Gemini Reborne

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Calm Before the Storm

Marcelina found good company in Sergio, talking and laughing for what felt like days, getting to truly know each other and developing a very sudden, very strong sibling bond. It was so easy, talking with Sergio, so relaxing. It did require some patience, as he was easily excitable and tended to spout whatever thought came to mind without waiting or filtering it. Marcelina didn't mind terribly, it was a good time for her to show off a little, and wow the younger with her culture and her wisdom. Time flew, and seemingly out of nowhere, it was twilight and the dinner bell was ringing. Sergio happily left his post at the helm to gather with the crew in the mess hall, Marcelina trailed close behind.

While Marcelina enjoyed talking with Sergio, her mind wanted Emilio. He'd kept her at bay long enough, and Marcelina felt that a grave change was to come sooner or later. Once everyone was seated, Marcelina bee-lined to the blue-eyed man, and with a liquid-like grace, sat next to him. Emilio smiled knowingly as she sat, with her plate of tuna filet, well-seasoned and paired with vegetables and wine. Straightening up, he cleared his throat lightly."Did I meet your requests, Marcelina?' He started things off casually, quietly observing as she took her first bite. He saw that she liked it before she voiced it, by the small hum of pleasure and the fluttering of her eyes. Marcelina nodded approvingly. "It's great, I didn't know cooked fish could taste this good!" She took another bite, then another, practically ravishing it. It made Emilio's pride swell in success. He had always been an amazing cook, and sailors never appreciated him enough for his efforts. "You know, this is the first time I've cooked fish in such a way. I'm glad you can appreciate it."

She looked very impressed and paused in her eating to talk. "What is this colored water?" She lifted the cup of wine, untouched. Emilio chuckled and turned to face her fully. "It's called wine, and it quite unlike water. It's human fruit, crushed and made into juice, and carefully left to ferment." He explained. Marcelina didn't quite pick up the concept until he said 'ferment'. "Ferment? You mean to more or less rot? We do that when we're making bait. Why would you drink rotten 'fruit' juice?" Now she looked to cup with distaste, less willing to try it. Emilio laughed, shaking his head. "Well, it's more complicated than that, but it's absolutely safe. Fruit juice doesn't 'rot' like fish does." She rose an eyebrow, not buying it. "Just give it a taste, and I promise your opinion will change." He lifted his own cup, sipping at it to prove that it was perfectly fine. Marcelina looked into her cup, still hesitant. It didn't smell rotten, and if Emilio was able to drink it without so much as pulling a face, then maybe he was right?

Very hesitantly, she picked up her cup and sipped the wine. Then she downed the whole cup, putting the empty cup down with a light smack. Marcelina looked enlightened, licking her lips. "This is almost better than water! It's not at all what I expected." She saw Emilio's cup and made to grab it, but Emilio saw it coming and quickly moved it away. "You can't just steal my cup, Marcelina. I like wine, too. Besides, too much will get you in a certain state that would be detrimental to what I want to do." Marcelina frowned, looking away from the cup to his face. "You're speaking cryptically, why?" She asked, suspicion immediately filling her face. Emilio shook his head, holding one hand palm up for submission. "It's a private matter, you see. Something only you could understand." Marcelina was wary but nodded. She knew what lying and trickery were like and he showed none of it. "Very well, Emilio." He smiled at her and they ate, but Marcelina wasn't sure if she was ready for what he had to say.

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