxiously watched. They excitedly waited for him to begin the mutation process into a mutant sea doxer.

The paralysis and schizophrenic psychosis that accompanies doxer fever began. As he drifted toward unconsciousness from the doxer fever venom, with his last remaining sense of reality and strength, he pushed the next syringe. He injected the reversal drug into his vein.

The second injection contained the doxer fever, reversal drug that Dr. Leqtus Kin, the genetic engineer, invented. Only seconds later, he became unconscious. Several hours later, when he awoke, he was changed forever.

Maxx’s mind returned to reality. He thought as he sat in his living room while Art worked on the drawings, “I still remember waking up while lying on the gurney in that room at Qashlet lab. Dr. Zarqre was in the room thinking about the doxer fever, reversal drug. I could hear his thoughts as if he was talking. I could feel the vibrations from his movements.”

Art continued to quietly draw one costume draft after another and toss the failures onto the large leather, sectional sofa.

Maxx continued to gaze at the Melá-Jutis stick and remember, “Sesla gave me the name, The Melá-Jutis. She needs me to fight for her. It’s incredible that she speaks to me through my friend, the swamp stick. Just as soon as we get my costume made, I need to make the first trip to the wet lands as, The Melá-Jutis, and fight the invaders.”

Art tossed rejected scrap paper all over Maxx’s extravagant sectional sofa and numerous rejected drawings on the carpeted floor. As he drew, Sesla magically put Art in a trance.

As the trance continued, Sesla implanted a vision into Art’s mind. While in the state of incoherency, he began to unconsciously draw the image he saw.

After several minutes of incoherent, unaware drawing by Art, Sesla removed the trance and he became aware of his surroundings. With surprise, he began to examine the two drawings that were in his lap.

He bobbed his head in approval as he grinned and said excitedly, “I don’t know how I came up with these two drawings but I like them! This suit will make you look like a real super-hero. This cool all-terrain jeep will take you anywhere! As The Melá-Jutis, there’s no way of knowing where you’ll need to drive. You might need to drive deep into the wet land’s swamp or into the desert.”

He excitedly handed the drawings of the unique water suit and the small all-terrain jeep and trailer to his mentor and partner.

Maxx studied the drawings that Art had envisioned and drawn. “Wow! These look great,” he said with surprise as he studied the drawings, “This water suit is dark grayish, blackish, and bluish, with a swamp green cape and matching green goggles for underwater swimming. It’s complimented with long, white gloves with swamp green squares for pattern design matching.

I also like the drawing of this multi-colored, camouflaged, jeep, and the camouflaged trailer. Excellent job Art! I’ll call Reyd Pasmir, the manager of ByFuuton Auto Sales in Kinkorx, where I bought my convertible, and see if he has a vehicle like this,” declared Maxx.

Art responded as he nodded his head in approval, “Call ByFuuton Auto Sales right away. I’ll make this suit for you in no time. I already have some of the items in my collection of disguise equipment. I can get the rest. I’ll have you fixed up really fast.” He began to stand. “I’ll need your measurements.”

With amazement at Art’s talents, Maxx stood while holding the drawings of his new super-hero costume and jeep. He stretched out his arms.

Art removed his measuring tape from his pocket and began to measure Maxx’s massive, muscular body.

Since the injections of doxer venom and the doxer fever reversing drug at Qashlet lab, Maxx’s muscle mass had increased incredibly.

“Wow! I can’t believe how your muscles have grown. They’re huge,” he said as he measured and recorded the results. He tried to reach the top of his mentor and friend’s head. “I’m too short to measure your height,” said Art.

Maxx chuckled, “I’m seven feet two inches tall. The Razions are the tallest and most prestigious clans on Sesla and the Zeqsters are among the tallest Razions. I’m also the tallest Zeqster. I’m sure there is a Razion-Coterie that is taller than me.” He chuckled again. “I’ve never seen anyone yet.”

Art, the short, under-class, Pirtt-Coterie replied, “You don’t have to rub it in. I know the Pirtt-Coteries are the shortest and least prominent clan on Sesla,” he said as he wrote down Maxx’s incredible measurements.

Maxx understood his feelings and changed the subject as Art recorded his dimensions, “How do you like your new house?” he asked.

Art smiled. “It’s great. I have a big office for my database. We have three big bedrooms. My Mom will probably always want separate rooms. Even though my parent’s doxer fever is gone and they look normal again, they still fight all the time. They need separate rooms. I have a nice bedroom.”

Art continued, “We can’t thank you enough for the reversing drug that healed my parents of doxer fever and rescued them from Dunjyn Asylum. Also, thanks for buying this house for us, and thanks for signing the paperwork to get my detective license. Legally, I’m Detective Art Nekuma. I never thought that dream would ever come through.”

He shook his head in disbelief. “It wasn’t that long ago that I was a janitor at Wyluxx City High School. I worked for Mr. Pluxxer. I’m glad those days are over,” said Art as he completed the measurements.

Maxx smiled as Art stood ready to leave. “I’m glad things are working out for you and your family. Since I met you, my life and detective agency have turned around as well,” he said as he began to be choked up.

He changed the subject again. “How long do you think it will take you to make my costume?” he asked.

Art replied, “I’ll get right on it. I’ll bring it over in a few days. Don’t forget to call the auto sales about your all-terrain jeep and trailer. I know you need to make a trip to the wet lands as, The Melá-Jutis, as quick as possible, and I have a case to start. The Zeqster-Nekuma Detective Agency has another case.”

Felling a bit sheepish due to his lack of focus on their detective agency lately, Maxx asked, “Did a new client call you?”

Art responded, “I got a call yesterday from Sirrz Debmyuo. He saw you on the Wyluxx City TV News. He read about us in the Nivcozz Gazette and the Wyluxx City Times. He hired our detective agency.”

Maxx was surprised. “You mean the Sirrz Debmyuo?” he asked, “The designer and inventor of the “Sirrz Debmyuo Signature Collection of Firearms and Knives?”

Art replied, “That’s the one. He said he began the design of his personal line of firearms and knives when he was a teenager. Soon after that, he made the first rifle. Now he says his collection is available all over Sesla.”

Maxx responded, “I own several of his collectable firearms myself. I keep them locked in my hidden gun safe.”

Art replied, “He said he had an entire collection in his home safes. They were the entire first made of each series. He has his special signature on each one with the words first one made in the series. He said the writing on the collectables were different. For example, one read,

A Sirrz Debmyuo Signature Collection Knife

SD-3 Series Knife

First Made In The Series

Sirrz Debmyuo

depending on what the collectable was, the information changed. He also said they were all stolen out of his home safes.”

Maxx was alarmed. “They were all stolen?”

Art replied, “That’s why he hired us. His entire collection was stolen. His collection was locked in his home safes. Someone mastered the combinations and opened his safes and stole all of them.”

Maxx was curious. “Did he notify the Zeeton Territory Sheriff Department of the theft?” he asked.

Art replied, “He talked to Detective Brek Wolunn. He filled out a sheriff’s report and was told to file a claim with his insurance company – as if he was going to do that. He wants his guns and knives back. That’s why he called us.”

“His collection must be worth a fortune,” said Maxx.

Art replied, “It’s not only the monetary value, for him, the first made of each firearm and knife series is priceless.”

Maxx said, “Of course you told him that we would recover his stolen collection for him?”

Art replied, “Yes, I told him. He wants us to start his case immediately.”

Maxx replied, “Just as soon as you’ve finished my disguise and brought it to me, start his case. I’ll help you after a quick trip to the wet lands.”

He paused to consider the case. He said, “This will prove to be a very interesting case. Whoever stole his signature collection of firearms and knives will have a difficult time selling them. All of his signature collectables have traceable numbers and letters. Sirrz probably owns very expensive safes in his house. They would require an expert who is very skillful at combination lock manipulating to open them. The list of thieves with those skills is short.”

Art replied, “I’ll make your costume as fast as possible. I’ll bring it to you. You should call the dealership today. I’ll be back in a couple of days,” he said as he began to exit Maxx’s home, “After that, I’ll start Sirrz Debmyuo’s case.”

He paused to smile giddily. “I can’t believe you’re, The Melá-Jutis, and I’m Detective Nekuma. I’m actually running the Zeqster-Nekuma Detective Agency. This is so exciting!”

“Tell your Mom and Dad I’m glad they’re home and feeling better. Doxer fever is horrible. Dunjyn Asylum was horrific,” said Maxx as Art exited his home.

Maxx sat back down in his recliner and turned on the TV. He began to watch Kinkorx TV News. As he watched, news anchor, Meez Broplen announced, “We have another life report from Guytic City TV News. We’re going live to the news anchor at GCTV, Jimner Veqsen, for a life report.”

“This is Guytic City TV News Anchor, Jimner Veqsen. We are taking you live to our roaming reporter, Wilqy Dymzet, who is in the marshland of the wet lands for a live report.”

“Thank you Jimner, this is Wilqy Dymzet, the roaming reporter for GCTV. I’m reporting live from the rural marshland between Guytic City and Kvyutt. As you can see in the background, there are numerous fires burning in the swamps. According to numerous eyewitnesses, these fires have been set by the group that has been named, the Gang of Five, by wet lands residents. Adding to the problems by this outlaw group, it is reported that many Joqzonions have joined the gang. They are robbing, killing, and burning anything that they deem of value. It seems their targets of choice are places where weapons are stored. So far, the local authorities have been powerless to stop them…Can anyone stop this growing killing force?

As Maxx watched the destruction in the wet lands from the comfort of his TV and luxury recliner, he remembered the silent, crying words of his friend, the Melá-Jutis swamp stick.

She said as she cried, “You are the only one who can defeat the invaders and drive them away. Sesla has awarded you with powers. You must fight the intruders and save our land.”

He thought as he watched the horrific news, “I hope Art gets my costume ready quickly. I need to fight the Gang of Five and the Joqzonions before they get any stronger with more members. Every day, I’m reading more articles about flying saucer sightings that are arriving from Joqzon. They are trying to take over Sesla again, like when I was a child.”

As he watched, he thought, “I need to call Reyd Pasmir at ByFuuton Auto Sales right now. I need my all- terrain jeep, fast!” He jumped up from his recliner and walked to his database. He typed in ByFuuton Auto Sales.

Six Days Ago

The Morning at ByFuuton Auto Sales in Kinkorx

Detective Maxx Zeqster was standing in front of the small all-terrain jeep with trailer, that Reyd Pasmir, the manager of ByFuuton Auto Sales, had brought to the dealership over-night from the wet lands.

Reyd Pasmir stated with enthusiasm, “This small jeep has a big, turbo-charged motor and all-terrain tires. It’s painted in wet lands camouflage with a heavy-duty trailer. What do you think?”

Maxx smiled as he studied the small jeep and trailer. “The trailer needs camouflage paint and the jeep needs sand color camouflage added. I also need a tight cover for the jeep. How soon can you have the painting finished and a cover?” he asked.

Reyd Pasmir smiled enthusiastically. “I’ll have it ready tomorrow. I can have it delivered to your home. Will that work for your schedule?”

Maxx smiled. “That’ll work perfectly.”

“I’ll send Kotor Buknus from sales with the delivery to handle the paperwork in the comfort of your home. He and your new, turbo-charged, camo-jeep and trailer will be at your home tomorrow morning,” said Reyd Pasmir, the manager of ByFuuton Auto Sales.

Five Days Ago

The Morning

Maxx was sitting on his luxury recliner while watching Kinkorx TV News. The roaming reporter from Guytic City TV News, Wilqy Dymzet, was doing another live report from the wet lands. This report was from LyBeqt, in Meslerr Territory. “From where I’m standing, I can see several businesses in LyBeqt that are burning. My sources have confirmed that the flaming businesses contained weapons. The Gang of Five and the Joqzonions stole the guns inside, and killed, and mutilated the business owners while setting their buildings on fire…

As he watched the horrific report from the wet lands, there was a knock on the door. “That must be Kotor Buknus from ByFuuton Auto Sales with my new jeep and trailer,” he thought.

As the horrific news report continued from GCTV News in the wet lands, he turned off the TV. He walked to the door and opened it. A large smile consumed his alluring face.

He saw Kotor Buknus on his porch and the new camouflage jeep sitting on a heavy-duty camouflaged trailer in his driveway behind his new red convertible.

Kotor Buknus said as he pointed, while standing on Maxx’s porch, “As you can see, Detective Zeqster, your new jeep is in your driveway. I drove it around the car lot before we loaded it. That turbo-charged motor really flies. Those all-terrain tires are awesome. This little jeep will go anywhere,” said Kotor with excitement.

“Do you want to drive it first or shall we take care of the paperwork,” asked Kotor.

Maxx paused. “You say it drives fast?” he asked.

Kotor said ecstatically, “It flies. What until you drive it. You’ll love it.”

Maxx replied, “I’ll take your word for it. I would like it covered and hooked up to my car.”

“Right away Detective Zeqster,” he said. He turned to his associate. “Cover the jeep. Connect the trailer to the red convertible,” said Kotor to his mechanic.

“Please come inside. We can handle the paperwork at my table,” said Maxx.

“The paperwork is ready. Just a few signatures and we’ll leave you to your privacy,” said Kotor as he entered Maxx’s artistic, very cool home.

“Please have a seat at the table,” said Maxx as he walked to his elaborate kitchen and grabbed two bottled waters from his fridge.

He walked to his wooden, dining room table and sat next to Kotor Buknus. He handed Kotor a bottle of water as he pulled out the paperwork for Maxx to sign.

As they sat at Maxx’s exquisite, wooden table, Maxx signed the forms and paid for his new jeep. “That’s all the paperwork. I know you’ll love your new jeep. That motor is powerful. It’ll go anywhere. Call us if we can do anything else for you Detective Zeqster,” said Kotor as he put away his paperwork.

“I’m sure I’ll be very happy with it,” said Maxx.

Maxx walked Kotor to the door and opened it. “Thanks again for the business, Detective Zeqster. Call us if we can do anything else for you,” said Kotor as he exited Maxx’s home with the signed paperwork and a check for the entire amount of the jeep and trailer.

As Maxx stared at his new all-terrain vehicle, while Kotor and his helper drove away, he thought, “I need a cool name for my Melá-Jutis vehicle.” As he pondered, he walked back inside.

As he thought, he walked to the dining room and grabbed the bottled water. “What shall I name my new jeep?” he wondered.

He walked back to his living room and turned on his TV. As Kinkorx TV News continued, he thought, “The Melá-Jutis vehicle needs a special name, but what?”

As the TV aired, he ran one name after another through his mind. Suddenly Sesla caused him to drift into a trance. As he sat incoherent, Sesla implanted a vision into his consciousness.

As the momentary trance ended and he became aware of his surroundings, he smiled. The name Sesla implanted was in his mind. He thought enthusiastically, “The Phoenix!”

He smiled. “Maxx Zeqster died on that table in Qashlet lab and The Melá-Jutis rose again. The only fitting name for The Melá-Jutis vehicle is the Phoenix.

Four Days Ago

The Morning

As the Phoenix sat covered on the trailer, connected to the convertible in Maxx’s driveway, Art drove up in his newer blue mid-size convertible. He saw the covered jeep on the camouflaged trailer. “Wow! That was fast! He looks like he’s ready to go,” said Art as he parked on Lypont Drive.

He excitedly exited his convertible with the super-hero suit that he made and walked to the covered jeep. “I can’t believe it’s here already,” he said, as he looked it over.

While carrying the waterproof suit, he walked up to Maxx’s porch and knocked on his custom door. As he waited for the door to open, he gazed at the new jeep once again.

The door opened as Detective Zeqster stood there, smiling. Art said, “Your jeep and trailer look great, Detective Zeqster,” said Art, “I’ve got your suit. It looks like you’re ready for your first trip.”

Maxx nodded. “It’s a small, turbo-charged, camouflaged jeep. Kotor Buknus, from ByFuuton Auto Sales, says it flies. I had him cover it. Now that you’re here, I’m ready. Please come in,” he said.

While carrying Maxx’s super-hero suit in a box, he entered his home and walked to the sofa. “Do you want to try on your suit?” he asked hopefully as he sat down on the extravagant leather sectional sofa.

Maxx replied with a smile, “Yes, I would,” he said as he grabbed the box, “I’ll be right back.” He walked into his bedroom.

After several minutes, as Art gazed at Detective Zeqster’s numerous self-painted landscape paintings, Maxx returned from his bedroom. “What do you think?” asked Maxx.

Art was ecstatic. “You look awesome!” he said with a large grin.

Maxx’s very muscular arms and shoulders were accentuated by the dark gray water suit and swamp green full-body cape. He had on the dark gray, swamp green waterproof boots and white gloves with swamp green patches. He had on the green goggles for under water swimming.

“You look like a real super-hero,” said Art.

“I am a super-hero. I’m The Melá-Jutis. My all-terrain jeep is the Phoenix,” declared Maxx, “I’ve been watching the news. There’s a lot of looting and burning in the wet lands. I’m going to make my first trip there as The Melá-Jutis, this morning.”

“Be careful. The Gang of Five sounds dangerous. I’ll keep up with the news from the wet lands while I work on Sirrz Debmyuo’s case. Good luck,” said Art as he walked to the door, “I hope you like the Phoenix.

“Thanks. Kotor said it flies. I can’t wait to drive it,” said Maxx, “I’ll try it out tonight.”

“I’ll let you start your mission,” said Art. He exited Maxx’s home. “Good luck.”

“Thanks for the suit,” said Maxx as he watched Art walk toward his convertible. He closed the door.

He thought as he walked back to his bedroom, “I need to leave as soon as possible. I’ll fight the Gang of Five and the Joqzonions under the cover of darkness.”

He quickly changed out of his Melá-Jutis suit and into a strolling suit. “I’ll put my super-hero suit in my bag along with some other items that I might need,” he thought as he packed.

After a few minutes of packing, he thought, “I’m ready.”

While carrying the bag with his Melá-Jutis suit inside, he walked to his friend the Melá-Jutis stick. He thought as he smiled at the swamp stick, “I’m leaving to fight the invaders in the wet lands. I hope Sesla knows that I’m fighting them tonight.”

As he gazed at the swamp stick that he placed standing in the corner of his extravagant living room, he heard the girl’s voice again. “Sesla knows. She will be with you. You are The Melá-Jutis. Your extraordinary powers are a gift from her. Your Melá-Jutis suit is enchanted by her. Sesla has made the suit magical. It will be a part of you forever. It will always be on you. It is no longer in your bag. You must say Melá-Jutis to make it appear. Then say Melá-Jutis to make it disappear.”

With skepticism, he opened his bag and looked inside. With shock he said, “It’s gone! My suit is gone,” he said as he panicked. He remembered. “She said to say, Melá-Jutis!”

Magically, his Melá-Jutis suit appeared under his strolling suit. He was bewildered and shocked as the Melá-Jutis suit stuffed his strolling suit. Again, he said “Melá-Jutis!”

Magically, the super-hero suit disappeared. “Wow!” said Maxx, “I’m going to try that again.” He said, “Melá-Jutis!” The suit magically appeared under his strolling suit again.

As he stood in awe, and mystified by Sesla’s magical powers, he said again, “Melá-Jutis!” Magically, the suit disappeared and his strolling suit was comfortable again.

“That’s awesome!” he said loudly as he stood in front of the Melá-Jutis stick.

He said, “I wonder if I change if I think it.” He thought, “Melá-Jutis?”

He said, “I didn’t change. It only works if I say the word. I’ll have to remember that.”

As he stood amazed at his newly found knowledge, he said, “I just thought I understood Sesla’s powers. She’s magical. Now, I’m ready!”

With even more confidence, and his bag, minus the Melá-Jutis suit, he headed toward his front door. He exited his home.

“Sesla knows I’m driving to the wet lands and fighting the invaders. She has magical powers,” he thought as he laughed. “Of course she does,” he thought as he walked across his porch. He crabbed his full gas can that he placed their earlier for this trip and walked to his car.

“This is going to be strange pulling the Phoenix. It might take some time to get used to. I have a feeling I’m going to be doing many night missions,” he thought as he opened the trunk and sat the full gas can inside.

“I wonder how the Joqzonions will like it when I burn some of their space ships like they’re burning our businesses,” he wondered as he closed the trunk.

He walked to the car door and opened it. He entered his car.

With eager, Sesla given confidence, he slowly backed out of his driveway. With caution, he slowly turned onto Lypont drive in Bedsult, in suburbia Kinkorx.

He began the long drive across the desert to the wet lands, while pulling the Phoenix on the camouflaged trailer.

Several Hours Later

As Sesla’s afternoon sun shone brilliantly in the desert sky, Maxx drove along the highway in the open desert past the border of Xcuymir Territory into Inglot Territory.

As he pulled the Phoenix behind, numerous red scorpions were crossing the sandy road. As he attempted to avoid the multitude of scorpions, he ran over many of them.

“I’ve never seen so many red scorpions. I’ve never seen scorpions cross a highway like this, either,” he thought as he squished numerous scorpions under his tires.

As he continued to drive along the desert highway into Inglot Territory toward the wet lands, while squishing numerous red scorpions under his tires, he listened to “Radio Wet LandsClassic Rock of the Wet Lands.

As he listened to the rock music from Guytic City, the news reporter, Eyan Stomm broke in with a news bulletin, “This is Eyan Stomm, your Radio Wet Lands news reporter. We have breaking news from Bloqxess, in Meslerr Territory. It seems that the next target for the Gang of Five after LyBeqt is another small town in the marshland of Meslerr Territory. According to the news wire, the Gang of Five and the Joqzonions are looting stores in Bloqxess at this very moment. The local police are on the scene. There is reported gunfire…

As Maxx listened to the breaking news bulletin, he thought, “It seems I have a new destination. The Gang of Five are attacking businesses in Bloqxess. I need to get there as fast as possible. I need to get off this highway.”

As he continued along the desert highway toward Guytic City, the next exit sign appeared. “LyBeqt-Bloqxess Next Right”

“That’s my exit,” he said.

Maxx slowed and exited the highway. He merged onto the single lane road toward LyBeqt and Bloqxess.

As he drove into the swampland, he continued to listen to Radio Wet Lands- Classic Rock for the next news bulletin.

Several Hours Later

Darkness of night was overtaking the wet lands, as he approached Bloqxess. Eyan Stomm broke in with another news bulletin. “This is Eyan Stomm, your news reporter from Radio Wet Lands. We have another breaking news report from the news wire. According to our sources, the Gang of Five and the Joqzonions have exited Bloqxess. They have looted several businesses and killed the owners. Upon leaving, they lit the businesses on fire. Again, in Bloqxess, their targets have been businesses with weapons…

As the news bulletin aired, Maxx drove into the marshland city of Bloqxess.

His heartache was great as he witnessed the devastation in the darkness, first hand. He thought as he saw the destruction, “Eyan Stomm was right, there are numerous businesses burning.”

He gasped as he saw the mutilated bodies in the doorways of the burning businesses. “How could anyone do this? These were innocent business owners,” he said as he witnessed the devastation.

Suddenly with his super power’s he felt strong vibrations coming from the swamp. He thought, “The Gang of Five and the Joqzonions are down that swamp road. From the feel of the vibrations, they’re close. I need to become, The Melá-Jutis,” he thought.

He looked for a quick place to transform into the super-hero. “Those Ooyseen Bushes, along with the darkness, will work nicely for cover while I make the magical switch,” he thought as he saw the group of dense, thick swamp bushes. He hurried behind the thick group of swamp bushes.

He said loudly, “Melá-Jutis!”

Magically his super-hero suit appeared on his massive, muscular frame, beneath his strolling suit. With magical-speed, he removed his strolling suit revealing, The Melá-Jutis.

With super-speed, he flew back to his car as his cape fluttered in the wind. He tossed his strolling suit into the back seat.

With super-speed, he uncovered the Phoenix and jumped in. He started the powerful turbo-charged motor. “Rrmmm!...Rrrrmmm!...Rrrrmmm!...,”

He drove the small, camouflaged, turbo-charged jeep off the camouflaged trailer and followed the vibrations that he felt coming from the swamp road.

“Wow! This jeep is fast. It really flies. Kotor was right,” he thought as he pursued the strong vibrations into the dark swamp road.

As he drove the Phoenix deeper into the dark swampland, he began to hear voices. “I can hear them talking. They’re just ahead,” he thought as he drove the super-charged Phoenix.

As he drove farther. “They’re just ahead. I’m going to surprise them from the swamp. They won’t be expecting an attack from the water,” he thought as he stopped the Phoenix.

He jumped out and put his goggles into position.

With blinding speed, he leaped into the swamp. He swam down deep into the marshy water.

Mustler and the Gang of Five mutants from Qashlet Lab, along with their Joqzonion followers were escaping with their stolen guns and money from the businesses in Bloqxess.

They were slowly driving along the muddy road through the dark wet lands away from Bloqxess in their stolen jeep. “It was like you said, Boss. There were many guns in those stores. We chopped the owners to bits after we shot them full of holes,” said a Gang of Five member proudly.

“Ha! Haa! Ha!...Haa!...,” laughed Mustler evilly as they drove along the muddy, pothole-filled road, “They never knew what hit them. Their guns were ours for the taking.”

“What’s the next job, Boss?” asked Uy Llijc, the leader of the Joqzonions.

“Tomorrow, we’re hitting a bank in Kvyutt,” said Mustler as he laughed evilly, “Ha!... Haa!Ha!...Haa!....”

Suddenly, as they drove slowly and leisurely along the dark swamp road, something BIG flew out of the dark marsh water next to the road. With blazing speed, it attacked them.

“What’s that!” yelled a Joqzonion as The Melá-Jutis attacked with super speed in the darkness.

As the outlaw group grabbed their weapons, Mustler yelled, “Shoot it!” “BANG!...BOOM!...BANG!...BANG!...BOOM!...,” sounded the many guns as the outlaws fired at the dark gray and swamp green, caped, super attacker from the swamp.

With blazing speed, The Melá-Jutis grabbed their guns, one by one, out of their hands and threw them into the water while dodging the gunfire.

“Shoot him!” yelled Mustler. “BANG!...BOOM!...BANG!...BANG!...BOOM!...,” sounded the guns.

As the newest Joqzonion members continued to battle the caped, super-attacker, the Gang of Five and the leader of the Joqzonions, Uy Llijc, as well as other Joqzonions, fled into the dark swampland.

“BANG!...BOOM!...BANG!...BANG!...BOOM!...,” sounded the guns of the remaining Joqzonions as they battled The Melá-Jutis.

Maxx Zeqster continued to grab their guns, one by one, and throw them into the water. He tossed several Joqzonions into the swamp as well.

As the battle raged, the Gang of Five and the leader of the Joqzonions, Uy Llijc, and many of his followers fled farther into the dark swampland.

“Shoot him!... BANG!...BOOM!...BANG!...BANG!...BOOM!...,” sounded the guns of the remaining Joqzonions as they continued to battle The Melá-Jutis.

Maxx continued to grab their guns and throw them into the water.

He also tossed the remaining Joqzonions into the swamp. “Ah!...” said the Joqzonions as they were thrown by the super-Seslean into the dark water.

“Ahh!...,” said the last Joqzonion as Maxx tossed him into the swamp.

With super-speed, Maxx quickly looked around. He felt for vibrations. “They escaped,” he thought.

He studied the water. “They’ve all fled,” he thought, “All I see is their jeep. It’s time for me to flee as well. I need to get back to the Phoenix.”

With super-speed, he leaped back into the water. He swam deep and fast with his enhanced sea doxer powers.

In only seconds, he flew out of the water next to the Phoenix.

“My suit is magically dry. Good job Sesla!” he said.

He jumped into the turbo-charged jeep and started the large motor. “Rrrmmm!...Rrrmm!...Rrrmmm!...,” sounded the powerful motor as he began the brief drive back to his red convertible and trailer.

After a short drive, he drove the Phoenix onto the camouflage trailer.

“Now, I need to cover the Phoenix,” he thought. He jumped out and quickly put the cover back on.

He grabbed his strolling suit from the back seat. He began to put it on over his Melá-Jutis suit. When it was fully on, he said loudly, “Melá-Jutis!”

Magically, the Melá-Jutis suit disappeared. He was only wearing his strolling suit.

He jumped into his convertible. “It’s time to get out of here. Next, I’m going to really get their attention. I’m going to find some of their space ships and burn them like they’re burning these businesses. We’ll see how they like having their valuables burned,” he thought as he began to drive.

Several Hours Later

In the Dark Marshland Between Rural Guytic City and Kvyutt

Maxx stood next to his convertible on the rural road in the wet lands. He gazed into the dark, dense marshland. “According to Guytic City TV News roaming reporter, Wilqy Dymzet, there have been numerous eye-witnesses reports of space ships from Joqzon landing near hear. With my doxer senses, they shouldn’t be hard to find – even with the darkness of night. I’ll need my gas can and a lighter,” he thought, “I need to become The Melá-Jutis.”

He said loudly, “Melá-Jutis!”

His super-hero suit appeared under his clothing. With super speed, he removed his strolling suit and tossed it into the back seat.

He opened his trunk and removed the full gas can. He grabbed a lighter from his bag. He put the items into the Phoenix.

“Let’s find the flying saucers from Joqzon,” he thought as he started the turbo-charged motor. “Rrrmmm!...Rrrmmm!...Rrrmmm!...,” sounded the super-charged motor.

He drove the Phoenix off the trailer and speeded the all-terrain jeep into an over-grown dark swamp road.

As he drove along the dark, rough path in the wet lands, he felt for vibrations and sounds using his enhanced sea doxer sonar. “I feel something very big just ahead,” he thought as he slung mud.

He drove speedily along the rough, muddy swamp path in the direction his senses were pointing him.

He continued to throw mud as he speeded along the dark marshy path toward the large object that he was detecting with his super-senses.

After more turns through the swamp and mudslinging, he said, “There it is. That’s what I was sensing,” as he saw the small, gray and white space ship. He studied the area with his super-senses. “There are three more space ships in this area,” he thought.

He drove to the first space ship. “Let’s see how they like having their space ships burned,” he thought as he jumped out of the Phoenix.

He grabbed the gas can and lighter and walked toward the door. “How nice. They left the door open,” he said. He walked inside the small, cramped, stuffy space ship with his gas can.

“How dreadful,” he thought, “How long do the Joqzonions live in this cramped, smelly ship?” he wondered.

He quickly began to splash the gas all over the interior of the space ship.

“That will do for this one,” he thought as he exited the smelly space ship.

He put the gas can into the back of the Phoenix. He used his lighter to light a stick. He threw the burning stick into the ship. Immediately, the ship was full of flames.

“That takes care of one space ship. Now, I need to find the other three,” he thought as he jumped into the Phoenix.

He quickly scanned the area with his super-senses. “The next ship is that away,” he thought as he slung mud while accelerating in the direction of the next space ship.

In only seconds, while slinging mad, he drove up to the next saucer.

“It was nice of them to leave the doors open for me again,” he thought as he jumped out of the Phoenix and grabbed the gas can.

He walked inside the second space ship. He splashed gas all around and exited the ship. “That will do for this one,” he said. He exited the space ship.

After putting the gas can back in the Phoenix, he lit a stick and tossed it into the flying ship. It immediately became inflamed.

“That takes care of two of them,” he thought as he jumped into the Phoenix.

As he slung mud, he speeded toward the next ship, in the darkness.

After only seconds, he saw the last two. “How nice. They’re sitting next to each other. That makes my job even easier,” he thought as he jumped out of the Phoenix and grabbed the gas can.

While carrying the gas can, he entered the third space ship and splashed gas around. He exited the third ship and walked across the swampy ground and into the forth space ship. He quickly splashed gas around the inside of the forth one. “That’ll do,” he said as he exited the fourth ship.

He put the gas can in the back of the Phoenix.

He picked up one stick and lit it. He threw the burning stick into the third space ship. It blazed immediately.

He lit another stick and threw it into the fourth space ship. It also became ablaze immediately.

Maxx smiled as he watched the blazing, small, gray and white space ships from Joqzon. “The Joqzonions seem to like setting our businesses on fire and killing Sesleans. Let’s see how they like their ships set on fire,” he thought.

“It’s time to get back to Bedsult and see what the reaction is from the Gang of Five and the Joqzonions. It’s surprising the multi-colored lizards aren’t attacking me,” he thought as he jumped in the Phoenix.

“Rrrmmm!....,” sounded the turbo-charged motor as the mud slung, as he speeded away.

He speeded through the muddy path toward the road where his convertible was parked as the flying saucers burned. The black smoke filled the night air as he hurried along the muddy trail.

“Rrrmmm!...,” roared the motor as he drove through the trail.

The Phoenix jumped into the air as he cleared the muddy trail and drove onto the main road where his convertible and trailer were parked.

“Wow! That’s a lot of fire and smoke,” he said as he watched the smoke and fire billowing from the four Joqzonion space ships that were ablaze, “Anyone can see the flames for miles.”

He drove the Phoenix onto the trailer.

As he watched the bellowing smoke and fire, he covered the Phoenix. “I need to change back into my strolling suit before I drive back,” he thought.

As he watched the rising pillar of smoke, he grabbed his strolling suit and put it on over his super-hero suit. He said loudly, “Melá-Jutis!”

His Melá-Jutis suit disappeared. He jumped into the convertible. As he looked at the still billowing cloud of black smoke and the flames in the night, he thought, “It’s time to drive home.”

He began the long drive through the dark, muddy wet lands roads toward the desert highway to Bedsult, under the cover of night.

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