Gemini Reborne

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When Marcelina woke up it was either very late or very early, as the whole upper deck was silent. Marcelina didn't even hear any footsteps from anyone on patrol, so it took a moment to try and guess the time. Sitting up slowly, she ran her fingers through her fringe--wincing at the small tangles in it--and took a shaky breath. She had a lot to think about.

Emilio claimed that Poseidon had deemed him the Geminius. Emilio was a halfling. Very rarely did something so statistically impossible occur. The last one Marcelina could think of was in a story. However, Marcelina knew what lies looked liked and sounded like, and Emilio was no liar. For a moment, Marcelina bitterly recognized that this solved her and Arturo's previous goal to figure out what Emilio's chances with her would be. Apparently, it was certain. Only now, this left more questions. How did a halfling exist without his key memories? What was his past? Why did Poseidon choose him? Would Emilio benefit now that he was aware of himself again? How did a halfling live as one anyway, where there new abilities, new aging? Marcelina's head began to feel cramped and she felt the sting of a headache coming on. Too much, too much, too much.

She stood, wrapping her arms around her middle and pacing silently in the center of her cabin. There still remained one last, dreadful fact: Emilio had initiated, with Poseidon's approval, the irreversible, unmaskable process of tying them together, or converging. More intimate than simple courting, and with a variable time span. It depended on the couple. However, there was no record of it lasting longer than a year. It happened only once. It should've been announced and celebrated for the entirety of the process to the final step of soul exchanging. But it wasn't for Marcelina, instead, it was badly timed, unwanted, and dangerous. All these factors created a mass of guilt and fear in her.

Overwhelmed, Marcelina felt as though a pearl was stuck in her throat and her eyes stung with tears as though being exposed to jellyfish toxins. "Poseidon, please explain this to me. Give me strength and understanding, help me endure." Falling to her knees, she pressed her head to the floor boards and pleaded over and over for maybe minutes or hours, it didn't matter to her. She'd pray until she got an answer. It came in the sound of the sea, rocking enticingly on the ship, holding secrets and infinite magic. It drew Marcelina in, called to her very being, demanded her to go out to it. Marcelina didn't stall, standing and walking barefoot to the deck, silence following her. The sea air was brisk and alive, contrasting with the cool pre-dawn temperature.

As though in a trance, Marcelina went to the rail and began to sing to the waves in a wordless tune. It started as a hum, then as it grew in volume, so did the waters, creating a live being out of the foam. Poseidon regarded Marcelina coolly through his airy eyes. "Father, tell me what I must do. It isn't safe to be here, much less begin converging! Is Emilio even telling the truth, or are we both deluded?" Marcelina pleaded, fear and desperation in her eyes and her voice choked. Poseidon raised his hand to touch her face, cold and faint like a ghost with its bubbly texture. "Child, you are meant for this path. As is the halfling. He speaks truth. As you are the reigning Geminia, I have awakened his inner self as the Geminius." The confession, no matter how expected, managed to shock Marcelina to her core. "Why us, Father? I don't understand!" Emotions clouded her thoughts and she was losing control. "Shh, my child. You are too lost in your fear and doubt. Know yourself as a siren and as a woman. Let come what feels natural, so that your paths may build without ruts and cracks. You will come to understand him and why you are paired." That was all he had to say on the matter, swiftly exiting the foam before Marcelina could speak.

She was alone again and the magic in the waters had gone deep beyond her reach. Drawing a shaky breath, Marcelina released it as a whimper and curled up on the deck. Watching the dawn bleed into the sky, Marcelina let herself cry until the sun had crowned shyly out of the horizon.

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