Parcels of 7

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Chapter 7

The super rich efficient wives who have held onto themselves long enough to handle the documents with the deeds to the house the lands and titles must now be very sorry for the troubled lives they have led. Their fortunes and made things better for the whole of their clan. Their self centred devotions, ablutions to wash aside the years. The yearnings passionate years which has made me into this sorry hag.

“Arms to the man or woman who can handle the arms.”

“Alms are charity to the vulnerable give to us in charity for we are without wits to sign the dotted lines and take what is rightfully ours.”

“Never mind that why are not you working?”

“Husband numbers gone up he is behaving meaner than ever?”

“The things which take times toil.”

“The bell ringers here all the time,”

“Give alms to the poor woman who does not have any money of her own.”

Spent times of passions thinking? He is thinking yes thinking women who think of their fortunes in the same way as the merchants of their shipyards. What they had to do to do? Add. Add and no sub traction at all.

Not to the waistline? It is not corseted enough? What matters is thin waist. My waistline has gone sags? The heart attack is near? Never mind I will foreswear the pudding of dear cook. Cabbages and all out war paint to wear might make you look lot more attractive; wear it round your waist it might thin down a lot more.

“It is beastly dull having a rich husband and unable to eat the fatty diets.”

“Yes it is a shame.”


“Yes the corset was shorten too much her waist too fat.”

“Now mother lie down dear here.”

“Ouch my dear child I ache all over.”

“Dowry incomplete and your step dad are incompetent.”

“Must you mummy marry again?”

“I not dead yet petal I need a friend.”

“Not now.”

It added to their wealthy relatives coffers, enriched beyond the pall. Their pallor adding to the snuff boxes as they ladies. Their ladies in waiting off and the man thinks about turning in the towel as love did not treat him right or well and why the hell should he stay when he does not like her ways or manners which are crass and boorish if unique not ladylike like his former wife? One must eat plain and never munch and never speak when eating and sit up straight all the time and do not run. Always behave with dignity and self respect whenever do not sound the bells out loud and when in doubt cry. Run away with the polo game. Their waiting games they now gone off the idea of behaving well.

Off to their superior balls and enriched by the gowns of their seasonal fetes. Name day or something there is always something to look out for.

Their fates are decisive- maintenance- they worn well? Yes cast iron alibi they looked after themselves.

These are the watchful years now over. They can become the true queens. They had got over the beheadings. Shudders run through their clothes. Their games are off chance. They never do it twice the same way. Of course richly endowed wealthy males always welcome.

They now the queens to behead the others unlike ourselves who have succeeded these others have not or ever will. A relief to know that one has the power over ones head, Cinders no longer knows the true pageantries of the food for the Gods. We now leap dancing into the years secure and good.

“What is the matter with it?”

“I think he meant he not well with the idea?” His eyes sought the young girl. She held more promises. The lips hardly touched her neck so smooth. Her lines in her eyes he said electric eyes the brightest of the future staring into his.

The future in her bright eyes brighter than my shady lantern I am not yet done for? I was done in done for in and done more in. He sought in her the truth. The true bearing of a queen not this clumsy wife with no status but that between her vagina nothing to offer but offence of a kind and the unkind thing was she not reality? She clumsy made his eyes tears. She brought him nothing. Nothing he wanted he had what she gave.

Which meant no more to him even if they had been bought and paid for?

This woman who loved him was just another girl yes or no and this flower girl to him at that time nothing more than yes or no. That having no meaning except as a pawn in the game of chance; meant that much to him that she ceased to mean anything but affection and fondness and the season which had been in the past.

Her overbearing manners saved her life.

But her little girlish figure and looking like a girl who was youthful and in danger endeared her to the crowds.

That the poor girl disfigured in the stakes as a mathematician and she did not bewitched them anymore she saddened them reminded them of failures of makeup and all that sort of thing.

She now was a clown.

“Look my husband’s in hell so he won’t think it more hellish if I give him more hell.”

“He ex communicated by society.”

“He not said it all.”

“His leg was with the gout he screamed the place down.”

“He had lungs like triumphant.”

“I am in love with you my dear?”

“Step daughter you looking at it?” asked someone from the past. Or the former queen now no longer that. Just this wife who is in the way of something more important but inopportune; what did it matter ambition is hell to stand over for.

Ambition kills love.

The ground she had won had been lost the moment she stopped being queen. She knew this certainly she knew what else did she know?

She wanted to remain a princess so she could be courted and haggled over.

“No I have a squint.” said her new husband.

“I am not stupid as you think. This is a disaster. I mean not well by you. I was the queen.”

“I know. I know.”

“This is bad for me.”

“Why is that?”

“I am older than this. I did not mean to be bad, badness not my mould. Fortitude is mine own truth. The true meaning of behaving like a queen this my lineage and that makes me prouder than being married to someone without much more than foreign and having fanciful ideas. I have lived in times treacherous, said to be a hang mans neck. I have bravely born everything to be where I am.

“What a lady she is.”

“That is his wife.”

Now to stumble onto to something else my lantern is eclipsing my former self and there is too much to see and see like hide and seek. Something wild in me and disappointed charges in and leaps to the defence of this world galloping clearer and clearer in the visionary might and young so unlike this sheltered corseted bearing. Like mine but former husband’s a bad thing to think when my own is coming too? The child who I gave this and that to now come to take what is mine own.

“You can take it from me but would you be able to keep it my dears?”

The charities are bearing us well they have settled into feeding clothing and mating with us. It is now not mine but the new commune and we all adore charities because everyone having a ball. The true meaning of being good and bad is now open in the open. I do hate her. I do hate her for she is queen. Queen in her veins mined with vanities. In vain did I aspire to her status because she a lady. The husband who did love me I did not love. Married without love and knew this because it meant not much than to me.

“She told me so sorry but she not in love with you old man.”

I married for his power. Not himself. Not himself the fat man in the trousers. He stood without meaning to stand. He did not do it well. His temper is the only thing I remember of him.

“I will be true queen.”

Needed money did not she? Like myself I need money but someone tells me not getting it.

She is asking what now why marry us so constant like? The ambitious are here beware. She is a princess who did not live in the tower so knew the manipulations of being this deceitful to oneself as well to the jailor to the powerful, how the arithmetic is to blame for this? Well you see having the astuteness most of them lack she went to school and knows where is how much it is and all done.

She sensed the seeds of the madness the failures of being familiar and not familiar with the likeness so engraved. Her cousin the Jane who too had somehow been in marriage to her rage with a man she could not kill and conquer. She got the chop like in seconds.

“How dare he not be killed?”


“Well a little cocktail of disasters. Don’t tell anyone.”

She continues.

“I know not how but now this Seymour has married me for the similar reasons. Foolish to feel anything else but what it is. I who gave him now his child? He does not think of it. He does not think of it as his child but a way forward to his best efforts to get somehow higher.

He has the bearing of a king looking for the true queen.

My clothes can stand on their own without me wearing them? Yes they can stand on their own. By themselves they can walk with this earthly frame? Yes by themselves they can stand and walk. Richer than anyone else’s they are wealthy. They can stand the strain of having no wearer. I have worn out my welcome. I can see. I have worn out my welcome.

To be in fortitude and do not let me down? My bearing is one of bearing it well.”

“Stop your pains.”

“You are killing me with jealousies?”

“Yes it is bad for you and our baby?”

“When is it due?”


She shattered his image by saying he not wise did not make the right decisions. So she hung him?

“I do not need a guardian any longer.”

“I am here to guide you?”

“I am over the age.”

“Be reasonable my child.”

“I planned this?”

“You planted a monster inside this mansion?”

“My dear Jane dear darling please tells me the reason for your behaviour?”

“Leave me.”

“I need to discuss your future?”

“In my securities I found myself wondering.”

“In some unhappy alliances of the sexes which are our unhappy pair a couple of mistaken twits who went barefoot on their journeys in order to frolic.”

“Unfortunately they came back.”

“That is right.”

“Now go and get my other guardian.” perspired he mistook her fortunes and her-self interests. She packed up and down very agitated this is meaningless to someone who does not know the laws. She paces him up and down. Up and down. He still thinks he the stronger of the two.

“He wants me to marry his family?”

“That is self interested?”

“Somehow a loophole must be found?”

“Some getaway this has been?”

“Somehow the way out is this?”

“Hurry up brings the tutor here.”

“Go away.”

“I think so.”

He lost everything, his properties his station in life, his family in ruins.

“He is murkiness no more around me?“Jane was a disaster for him.

“She had him properties and all.”

“He wept in the tower for her.”

“She said no way. It is banned from now on; I am the mistress of my own self.”

“She spat on his kind. She spat on him. Said he did not want her but what she had.”

“Tormented him?”

“Yes she poor child.”

A British go ahead a ethnic uniqueness which would make their work worthy of the best Venice and the European culture. This was set off by the gifts of the best scientific minds the best plays and the poems which set off the drawing masters to found this new age, The best architectures were set offs of the Catholics trying to make their religious plain.

Then they created women like her.

The thing is not to be ashamed about my poverty. The poor Catholic mind that made the best building work. Never finished it as run out of money. Women have spent their time wisely with ornate good breeding. The finest builders making his point about the 3 trinities triangular and exciting wives men are proud to romance but never find at home. This which spent his best efforts in good house worship and religious conversions and al that means what?

An architect of distinctions.

A woman without a soul of discretion?

After making off with the ideals of the threes he did not want for more because he runs out of the builder’s materials to build. The house which would mend his fuses, and who built the house in the first

Place. This is no place to be in when all the old relics are here. Triangles and tabloids without the polar aids are the fools which said Shiva; Manners of the Gods and manna of goodness; what else.

Why he angry because he had spent the best years of his life in a prison a little house a place of sin. His anger did not make him means but spent man. Making the right shows requirement is money and backing. He has spent his life in a bare room and this did not make his depressed life in total colours a good Catholic is a man who loves rituals and pageantries. His bravery meant nothing. This spent him.

England at that time was very isolated. The best artist was a man from the goldsmith. He was the very first British artist and he did a very well art. He was intricate and did very well. He did the best homosexual painting with a hand held out smarting with adorations and good breeding. A man asking another man out; just Britain that is all gets a life not a wife. He had a family he enjoyed he had a son and all that. He a man who did well he drew and painted and did the best jewels in the country miniaturist of the first orders.

Sugar was more sought after then gold and all was very obese unlike today when we have trimmed down and made ourselves the very likeness of bodily boys. We can run for miles now we do run for mile and feel nothing but healthy glow and there is nothing the matter with us because someone is doing the housework for us.

Brave hearts as someone else does the clothes for the women in the house and there are now no more says the wife witty and cool otherwise off to my lawyers with the divorcee nisi and off the bank loads without me.

This is theft or what this new kind of behaviour is it though? Wedlock is about what? That someone should be faithful and look after each other until death do them part. But I have my doubts as the fiddle game is being painted in glowing colours now the lawyers say speak out when he has a affair and when he does we will nail him? After him he has property and we will see to it he has none left. You see is that a wife or a woman in dire need of his money? Look the housewife did not look the thing the man has gone and absconded with the waitress and in doing so the wife of many years is now in open hostility. The abbey constantly did nothing wrong said the wise words? There was benediction and sugar all round the table the head saw to that. Eventually even Turner had the goods done a stormy landscape which mattered to us because the French been seen crossing the oceans or something? No back to the woman who did it for him. To do it for him we did not stir from his place he paid up member. Every year he did it the same holidaying in the bloody Abbey. He went there and all found him narrowly missing the windmill.

His mind slightly unhinged from the sockets.

The bar with the bras unmanned him.

But the things which offset the beast were the monetary lacks and the isolation of the best of themselves which madden James. James the whiter than whites has turned out darker than most he was very nicely turned out he wept when he went to America when he found his rations run out.

She placed him outside the door to their bed and was haggling over something called the call of desires.

“Look I can be two parties at the same time.”

“It is scandalous what he let slip out.”

“He never said a word she did.”

“You must choose.”

“I choose not to.”

“That makes you silly.”

“I know.”

He did the courtly discourses and all that he made friends with them all. Yes he very politic and polite. He thought safe and sound as if in the good country of friends. Well they smoked the same pipes making it go into several languages of the right codas and codes.

“We speak the truth what is the truth is Jane is not a fibber we know Jane is no liar.”

Mr James went to the good England to run away with a shipment. He found the good traders and did it very well he got good prices for his efforts. Unfortunately this takes a bit of time. It took more time than he figured out in his statistics sheets; he was meant to have the right globes and all the map reading done and all manners present and intact. But he did not have the right maps and it let him down. So he went off shore then off course and ate the whole course without me. Yes they were all very well behaved.

When someone comes from a wealthy family their influence can be tragically good. Jane showed me silly.

Mr James narrowly missed being found out he did all he could efforts included he drove the men mad with the designs and all that. He went round the good chambers did smoke like a chimney. Snuff boxes found to be wearing his nostrils. He took up tobacco for that very reason. Mr James was the husband of Jane then and he spoke in diffidence and said might we and thank you quite pleasing chap he became. He had the right beetles showing at the theatre of course they did the best machines it was Shakespeare who wrote the Tempest.

He did not allow his children to die? It was Mr D who made the beetles? He did it very cleverly. He runs the theatres along with his beetle idea. He was so amusing.

Of course man does not think that children in need of food so it is twice run dry. A man does not like to think food important? Unless he is hungry so he said stomach is what turns a man on? It was Mrs Ham and Eggs.

She had been writing her cook book. I do not think that man think much on food. No the woman who say that do not know what to ask a man does not think with his stomach not unless he is George the fourth?

No he fat? Yes that is why he thinking about food but he fatty diet? Well he must have pigged out. Unfortunate that was. Yes very. His corsets were not well liked. He got red in the face from the efforts.

That is why they got Pluto. What Pluto on what? The Germans have been infecting the Brits with nuclear. Yes they are so innocence before now they all want to create a bomb? A bomb whatever for? Nuclear bomb to make them wars go away. As well as Heidegger, because he a Nazi that used a Jew to cleanse him as she and he had been having an affair and he thought he could do that too. Yes his great hope for the human race was over and he was done for. Nazi’s did not work and he had nowhere to teach his philosophy in. He died in 1976 and he a great thinker but what of it? He got done for he wrote ill about his friends reported them to the Nazi’s and told fibs about where they were and with how many Jews. Then he wrote great books and he thought great thoughts.

No need they have created Jane should be okay.

Mrs Ham and Eggs would not have done so. She always cooking, she would have reasoned. Mr James who left his children to find the best food after a few years the children could never eat another ham again. When he returned and after two years found nothing when he returned but sausages and more of the same mixed with pasta.

Now these people are not slaves nor servants why because they are paid for their work.

In this day and age nobody interested in my greatness?

I am being completely ignored by everyone. It is as if I do not exist as a thinker. Look Heidegger was a great nuisance but he existed he was there he had the rights why not me? What is the meaning of me is that is that? If Heidegger is in earning of incomes and he was what did I do so wrong but louse the grammar up? If being paid is the right thing for a thinker to be that means today we have the worse thinkers being paid for behaving well in society and social drinking. That means we have the worse of the worse lager louts of all time. No one will exist now but that they behave well in groups in groups being carted round and round in groups and being groped in group activities. Roped in group activities? No groped.

Why because I am a nuisance.

By the time the courts took an interest it must have been hunger took them you see the technical of the courts is very courtly. By then they must have starved to death as there is in the English language many forms of speaking.

English language there is about thousand dialect or is it hundred that cares.

So the English language is in a flux but the social whirl in England is not changing there is this stigma attached to change and we are mistaking the war zones as the happiness we all must aspire to in order to get rid of the surplus population.

Meanings of truth of panting the truth now, it is a mean world and there is nothing to do but to own it. What can we do about the meanings of the goat? What we do for them what does the goat mean? Well the goats and tits and the thin legs and all that. I meant no harm the middle- ages as if waltzed then the witch hunts. So what do the working classes do? They are sat in front doing nothing but they are doing something that does them jobs it is not the idle rich they too busy talking.

My lantern is beginning to fade on me and I am not behaving well to the reader so where is this in the whole story? To be honest there is too many parts I played in my own downfall.

Well no matter maybe it is my imagination gone wanderer. But it is the folly of misbelieving, the thinning less fatty women. The is popularity of fashion which is the option of big breasts the slimmer thighs the legs so high. The thing is what- a goat? It does look as if it a goat. Why because it just does I had a drawing with the tits and all that made me think it does look just like a goat? Which is what? That is Satanism and all that misbehaving? Well what does it mean? It means a goat looking at me as if I did not draw the thing. What does a goat look like thin legs antlers and all that? Well the drawing was absurd but the doddle went on and on.

It made sense to me. The similar liberation the women all in the chemist being so over sexy it made me feel the sex in the air. Might have been the meds of course but why shoulder to cry on the thing does not make sense at all. Why does the drawing look so like a goat?

My draw back staring at me why I’m I being so rude? Well did not draw it right way my pension they made me unemployable and now to cover themselves they have offered me jobs which I am unable to do. At sixty years old I am going to learn some new trade. What is the wrong way that is the wrong amount of information of course when in the prime of youth employ me and sack me consistently now fly me to the moon in order that to humble me.

Offer me teaching posts when I had the domestics with mother and the children would know so there is something so sinister going on.

“I do not care I am sick why should I care if your husband or boyfriend has just given you one?”

Is that why the familiar disappeared as women gained in the tins of the crusades as men left fled their homes only to re emerge some years late. No I did not appear to miss you at all Bernard the children now grown up the farm all tiled we did not miss you at all. How did the crusades go?

We did not increase in number see no more children. Liza saw to that.

“Oh this is housemaid?”

“What else?”

“What did happen?”

“We got through.”

“How long has it been?”

“Me and Liz had the best of friends at our door. Her wedded bliss told her and him now that she more popular and famous in the making than Liz Taylor. If it was not for my wedding ring I would have been had.”

“Wedded bliss saved us from harms”

“We did not get witch hunts.”

“Bernard next time does not over stay.”

“Where is your friend?”

“Oh he died?”

“No he got promoted.“?

“Well it does not matter does he?”

“All that matters now is after many years you’ve come back.”

“Sit in that chair while I brew some poison.”

“What dear?”

“It will cure us of all evil.”

“He came back only to die.”

“Oh Liz what might have happened?”

The friendly society is this one I am without friends dear. The friendless are not us. We believe in friends around us all the time chatting to us all making the purring sounds like drink anyone and tot trots. Of course the right ways are when one is discovered with someone else the other party does not scream and make scenes we do the serenades instead in the love boat in the Venice. Very much more fun said Abdul and makes mother poison my writing time as she puts the television on higher and higher. That is we are friends forever and we behave well when one of us loses the love interest to another we believe in swearing not at all out of court settlement the kids at the right social club and we make a new start.

“Oh it is itchy here I say why is it itchy here?”

We do not like the ones who make us feel uncomfortable when we are having a mistake. We believe in encouragements even when we are silly and behaving badly. Positive noises are the very fondness we believe in negative is out.

“Yes positively you all look quite handsome in your attires. What else do you want me to say?”

“I can’t stand her for some awful reason she was in that shitty cafe eating with contentment a Noodle. It is over the thing is not the thing.”

“Society will not be able to stand this.”

“One giant step for mankind.”

“Oh it is too late.”

“House work is not done.”

“It is not well done.”

“Look I prefer to be kidnapping children.”

“Then be with her.”

“Sorts out of sorts and very chatty when I do not want to say a thing.”

“Look she is not us,”

“Not us?”

“Well she does not do small talk.”

“She is always in the row of this and that.”

“She is not into believing anything but is always saying words.”

“She is a food junkie.”

“When with her I gain weight.”

“She has to lose two stones last time.”

“I am not unable but the thing is feel so useless.”

“Like someone who can’t.”

“He has to do all the work.”

“That poor man is he very poor?”

“I go out of action.”

“Well why?”

“I do not know.”

“I gain weight.”

“I am seriously cross.”

“I am cat.”

“No longer kitten.”

“He has to do all the work.”

“Odd is it not?”

“I feel out of sorts.”

“That shows me to be not that wise.”

“He does not seek to find the good in me.”

“Nor does anyone else they think the worst.”

“We end up discussing food.”

“That adds to the stress levels as all of them very thin.”

“Her illness she has this and that?”

“Mentally unwell?”

“It is socially useless being with her”?

“Stigma follows.”

“Never allow your job to dictate your social life.”

When a man has money and friends and he does not get the right home comforts in his house and he is not welcome in the bed. He has serious concerns. He has this little pudding in his middle he does not have it with the love and he and she have nothing more to speak about. He has not been in the right courting mode he did not know it mattered.

He did not know it mattered to me and him and us? My lantern now is angry. Burn deeply and cascades into the ground and then the flare stops.

His sweet talks and all that his gentrified self respects and this shrew at his kitchen door making his face ill with the shut downs. Why should she want speeches and all courting behaviours when she knew how he felt about things? He has bad vibes. He not welcomes anymore he not welcome anymore when he had been so good to her. Left her when she said to get on with her family and he so good to her all the time. When she said leave me alone he did.

His Oxford friends were most shocked by her ill omens and ill winds. She destroyed his self standing. He did not make her the well off with the good womanly duties. Gave her family to her and made her into the right society she belonged in.

They equality in society because he and she right background and physically able to mate and form a marriage.

They got the keys to their mansions.

She wanted to be where she belonged and he did he left her with her own folk.

His friends went to his aid. They introduced him to this and that. Then he met someone so special with the right words and right lavenders. The mayor gave them the key to a whole town. He so popular now. Well this is more like it?

No more sullen looks and lost tastes he now the most popular husband of all time. He made the good move into this house with the perfect household all in a manner of speaking spic and span.

Her father turns out to be a brothel keeper. Well he has to make money somehow.

Important families are the more so when they are charming.

Them are the best of families he has been told.

He has expensive tastes.

He took his own millions and spent it well. But he still gets the words right? He the very right worded male. He the owner of someone special to him but send the doctor it looks odd. White washed house and all them little ladies laughing at him. Whatever next? Now he knew the right words for every occasion.

“I am pregnant?”

“Not mine.”


“Can’t because had the vasectomy.”

“What does that mean?”

“I had the twins for nothing.”

“Why did she not say anything?”

“She not is speaking to me.”

Said “codswallop.” not her fondest thing this relative of theirs who would not go away overstayed the welcomes and good cheers and would not budge at all. He taking off good for him Fiddle was gone now and he and she could get it on as he now could do what he willed. Abdul and she very nicely together and everyone happy well it was sorted were it not? What he deserved was what he always wanted. A good beautiful wife and she were Zeks that is who said the right words at all time dressed well and did not have anything but good social meanings.”

“No- no- no it is not Zeks it is Jane.”

“He never said anything nasty at all?”

“What a nasty shock.”

“No he is perfect gentry.”

“He now the centre of the friendliest society of all time the aristocracy with the mint to make us feel less able by our disabilities look we get allowances for that sort of thing.”

“Yes he now the bagged man.”

“The cuckold man does not swear at him.”

“He is the right cuckold?”

“No the wrong one the behind him is the one who is hidden cuckold and the next to him is besides himself with the thoughts of what to do with himself.”

“Yes she virgin when he married her so he right cuckold.”

“It is not politically correct to say that.”


“Not political or polite to speak about such matters.”

“I am not paid to be politically correct in fact I am not paid at all.”

“I am not allowed to work and not allowed to speak is that correct?”

“Virtue likes it that to think you are better than the aristocracy?”

“I know it is a tough decision to think the aristocracy bad and indifferent to the world’s wails but the thing is I can prove it.”

“Yes virtue like that?”

“Yes it is right way to his heart?”

“Look it is very nasty thing to say about everyone and to be over critical.”

“I am not being over critical there is a critical situation inside the world and what does everyone say them words all the time never ending and no actions taken and now we are misbehaving again.”

“Heart of gold she is genuinely concerned person.”

“Of course of course must make allowances for her.”

“I think I will be sick in the sink.”

“The kitchen sinks?”

“Totally think so.”

“Use the toilet.”

“Yes he has the best interest of his wife intact.”


“Can you use another name to describe me?”

“There is no other word.”

“He has to sex her in bed speaking to me about it all the time.”

“When he came to seek how I was doing.”

“Yes he now misplaced his cock?”

“No she had too much virginity.”

“He smelt new lavenders.”

“He is now happier than ever.”

“His friends are all fond of him?”

“No he has lost many friends.”

“That is a shame.”

“Yes so they all cheer when he comes.”

When a man marries a woman called Jane the friends just go to her side.

“Yes we cuckolds should stay together.”

Drink together and become nerds.

“So that is politically correct thing to be?”

“Jane now holds the key to her own fortunes and future happiness.”

“What she totally in charge how about me?”

“Total emancipation before that we and now without meaning for what is freedom but to head down the street with the dogs and then smile agreeably with them.”

“In this weather you got to be joking.”

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