Parcels of 7

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Chapter 3

But the attacks on the line do not cease. What was the love affair that lasted a hundred years? Why attack and madden the women. If the legal heirs were these women, why if he had been the illegitimate line what would it do to him?

“It will do nothing at all.”

So why he attack them drive them insane orders by his command because some generals went to the river with the girl? Why? What did happen was she a relative so in that cause it is his relations towards her to make her the object of his concern?

That wild creature now marries a man with a stammer, almost filthy with the stammering. He ridiculously does lick his tongue and walks as if behind his arms he is this ambling male. I make no remarks about this but it causes me grave anxiety to think the marriage is not one of wedlock?

I do not want to be a beast but should a romantic heroine marry this? Well the feeling is she not very happily after what she had been used to? I do not mention the stammer at all.

So is it a object of concern to give to a man who has only half a crown. He Hussein with the half a crown a man who was not aroused enough to leave on their honeymoon to do something to make it up to the woman.

A close net community of women all with secret lusts and dreams not realised married to men whom they had to marry in order to get into the very houses now their cages. If anyone sneezed the rest of the community knew.

All them women were enjoying the murders as if reality television. They were taking off as they watched each of the each murder each other.

“Oh dear, cousin your chickens in our yard?”

“So your chickens fled into my yard?”


“So you seen them in the yard.?”

“Yes of course I see and hear everything.”

“Oh Ati oh my dear cousin to see at last the very things which did not could not have seen in all that time.”

“She said she has seen after fifty years she has said she has seen.”

She has turned round now and has left us. She has not said another word. What is the matter with them all? What can’t have mattered to us matters to her. She has seen Oh my God she has said she has just seen. It is near my own end. Leave me something God leave me something to call my own.

“Why what is the matter with you?”

“She is overjoyed to see you.”

“Well of course she is strange.”


“Let us all go to the Turkish baths and seek our reality.”

“I have already had mine.”

“Sure we are only using the little ham am today we do not want to expose them all at once.”

Murders happened in that house yet nobody knew what ? My God we have the beasts all roaming round the world because of that house. It bred so many psychos we now know why psychos are made.

Some wife who has seen so many dandies it would drive both mad? Imagine a woman who knows more than her man? Well most Turks hate their wives already. That is why they get many so they can roam round also they keep a dog just to let it loose when it gets too argumentative.

Accidents can happen if the wife is not or has died. Then the daughters get it. Plastic surgeons have made huge leaps in the remodelling of the face. My auntie in Australia can prove this no mark on her face no one.

But according to the good judgements made and solace in the bottle not drunk and plentiful. We now have the worst case basis should we deplore our generals or command them to the Queen on her Variety performances?

Drive round the parks can be entertaining to see the little beings who will beam me to this climate of change and prostitution which says I love being a women. I am all women me. Who is in a group show in order to increase the Medusa intake.

Our breath-layers are not working today. The woman driving her cab office can’t change her tyres. Officialdoms caught on around the world causing the jet set ill wind. I meant no harm when extinguishing my juices in the lemons.

I thought it was a baby bottle. Breastfeeding. Yes we are all breastfeeding today. Down the hatch down the umps and off to the race courses to enjoy the deplore the good sense we were born with, Did you become the shagged out witch? It is lovely to speak such sense sweet heart. I loved your latest movie do it again sometime.

A pauper male who has not much reading and writing. A clever woman who happens to be his wife. Then when he earns enough money, he is besotted to such an extent leaves her with the undertaker.

He is so smitten with jealous rage that he allows her to be mutilated in order to keep her indoors. Having the control of the keys in the house now he is doomed to poverty as nobody is in sympathy with him any longer.

So his father in law dead the good Ati’s husband is the father or the lover of Emin and when she and he no longer able to keep the whole thing going the thing is let me expand. Ati and Emin are related even so they are so into being the true sisters that the daughter is the first cousin of the Ati so being the first cousin the father must have been the uncle or the family member?

So having sorted that out one goes to ask the question these secrets and incest’s in the house where do they get swept into respectability is when the man have brains to do and wield power that the power house was of course the senator. The senator is the one who died in a brothel with chocolate in his mouth. He gave them everything for working the wife of Hussein who actually resented the affair but nobody knew about it least of all the couple. You see the seething resentments that can build over a life time the stigma of being the brunt of jokes when the other person is not faithful the sting in the tale and all that? The unhappy person as the other one is so happy and smug because he or she has gotten away with it all?

I know these people I know them better than most because of course of my own unhappiness. The thing is I am an expert at it now I am what this made me. I am like Hussein and he was like me but the thing was did I fail myself in the end did I waste him? No I went and got laid with someone else did not I and behaved better than I should have done so why this sadness why this rage is because it was such a waste of time one man is very like another and that is what I am saying that one man feels and smells like anyone else and there is no use grieving if one of them lets you down.

Hussein for selling his wife got the power and the bank and all that. But then he went mad. He got the wife to work and then that mattered less as he and she through and he wanted her to remain faithful to him when the work was finished but she could not. She would not remain faithful to him.

Everyone thinks it is a good joke.

Transatlantic and all into a breathy voice the one without the breathy voice did not get it. So have problems in a relationship so they have to draw straws in order to find who will finish it off. Give the dog a bone.

Not bone marrow a bone so give it to him. No bones about it we are giving them rich dogs all the bones we can and still he is not satisfied. Should we inject a bit more blood into this?

He is the very newest vampire and he has not been in the grips of the greatest vampire adventures so he has seen the lot. This is the Circus out him already seen it. This is Mickey Mouse and the whole wonderland the whole lot the starry nights the endless. What can we give an older vampire but his due and it is overdue what we fine him with?

She was given a present from him a gift from Ann Summers a gift to turn him on and he was following me when he saw the gift when we went into the shop together and I could not afford to buy but he bought the Ann Summer lingerie for her and not me.

Steak him out put a steak into his heart but he did not have one he had given it to someone else.

Then he and she had the high life the very fat of the land I was allowed to be fattened up in the cafe and led a austerity of a life which is what this is about is it not one is fed the right food the other is allowed to melt in the pot and melting pot is the ideas pot for the whole circus life?

Well what does he have now?

He is bored. Shut him in a cage? With what he can get out of loving them girls he loved girls he loved them women for him were love which he never had from the real parents for him it meant love-love all the time because his parents did not love him.

They say you can’t take it with you but what odds when you think you can marry a bitch on heat then take the other one too? To have a mistress is good but when it turns nasty what happens to decorum to respect and all that? It is politics is it not? To make it okay to make it right to have the field day and come back as this heroic male friend and mating calls with this and the other on the way I am putting you on hold.

I am putting you on hold there is too many women after me I am so popular my God do you know why you were so popular? Everyone expected to win you in there and now you are a worn over worked male chauvinistic pig and everybody has been there.

Extra meaty bone? No fresh produce at all. There is not enough time. Retry the older ones? What for they have been. Try something? Like what? Weather report? The moon is rising over the horizon and this will make the planes stand still. There what else?

“Try setting the mad woman at him. ”


“If that does not finish him off nothing will.”

“She ruined my dad a happy revenge.”

“Yes hacked off his penis without provocation.”

“Said she thought he a general my father a king not a comedown general.”

“It is absolutely a disgrace that my dad was mistaken for a general and had his penis hacked off for it.”

“Think before impersonating a general?”

“No he had his crown on why the mistake was made no one did say.”

“We were so happy at the party small princes the future bright with expectations and that thing happened. Wildly catty hacking our father. No it was not mummy’s fault she only had the misplaced trust in her.”

“No she a happily married lesbian but she loved me dad.”

“She had us to prove her love and devotion for her husband, because of her marriage failure became alcoholic.”

“She missed my dad that is why could not even read a poem.”

I had a psychic episode.

“She shook all about.”

“Yes she had the gift for acting and then after that party she could not even read a poem in public. It is her fault that stupid wild cat.”

“Mummy only brought her over to enjoy the party.”

“She must have known about her past?”

This psychic episode was confusing.

“Why ever for?”

The psychic episode is somehow connected to someone else and it does not concern this story I think but it keeps on popping into my head and it involves them people in France or something.

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