Gemini Reborne

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The Geminius

As Marcelina and Emilio ate, Emilio took to idly watching her from the corner of his eye. He paid extra attention to her lips, as she drank from his cup (he'd since given it to her) the wine just barely began to tint them. It followed along the seam between her cupid's bow-shaped upper lip and fuller bottom lip. It only increased his urge to kiss them. When Marcelina polished off the wine, he offered her his hand. "Will you hear my secret?" She looked at his hand curiously before taking it with a nod. "Does this secret truly need my understanding, Emilio?" Her voice was soft and careful, trying not to give them away. Emilio nodded and used his thumb to rub the back of Marcelina's hand. "I promise this is only for your ears. I'll tell you after we've eaten, we'll be less likely to be noticed." He smiled and let go of her hand to innocently go back to eating. Marcelina did the same, but the whole time, her mind was filled with possibilities, both good and bad.

After a half-hour or so of eating and waiting, Emilio put his hand gently on Marcelina's back and tapped his fingers in a random pattern. She took that as the cue to leave, so politely ending her conversation with a no-name sailor, she stood and led Emilio to a place of utmost privacy: her cabin. Her heart seemed to be stuck between her ears, it beat so loudly. Once she shut and locked the door, it was though no hope of normalcy remained. Still, Marcelina kept her composure, sitting at the window and inviting Emilio to do the same. "So, tell me what you wish me to understand." Emilio let out a wry chuckle, just looking at her face. "Where to begin, Marcelina. I suppose my secret starts with a story." He leaned back and she leaned forward to follow. "I know the secret story behind the Gemini, Marcelina, and ever since you and I became friends, so much has changed for me. I've had these dreams, where I'm in a deep cave, far under the sea, and across from me is Poseidon himself. He told me pieces of my life long forgotten, and everytime I wake, his voice lingers in my ear, commanding me to you." He leveled her shocked stare with his continuous smile. "I'm not a long-lost nereid, not entirely, but I am the Geminius. My father was of the sea, my mother was his chosen mate." He eased off to let her absorb this.

Marcelina couldn't breathe, her mind was blank space of shock and fear and worry and everything in between, but not once did her eyes leave Emilio's. "As you have said, you are the Gemini female. There is no other love for you but the Geminius. Even so, love is blocked for all females. Males, not at all, but when that one pair come together, there is nothing to stop them. When you gave me your name, I felt the air around us shift, disperse, and resettle. All my thoughts, my dreams and being have been pointed to you, thanks to Poseidon and thanks to you." He touched her hand and Marcelina flinched back as though she'd been burnt.

"T-that can't be! Not you, it can't be you, Emilio! Do you understand how much danger this puts us all in?" More specifically, how much danger it put her in. Marcelina was terrified now, of how accurate he was, of how everything started to click into place in her deepest being, all churning to life and focus on this man. It was dizzying, too much, too permanent. Marcelina thought she was going to faint from the lack of air she could take in. Her fingers dug into the window sill with the same strength that cracked the wood of her old container. Her eyes were stuck in a widened state, but seeing nothing.

"Marcelina, relax! I'm not here to ask for your convergence with me! No, that is too soon and too much to ask of you." Emilio tried to calm her down, but his voice was ringing in her ears when it used to be soothing. His presence was too much right now. Marcelina was shaking, forcing herself to look only at the sea through the window, trying to process something but unable to even speak. "Just know, that something is bound to happen, Marcelina. While I'm fairly certain of my feelings, I will wait for eons for you to adjust and come to your own findings. I won't pressure you or mention this to you ever again if you wish it. Just, please...keep this a secret. You and I both can't afford to have this be public."

Marcelina looked back at Emilio and was overwhelmed by his sincerity and the rush of affection and worry that filled her from just looking at him. "Leave! Please, Emilio, I-I can't take this all at once! I won't tell anyone, but this is, oh Poseidon, this is too much. Just leave, please." Marcelina had never begged before, but she didn't know what else to do but beg.

Emilio sighed, but said nothing and did nothing else, getting up and leaving her to her own. Marcelina lost the will to stay awake as the void of silence bore down on her shoulders and crushed her. The realm of sleep would be better than dealing with this.

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