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Comedic Relief

After getting everything out in the open and settled, both Marcelina and Arturo felt a sense of relief and purpose. Relief, because a conflict was more or less settled, and purpose, because now they had to find answers to very cryptic questions. When morning came, so did Marcelina's path to her goal. She smelled meat and was overwhelmed by hunger and joy. Meat sounded great right about now, her inner carnivore very much desirous. Without much thought, Marcelina rose in Sergio's-too-big-chemise and ran her way to the mess hall.

Upon future reflection, that was a terrible idea. Marcelina was an unparalleled beauty, and when sailors are deprived of base wants are suddenly presented with a well-figured, soft and smiling young woman wearing nothing but a semi-transparent chemise in the bright morning light, they tend to lose it. Poor Marcelina had just a moment to realize her mistake before sailors were rushing up to her. Her hands were grabbed at and she stumbled constantly as she was presented with man after man trying out their best hit lines. She stuttered for the first time in centuries, trying to figure out just what was going on. Suddenly a loud 'swat' made her yelp and startle. Her face began to turn red as the sting on her right ass cheek began to settle in.

That just turned the mess hall into a mad house. Since Marcelina didn't begin screaming in rage and demanding blood, the idiots thought it was ok to grab at her rear and smack it. Marcelina was able to slap a few that were close enough for too long, but honestly, what was a short woman with barely any land experience to do against a horde of mostly bigger, taller, stronger idiots? If it weren't for her constant shouting, Arturo or Emilio would never have noticed the commotion. As it were, Arturo called Sergio, and while the former men were working their authority over the masses, Sergio had snatched Marcelina high above their reach, carrying her out to the deck as fast as he could. Marcelina wasn't sure if she was suffering more from whiplash or just plain shock from the whole event. Her opinion of human men had fallen several rungs again. Sergio gently put Marcelina down again once they were alone, the taller blushing fiercely. It was, after all, his chemise she was wearing so well.

Marcelina was completely embarrassed after a while, walking quietly to her cabin to change into actual clothes. When she came back, face still a bit pink, Arturo and Emilio had caught up to Sergio, and the three had set up a bench on the deck to have breakfast away from the crew. "Do remember to get dressed before you rush out, got it?" Arturo was annoyed, to say the least, as well as a bit turned on, but he had more self-control. Sergio, for all his vivaciousness, was still fighting off his flush with a quiet, slant-eyed look. Emilio looked more paranoid than anything else, constantly looking back to ensure no brazen sailor was trying to sneak on them. It took a lot out of him not to snatch Marcelina away and kiss away that surprised look on her face when he saw it. It was different than just seeing some random pretty woman, though he understood why now.

Marcelina took her scolding calmly, sated with meat and slightly salted water. "Yes, Arturo." She glanced up at the poison-eyed man with sincerity in her eyes. Arturo huffed a breath upwards, teasing his fringe, but quieted. The group managed to eat peacefully for the morning. The afternoon was a different story. None of the sailors could seem to get it together, always managing to find Marcelina even in the smallest of niches, bothering her to the point of offense. Marcelina was ready to kill someone by midday, and both Arturo and Emilio were fighting fits of jealousy. It reached a peak by late afternoon. Marcelina was enjoying her last sunbathing session in relative peace on the roof of Arturo's cabin, not making any sound that would reveal that she was there. Yet, somehow, she felt a poke on her back and looked over her shoulder to see that, yes, another sailor had found her.

Marcelina was too irritated to be impressed that he found her, much less that he was able to get up here. Sergio had to help her up and it was a stretch for him. It was obvious that he was there to try his luck with her, putting on a face that Marcelina figured meant to be charming. She wanted to ignore him, or, better yet, shove him off the roof and hear him break an ankle or an arm. Alas, that would get her fussed at by Arturo, so she held back."Hi there, miss." He wasn't much older than Alejandro, she remarked with a small raise of her eyebrow. "What do you want?" She sighed, resting her chin on her palm. "I know the captain doesn't want us to be interacting much, but I'd really like to get to know you." He was nervous and fidgety, but Marcelina gave him credit for trying.

"So, my names Jonah, Jonah Kinsey. From Plymouth-the English Plymouth, I mean." Marcelina hummed in feigned interest, her hair falling around her face. "How does that happen exactly? An Englishman on a Spanish ship?" Jonah gave a small titter of a chuckle. "Well, I was impressed, but I've gotten over it. The captain treats me better here than the English Navy did." Marcelina kept silent, waiting for the next ramble of words with the same unimpressed face of a cat. "I can guess your name is Angel, because you looked so heavenly this morning, and even now, you glow like one of God's beloved children," Jonah smiled, proud of himself and dorkishly sweet. Marcelina wasn't the least bit interested, since, for one, half of what he said went right over her head, and two, it was a half-assed line anyway. At least Jonah was trying. "Care to tell me, Jonah, what an angel is? I've never heard of one since I come from a completely different world." Marcelina crossed her ankles and smiled pleasantly, reeling the man in.

Jonah blushed, wringing his hands. "Well, Angels come in lots of forms, but they're always beautiful, so enchanting and mild in their majesty. Just like you." Marcelina cooed at him, head tilting a few degrees to the left. "You really think I'm all of those things?" She could practically hear his heart pounding in his chest, making him fumble over his words. The instinct to drag him under and eat him rumbled in Marcelina's psyche, but it was tampered by the fact that she couldn't eat him as a human. Waste not, want not. "I think you're all those things and more, even." Marcelina pretended to look enamored, giggling behind her hand. "I must say I'm flattered, dear Jonah, but how am I to believe you? We only just met, and you're not the first man to tell me flowery things." Neither were aware of Arturo and Emilio coming on deck and catching sight of the two. "Prove it? How do you want me to do that?" Jonah stepped closer, an earnest look in his eyes.

Marcelina's sweet face went stony and she leaned forward, her hair shading her face. "Hm, why don't you tell me what you really want, and don't you dare lie." If her tail was still there, she would've flicked water at him, just to see him sputter. Caught, Jonah did sputter, turning red from his face to his neck. "I want to see you in my chemise, in bed, covered with kisses." Just like that, Arturo and Emilio were upon them with a vengeance. Arturo stormed up to Jonah, muttering Spanish swears under his breath. "What did I say about slacking off?" He spoke in a voice just short of a feral growl. Marcelina was momentarily taken off sides but smiled like a rude child. "Captain, I, uh, I was just-"Just wasting time on what I said was explicitly forbidden! Get to work, now, or you'll be thrown overboard!" Arturo shoved Jonah away with a snarl. The man nearly fell before scurrying away to his duties.

Arturo turned to a smug, calm Marcelina. His glare didn't faze her. "Didn't I tell you not to meddle with the crew?! You've already caused enough trouble!" Marcelina huffed a bit, sitting up and pouting at him. "Yes, and I did nothing to call that man to me. The fact that he figured out I was up here was not my fault, either. I was minding my own business and Jonah took it upon himself to meddle. I just stalled until you or someone else came to give back my privacy." she turned onto her back as she talked, looking at him and Emilio upside down. Arturo glared at her still, but his ire was abated for the most part. He turned away and stormed off, grumbling softly. That left Emilio alone with her, and he chuckled at her. His blue eyes were jealous, but not angry like Arturo. "Did Jonah try anything serious?" He was much calmer than Arturo, and his concern was charming in a way. "Of course not, I would've killed him, though I doubt he could get up here. His technique was painfully boring if you want to count that." She smiled, chuckling back and shrugging.

Emilio wanted to make her laugh more often, noting the way it gave his stomach jitters. "Marcelina, you're going to drive Arturo nuts, either with jealousy or desire. Please, dismiss the others a bit faster, for their sake?" He smiled with a warm ease and she mirrored it. "Sure, so long as Arturo doesn't overreact again. So, that means a certain sailor needs to get back to his duties, and quickly, too." There was a twinkle in her eyes as she subtly shooed him away. Emilio winked back as he left her to her own. "Until dinner?" he called, walking away. "Make something with fish, for once?" Emilio laughed and went to the kitchens to do just that.

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