Parcels of 7

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Chapter 8

It is the past, present with the future with its interconnections mixed up. The life stories involved the very bitterness of the past in the present the future into that distance and they are all mixed in some stew of sensory beasts failed humans. In their own realities doomed to make endless motions with their mouths and not being able to say the right words. Not having the thoughts the feelings roam into from the past into the present and the future making the results which can be stepping back and not seeing what has happened and what one has done. Then forwards making the leaps into the past from the present into the future. And unable to see what one has done wrong who one has robbed why it matters at all. Like the giant who does not feel the little people’s jabs and all that what did I do wrong? Genocide that is what you done wrong.

I can’t change my pre-occupations my mind is the connections which make the sensors which connect the syntax which make the worst things appear palatable. The snaps shouldered as if blown from the distinct past and then went on too long. We now have nothing but the shouts out and then we mate and then there is the possibility of hate growing and when that happens what will happen?

Why do the swimsuits now rule the world? Why that is a connections because that is who that person is or was that is the occupations the preoccupations.

He is still looking at his wife and she is there this constant Jane.

The desires of that personality that man who I did give all to only to be turned into some sort of siren screaming like a sergeant major at his back. The personality of that human makes the one whole. The reality of having the breaths the very smells which one has memories from which make one as if that is ownership of the self. My interests lead me here. Otherwise would be somewhere else. Yes my interests are the connectors which are what it is what it is about. Interesting yes interested. No he is not into all that sorry things thoughtless to a degree he does not misunderstand that there is something wrong with his point of view. It might come to him behind my back but then it will be too late.

The interests which lead me to this place? Hyper supermarkets the mills of them.

All gone ousted from my hold.

Those of us who do not have a home to live in be in and do not even want to know. The shops are open and you can window shop for hours and hours. Take a break on your WIFI and take the time to be connected to everyone and smartly phone them who smartly answer back.

That is another of my interests.

The loft benefiting from insulations can add years to your life if no one feeds the vermin’s which lurk like dust mites and all that.

The loft insulation did not bring me anything but dust I did a lot of it out today and put pine wood so the dust mites would not cause havoc with the air. The airing pipes and all that was suffocating me, something is not right there is a failure inside of me as if the time is now ripe not for a ripe old age but like a disaster.

That my liver got bad is another of my interests and the shops the loft and the vermin got to my intense glare. You are not wanted here. Cry the hags round the street as if the wantonness of misbehaving and their soulless kids have maddened them totally.

That there is a pair of stench because they did behave badly their kids would come back to them when they shower the kids with the right kind of love. If they must misbehave don’t take your children when hunting it is bad. They had walked with their toddlers and with the prams making hatred their code and children and babies do feel such a deal lot then they let on so mothers what have you all done for a bit of fun?

I mean the air in from the loft was not that health making. I do not think the gas did think much of it but the thing was to bring warmth.

What does it mean the air in here is not nice? Brought the things into the open the dust came flopping into my air passages the coughing was not intense but the beginning of the end?

Why of course it must be which is costly at making readers read about two thousand? I know no point in doing so much work is there? So having grabbed two thousand readers will make you right and happy?

Genocide was in the making when they went and got a lesser writer into their employ because of who she is and what she is and not me? Because I am a bit woolly or something but that is only a opinion she made them a great deal of money and that is the business.

Numbers are not that important to me but only to me.

So the thing is when one is difficult and does not party that means what? That the one with the pretty ways and manners gets in and one who is a bit more diffident and difficult does not? That is right always behave and have nice manners that is what one must do.

He says the same things to me without realising he said I was now hooked on a balding aging twit and I said he had smelly feet. So we had it out.

Numbers do not mean anything to me.

That is why no air in the loft.

I guess it is less lofty than that?

You see today persons confuse business with art that is what is wrong with it is it not the truth because business is never art?

But there is the commercial writing art which is like the commercial artist craft and all that and people pay good money for this kind of commercialism? Of course if it makes money than who cares.

Someone has just caved in my garden sent it mad. The roving earth has changed the landscapes completely. They have all gathered together and dug the whole earth up. The mines are down under there is not much solidity is there but the thinking is never-never did such building come together.

I did not think it could have been that which had made me breath so heavy. I almost reasoned it had been the bad weather the bad summer or the over ripe harvests which gave us the surplus of twenty five percent extras. Fruit that is.

Never go back to what you lost never go back to what you had harmed never go back.

This summer we saw the more harvests.

Now we will be Nil and leave it to dry. Since that dried the whole world is drying from overuse.

We have ruined ourselves because we did not behave properly like what humans must behave but there was no parents to see to my needs and he did not love me of course he did but she was such a pretty thing he was smitten by her electric eyes and he now weeps for the like of her and he wanted her and wanted her and loved her image. The perfection of the day startles me that I am now ready to kick his arse from me.

“After we close down the factories we then sell it double triplet and have the right girls for the guys.”

“Factories production lines constant on.”

“Do not misunderstand when the rich pay they do get value for money.”

“But they never pay.”

“No one is insulted no one at all?”

Some say that is why the rich are rich because they never pay for anything at all when they can have it for free.

Hard working people like the rich why they talk more than anybody else because they have more weight and more money.

“I am now the fool.”

“Solitude is only for the Gods.”

“Sorry do not like to make such comparisons.”

“Go compare go compare.”

“Compare what to what?”

“Behave yourself of course behaviourist said that if one is rewarded one takes the lottery money and runs.”

“Being same skin type the same beady eyes looking with loathing at me said my sister ruined her life.”

“They all feel the same I mean they look after their own kids and then I made them.”

“How did I make them?”

“You used persuasion?”

“Not true I can’t persuade myself through the supermarket.”

“No relative now owns you.”

“I upset them all.”

“He did not have anyone but his peasant family.”

“Your dad was a philosopher?”

“No he most definitely not but he was a crook.”

“Poison pen?”


“Maybe you should improve on your writing?”

“Handwriting is bad because of my hands.”

“I meant the content.”

“Fuck off.”

The only the thing is to make more jobs secure it used to be having unemployment benefit the most secure thing in the world nobody bothered one at all now everyone is asking how do you like your life and should you not go and earn some cash? Well the thing is nobody is giving it away are they? Everyone is broke and broken and why should they when they do not like me did not smell me did not find out about me do not know my story. Why not when doing a four hour journey one cannot handle with care? I am with the kids indoors having the safety pins in. What does it matter?

Does anyone know what happens in the house at all?

“My mother is working that means she is in the social ability ladders has invites to parties and has friends.”

She is very amiable.

You will not recognise them so much the better. The kids now have the potentials to make more money than you could ever. How right that is how much how much? My dear child comes to daddy.

“You have ceased to be amusing.” Said the older bats in the bus driving to the house where they were holding out until they could get home.

No do not say such a thing when WIFI all round the globe making cash and carry. They are still trying to Work on Sundays benefiting the iron industry and doing the matters so smartly.

In fact we must all work until we drop down dead because the benefit industry is increasing and production is falling and the population is now in need of social care and they did not prepare for this? No way they did not think at all.

Nobody thinks about this and that there was no time to think at all.

In the summer we did nothing but party and now it is mid season we have to mature and heal ourselves and think of vulnerable people and why did nobody warn us that it might happen and that this aging world would come upon us?

So we won’t discuss them.

“Say something nice about me?”

“I love you.”

Whoever invited them over did the right thing. Otherwise it might have led to consequences.

We are having consequences.

We are having the red carpets we might need to see how well everyone thinks about us all. We give them the wild idea to think themselves now can do us proud and give us a billion. Give us a billion sir we need it more than the kids in the tents. To pay our gas and electricity.

“Go and marry someone.”

“Chinese have more money than we do?”

Seeking hand outs. Putting you on hold.

“No more hand outs none at all we had no idea that food costs money to produce and buy you know.”

“Donations welcome.”

“No more handing out them leaflets.”

“No more handing out any hand outs.”

“Why is he winking?”

Otherwise the nurses won’t be paid when they do not even know about the things most important.

“Food and shelter and taking the care of the family.”

“A patient has been left on his trolley?”

“Does he have a phone?”


“That is okay than at least he is connected.”

“Who to?”

“To the rest of them who are connected to the connections.”

“Who are where?”

“In India.”

“So why we connected to India?”


“They do things cheaper there.”

“Here we can’t do this so we got connections to India. Where they do things much cheaper heart pace maker one pound the NHHS had thrown them out because they too old and worn out and the Indians made them new.”

“You don’t say.”

“Yes second hand from HERE.”

“Man said after a five year ordeal he wearing it in India.”

“We got our dad back.”

“Cost less than a pound.”

The NHS has the best mating paces. All them nurses have the bright idea when in training they must marry a doctor. One or two actually do.

So are we wasteful?

“Putting you all on hold.”

“The doctor does not fear me leaving?”

“They are glad to see the back of me.”

“Sorry but how many nurses after him?”


“So you won’t be missed.”

They then fall the social peg.

The others must do the staff and the man with the oxygen tank when he is refused the patient does not have the airs right and expires,

“Another one who has lost out on love he is not a doctor.”

“He would not see him.”

“He has since did not do the right air when he in such a mood.”

“Brain damaged the patient?”

“Well at least he realised!”

“The other one left did not even notice the patient not breathing.”

“He went to do another patient.”

“The manager chased him round until said no more.”

“This is not a romantic novel.”

“No what is it then?”

“I have no idea.”

“Now he haplessly mated to the right one.”

“No he got dismissal.”

“The managements always serious.”

“Yes the management must be serious balancing the books at all times that are very serious.”

“They have the board to think of.”

“Governors do not like them being careless.”

No they still students. Mostly the thinking is they will graduate? When they graduate they leave and form families of their own.

The nursing staffs have the more miserable spouses.

Not only students have the time unless they have a husband sat in the park. Permanent there stuck? Yes he seems not to feel the weather? Not him he is feelings too not when sat in the park what is he doing there? Thinking? Thinking of doing what?

“Should he cook the soup first or the parsnips”

“Or the rice”

“No he does not like rice.”


“Not that either?”

“Did he do his shopping?”

“He has.”

“At least shopping over he can now think?”

“Has the laundry been done?”

“Yes he did that last night.”

No use being that way we do not care to be rudely interrupted when we slimming down we are slimming down. No one has the brains. If a kid is likely to think numbers the facts of his brains how many numbers did you have?

The thing was he sat in the park thinking having vile thoughts his wife working on a Sunday one gets them sometimes.

Might make him think he so smart. He can have enough numbers all the time. Do you mean numbers one and two? Do not talk like that no does not speak to me. It is difficult rearing children? Is that so?

On the road. They had the right child care the kids on the phone it is okay the latch key is over now we have the kids hanging on the line.

Four years of it?

Did not make her less numbered?

“No we have the best numbers ever.”

“All highly polished?”

“Yes we got it sorted it is John Lennon did not do the right end.”

“He had the wrong wife?”

“So if he married this Japanese than had the mad wife as well?”

“Yes he had a mad person he had married to who swore he and she had got it back together. But she was silenced before she could say another word.”

“We do not believe a word of it,” she says.

“Always mental”

“He said she dull ordinary and normal which he said was not into it at the time?”

“But they came back together.”

“Then he went to India to come and come.”

India has the old people’s home does it not? Yes I am not going there.

“It might be a social documentation?”

“About what”

“How I got from lack of space to time of space?”

“Are you not silly?”

“Who cares about me nobody does and I know it”

Her dismissal was far more in hast the hustle and the bustle of being dismissed is one does not have anything to look for as if the streets might be next. The poor boys at the door did not leave her alone.

Once I got stuck at the window. Trying to plaster the curtain ring and had been gazing at the youths who were sat down staring at me. I glued myself to it. Luckily she had the door opened and came to help she did. It was a relief. I thought the super glue would stick permanent.

Would have needed surgery might have had to go to the hospital with the window. No probably the plaster from the window. The pole or something it had not had a pole it was not supporting the rail so placed the super glue to make it stick? When it got myself into trouble the boys moved or something.

But they had this rage? They were not beneficence or somehow they were doing this crazy jealous rage,

“I am a woman.”

“The four boys at my door were waiting for her with them biker’s attitudes.”

Which boys?

Suddenly the whole neighbourhood behaved strange. As if given a command and the command came from the family she has. She is the favourite with the favouritism intact the girl cannot behave well and nicely that way she set the scene the scene of my would be abduction that was when the cab did not like my voice so had to reverse in order to go back because the thing was did not like my vocals.

What is the matter with them? I thought drunk and looking at me through the window.

There was an odd woman outside waiting looking at me. Why? I closed the window. The curtain follows.

The odd woman had an umbrella and stood for half an hour in the rain it made me feel a trifle uncomfortable to be so sought after. I mean first this bitch on heat then the other one. Well have a nice day.

Why did it make me feel uncomfortable?

Imagine if a gay lad had a dozen sexy ladies after him he would not like it would he? He would be busy comparing his lack of assets and all that and having inferiority complexes.

She seemed zany with designs and desire which was unsettling mid life crisis or something she was also bored and suffered with her nerves so she asked to be released from her shackles of being in that way bored.

When the neighbour who had the girl. A woman who had the girls was busking with heated desires.

Now outside my window with her umbrella waiting just waiting that there is let us be friends I lost a friend more nature as intended and she no longer my friend she did not eventually dare not seek me out as if I a viper. I was sorry lost a good friend.

“What she looking at?”

“She was still there after half an hour?”

“What she looking at is she doing black magic?”

I had been outside too looking with her umbrella with the same intensity. In her seventies she had been retired many summers.

What is the matter with them? Search me there is not much to concern me is there? No the boys were not looking at me their enraged?

What is the matter when me glue stuck.

They had to have her.

My mentor was this beauty they all lost their heads with her. She was not from here. She said she lived near.

Boys laughing as if in some glee they at the roundabout having the smoke and the drink they almost into drug parties but someone said they had to wait for someone to come.

I did not feel she had come from far.

One of them was chosen a boy who did it with her. She had him so sorry. I mean he looked older than his years.

He fed proper food and good things.

He looked like he popped out before his time.

“His mother she did not seem to mind she said he just like his dad.”

“Well he fourteen by than older than his brother who had not the right sex drives he said he did not want it?”

“Well the boys were fighting over it then the police were called?”

“Somehow they did not take out the right report.”

“They were done for burglary.”

“Which set them out and about everyone thinks I am into burglary too theft and all matters of disaster follow me but they can’t fool me I am not into that sort of thing.”

“It is highly unusual is it not?”

I bang on the shop when I think about robbing the store it is as if my head goes haywire.

“When facts are not the facts we know.”

Store detectives follow me nevertheless.

The attacks did not happen one spit or two the odd glances the glares then the very thinking went to this attacks.

While the real theft is taking place it is highly amusing to me because they seem to see but nod and wink at that but follow me.

I had felt oddly not fearful but had fretted. Went to the other dodged area and somehow they were there already. Had to walk through it did not want to turn back anymore.

They start to throw them green curly stuff at me. I take Susie into my arms she is inside my jumper.

It was about that time. They attacked with the bikes. Five bikes all done nicely encircled there it is encircled trapped.

The boy came over this other boy then about thirteen and says them words.

“My dog shall eat your dog.”

“No that is not fair at all starving your dog to such a extent. Boy you should feed your dog.”

The money is immense must be. I mean how much does the man have? Search me he does not like to speak of such matters as I would spend it. You see being nice and good means I do not even take anything. The bad do yes because the bad do the deeds the contracts and they have right pimps.

The rest well the rest have the borrowed times.

When she did it with the bikes she never? She did sent five boys with bikes to murder my Susie. Who did no harm as she a dog? First when one of the boys said he would make his dog eat my Susie.

It is a younger woman and she flew to the house as the youths after her thinking I was sleeping with their idol. They made life hell because she they thought came asking for me. Her tits did not give it a clue but the boys were boisterous had to be sent down to Borstal.

“The girl was dark she had dark thoughts.”

“Yes she would sit down in front of the house thinking.”

“Her knees opening to thoughts”

“The next thing they had left for good taking all the money that they legally could.”

“But they did not leave empty?”

Not true they left more empties than anyone.

“We all felt unhappy.”


“I never liked them.”

I always thought they stole and did this and that. Not the other? Not that way to think I mean not right at all. I am thinking pure thoughts. Nun like and speak no evil hear no evil and this is the results?

Pranks and practised jokes the jokers in the situations okay mostly funny but it hurt the man waiting for the girl waited for many hours, two or three to be exact. The thinking is bad the man has it bad. The girls all giggling mad. They melt into this screech of bathos their very failings are they are good to look at but how mean?

Infantile humour such an absurdity they do not even say the right words. The thinking is not to their liking. They do not even know that they are not doing the right pranks with the right thoughts they rich kids behaving bad and working.

Kids grow up and become some people young and unkind who know how to hurt who know the triggers who know the robberies and the disasters they can undo you.

Mislaid my understanding of what had happened did the working into the ground with their noose in the wrong place. When the boy who did that thing called rape was raped by that boy. Who was waiting for me as an eight year old or nine year old these girls are at odds with the world because they are not right type to have around.

Now that family after me trying to say the worst thing me because of what had happened to their own and me in the wrong because my mother brought them near the boy’s desires and that made me her accessory after the fact. The hen party the things which she did the fool I had become because of that moment when revenge was teeth for a teeth a eye for a eye.

So sorry what is wrong with them?

Bedsits my dearest loves.

Look damn it the girls are older. They are fucking up because I did not date as a nine year old and someone they knew had got raped.

One is not supposed to be dating at 9 years old.

“I did not know that.”

Me not in the streets my dears not in the streets in the bedsit which we paid for rent for. We rented two rooms in the attic. We had a stove in the corner in the corridor. Not too much space. We loved the toast we did on the stove.

“I washed the dishes on the lower corridor when I would place the cutlery and all that on the steps.”

I lost on the rest of the household as we in the top floor. Not in the bottom floor no that is where the landlady had her bath times in. She stayed in her bath three hours.

So what is wrong with the whole thing?

“Bedsits bedsits when children live in bedsits.”

“Shit we live in the mansions.”

“Golly how nice for you all.”

“So should a nine year old girl go and be raped so that the man who is richer than he designs to say is not raped?”

“He is a boy too?”

“Yes he a year younger than me. He wanted sex. I did not. He had this boy who also wanted sex they went downstairs waiting then the other boy raped him so whose fault?”

“The families they sent him out too soon.”

But this is emotionally intense because he a child a boy that is what it is because it happened to this kid he lost it. He lost out on what he could be. The kid is the boy who is being raped by this teenage gay kid.

So what does it mean if he did not rape the child he would not be mad?

That everyone blames themselves or me and there is a lot of head shaking and misery yes misery because it is over or something there is now to make the best of it. That is it makes the best of it there is nothing more to say.

“Boy child go happy hunting.”

“He has his manhood to sort out.”

“Child you still hunting?”

“Happy is hunting.”

“Boy has you lost your instinct?”

“That boy will not make it?”

“What is the meaning of not hunting?”

“You are hurting our reputation.”

It was almost a year like this.

Into such a situation as if asking for this and that and not knowing what it is the very meaning is lost.

I am not a lost child prostitute. I am not a prostitute so honey goes and bags the others who make their living this way. They all knew I not a whore nor a prostitute. The landlady the landlord thought in this manner I should pay for having a roof over the head.

“These are our poor relations.”

“We are the richer for having them.”

“Yes we are.”

Pop goes all eyes.

There is no such thing as being in the reality of the whole thing like parts are lost. Partners prattle. The discourse the discussions all about who is better able stronger and more sexy. There is not much in tune?

“Dating daring who are they?”

“The failures of being inhuman when a topic deserves humanity and attention and concern when a child has lost his childhood because of someone being malicious towards her own dismissal from society that hen party mother lost me because she made a boy lose his only childhood.”

“The new sirens are the disdainful that do such acts towards the little ones who did harm them.”


“Because they could not harm the adult that woman madden a youth and had another youth rape that boy.”

They do not even know why they are giggling they look good though.

They all knew what was going on? Someone lost his dog when the girls sat on him made him spruce himself than he waited for some hours. He did not feel it. He felt it so much his dog died. He did not even say anything but nothing. His dog dies and he does not even note it. When did your dog die?

He will not reply.

He is a changed man now.

He walks brisker than ever.

That is the man who did not date he waited for his date and then he was disappointed but he got out of it.

He now a man who is past the age of forty because his childhood lost because he now lost like everyone else. He did what he had to got over it but the son who got raped on his fistful of a dare.

“We dare you?”

“We dare you.”

“We do dares wins.”

“It is win. Win situation.”

“Can’t go wrong on that can we.”

About a date was a child almost nine. So what are the difficulties we face? Where are the things which they do not understand?

Almost I can’t see when drinking on nothing but wit can make us think.

“Banter and the banners and we all have the cold feel.”

“How many fish did they have in their nets?”

“The top drawers do not know what the bottom drawers do?”

“Do not be dopy?”

“You mean the race is that we do the doping?”

“Someone tied a dog and in the heat it caved the fence down. What is the matter everyone has a dog problem.”

“Another one had his dog running round and without questions.”

“Should be run over?”

“Who cares they got more of the same things”

“Why, poor dog.”

The teenage girl did not do much more than that. The thinkers are many.

The violence was such the girl took it badly too? Yes she involved too? Her energy was such the next door had to do a lot of comforting her.

The girl on the doorstep had the crying. The kindly neighbour had it solved.

Her tits even bigger, no she was not young she had not been out long.

The girl’s family?

Then the husband or the father said we now completely gutted. They had to make the right furnishings as this would make them blend in. Having the furniture sorted they then begin to look like us and we say hello and there is this prim and proper glow.

And then there it was a black youths.

They too must have heard about how to do easy money? It is that easy as this can bring prestige cookers and all that sort of things unfortunately it bought them bikes too?

Alas also with demented bikes nearly shattered right into me.

She could not stand the strain.

“Kids do not rush so much it might make you bang into things.”

“I had stood aside near the lamp post to make allowances for their speed.”

“When two rammed into each other like goats on heats with no safety nets without anything but bad vibes and there is nothing to startle me at all?”

“Families row all the time.”

The other three toppled the last one just flopped as if his energy drink run out.

“It is worrying this very troubling.”

“Will they listen?”

“Not them they got red in their purple rages?”

The police man standing just waved his arm and blew his whistle what has happened?

They jumped back on their bikes and went.

At least they had not mangled their bikes. At least that is a comfort.

Look Vegas has the most numbers so it is the smartest place ever. Teacher gives her the best numbers so she is prim and proper and we are hobnobbing her parties because she gets the even numbers all the time and give us one too. Teacher said she has the best number brains. How many brains does she have?

Being good means we must have the right numbers of bank accounts with the accountable daddies paying not enough daddies. Not enough backers. It is a curse. We did not get enough numbers in the bank account might make us feel small.

Look how many daddies do you have? Uncles’ and God parents? Not one of them gave you the right money? You were not pleasant and sit on them? Yes what did it make them run for? He sat with my palette knife. What nothing to wonder.

“Please make amends?”

“No I am going to be an artist.”

“A con woman whatever for it is a con no wonder go to hell that is enough that is very much enough I will not be conned again yet”

“Why should families want to con each other?”

“Because they know how to take a ambitious child and take a gullible aunt what do they say to each to the other?”

“Might be that?”

Go ask your mother she might? She has a better job than them. It is her day out. Whenever if she is not at the boutiques buying herself another Anne Summers it might not be harmful to think she is into another pantry?

No she is not at the pantry she is no way near a pantry?

Whose mother is?

I think it is 1969. There is the awfulness of this age coming to an end an era of so much happiness and power flower power. The flower power which powdered the dog shows with the pomp and the ceremony gave girlie the skirts which took us into leaps and bounds and gave the right feel to the good fellows. When the it is fashion is to be in bed with the wet one. When the girl’ is taught what to do with her charms and the boy is taught how to use his learn at school how to be tempting at all levels leave school to become a tempting thing. A tempting little thing in order to get what they want in order to fool everyone and that left me a jerk of course because not a tempting thing but a fool. Underneath all that this happens there is no respect for hard work or graft everyone is on the make because we were taught to be charming and to whizz off to give another offence. The size of consent without the strait jacket is that everyone who is honest is mad and that is because it is bad to be unpopular and most of the popular people make a lot of money which they do not declare how they made in the first place.

Sorry but you cannot do that sort of thing when in line to do a robbery and show the child how to do the robbing when the child is caught it becomes a known felon.

“Domestic work not proper work but hard work.”

“So jab on mum?”

“It is only a bee.”

Having sorted the whole thing went to bed. Let us say her family blames me for her leaving her prime behind her so early.

“A good woman put into this manner of being?”

“Disobedient children make life hard for their betters.”

“It makes them ungrateful and their betters not gratified to be involved with them.”

“Their upkeep becomes monumental.”

“The food on the table becomes coarse.”

“They have to work with the mosque.“!

“This is to make them earn their own living.”

“Life becomes drab.”

“They get ugly with prayers of sin and doom.”

“Always soul searching because it is their method of reasoning likes having a lantern and never forgetting to use it.”

“The lantern passes from child to child.”

“Never finding the facts”

“But how much do we know?”

“We know nothing but mere glimpses?”

“When one’s soul is not there but everywhere”

“When one is a soul lost forever.”

“Lost in earnings we lost our life for the sake of others only to be banned from seeing them again”

“Earning power halved.”

“Do not fear I know someone not as nice

“What you do?”

“I went to find out if the house still standing it had not occurred to me to find him nearby lurking. He found me introduced himself. I knew him instantly. He is the dad who had the difficult wife. He yelled he had the wife and she where? He had the true wife he had the woman who liked him very well indeed and where did it leave him and her? Where is indeed?

Did not answer thought me sadly mad just looked at me as if somehow it did not occur to him that aspect of the situation. I wondered what aspect he meant it was early in the day had been travelling for a long time and did not want to know his sort.

“Need food?”

He just stood nerd. He said not much but nerd; the look of a man who lived on better do’s.

“Doing her job just like her mother did.”

He looks different not as nice. I run from him.

The wet one behind the ears actually believes this as she goes to the ice cream van she orders her ice cream is eating like she is family what a girl she will come out as? We thank this people who did the best things in their deeds in their actions without fail for the duty and effort the work which is repaid the deeds of the commonwealth the rich and the powerful that do the good philanthropy which makes the Britain today.

They are waving flags to the words, the words which seen such an ordeal such a crime committed against the children? Who were the raped the plundered now in here with their children waving flags at the whole thing the whole debauchery the whole sham the whole show on earth the best show on earth is here this beats any show.

“He is our new leader.”

Royal highness glances at me her attention stirs and she sits a bit higher in her important carriage. The general stirs and they both look at other things the queen gently nods her fan and he then nods.

Someone stands up and says these things.

“Applause applause the second coming is coming.”

“We live in an age of bliss.”

“We have found our true leaderships.”

“We did not do this on purpose.”

“Wave the flags.”

“Second coming is coming Jesus who said that?”

Applause there is a crescendo of it all the time gone to my mind and never ending.

Your teeth will rot.”

“What is it all about?”

“His hearing has left him?”

“Do not show this national flag up.”

“I would not dare it is red already,”

“What did she say?”

“I swear I do not know,”

“He might take it the wrong way?”

“Why is he here?”

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